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  1. I know exactly. Anyways, did you check out my review of Spider-Man 2?
  2. OMG, this was completely unexpected. WTH was going through his mind?!
  3. True, that part I can understand. However if you think about it, seeing Peter lose his powers to love sickness felt kind of stupid and weird.
  4. Spider-Man 2 - Review The Positives: The story. The story IMO was excellent. It was well written, structured and detailed. I also liked the fact that it implements some comic accuracies. Sam Raimi's direction. Once again, Sam Raimi does an excellent job in directing. He once again honors the character of Spider-Man in this movie. The CGI, visuals, special effects, sound effects, and animations are once again top notch quality. The acting throughout the film is spectacular. You have Rosemary Harris as Aunt May, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, Bill Nunn as Joseph Robert "Robbie" Robertson, Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant, Bruce Campbell as the snooty usher, Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors, James Franco as Harry Osborn, and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. However, I must say that the stars of the film were Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I'll start with Alfred Molina. He did an absolute masterful job portraying Doc Ock. Aside from William Salyers' Doc Ock from the PS4 game, Marvel's Spider-Man, I have to say that Alfred Molina's Doc Ock is the best interpretation of Doc I've ever seen. As for Mr. Tobey Maguire, he once again delivers an excellent performance. As a matter of fact, I'd say he delivered his performance as Spider-Man, especially as Peter Parker. Danny Elfman's score. Just like in the first film, Danny Elfman delivers a beautiful soundtrack. The action/fight sequences. The action and fight sequences are awesome. I have to say the best fight scene in the movie is the fight between Spidey and Doc Ock on the train. IMO that fight is one of the best superhero movie history. Just like the first film, this film possesses an overall bright and colorful tone. The Negatives: The problems I have with Spider-Man 2 are mostly just little things. However, my "biggest" negative you can say is the scene of Peter losing his powers due to love sickness. I sort of have mixed feelings about that. While part one part of me understands the whole love sick thing, the other half doesn't like the fact that he had to lose his powers because of it. Other than that, this movie IMO is a masterpiece. Overall: Spider-Man 2, much like the first film, is a classic and one of the best superhero movies of all time IMO. More importantly though, Spider-Man 2 is one of my top 5 favorite superhero movies of all time & my favorite Spider-Man movie. Don't get wrong fellow Spidey fans, I love Far from Home,. Into the Spider-Verse, and Homecoming. They are all amazing Spider-Man movies. However, Spider-Man 2 in my eyes still takes the top spot among them. Why you may ask? Because Spider-Man 2 still gives me the biggest emotional attachment to the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. One of the biggest aspects of Spider-Man's character is his constant struggle to balance his superhero career with his normal life. This movie not only showcased that beautifully, but the best IMO. What makes Spidey a special character to so many people is his ability to relate to readers and audiences more so than other characters. Spider-Man 2 does that beautifully as well. Grade: A+ Stay tuned for the finale where I review Spider-Man 3. PEACE!
  5. Yo @sateler96, @GuessWhat, and @MoraMoria, I just finished watching Spider-Man 2. Stay tuned for my review.
  6. Yeah, his voice was not a good fit for me. Mike Vaughn may be a good voice actor, but he was not a good Spider-Man.
  7. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, & Wii Version) - Review The Positives: The story IMO is interesting, unique, and original compared to previous Spider-Man games. The graphics, character design, character models, and animations are beautiful. I have no idea what the critics were thinking when they said the graphics were ugly. To me, they were awesome. The overall voice acting in the game is excellent. You have Tricia Helfer providing the voice of Black Cat, Robert Wisdom providing the voice of Luke Cage, Robin Atkin Downers providing the voice of Moon Knight, Steve Blum providing the voice of Wolverine, Fred Tatasciore providing the voice of Rhino, and Gregg Berger providing the voice of Kingpin. Much like Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 3, the game is open world. You can switch between the Red Suit and the Black Suit on the fly. The moral choice system. Some people had issues with it. Me, on the other hand, did not. I personally loved the game's moral choice system because I like the fact that it gives the player to influence and impact the outcome of the story. You can either choose the path of heroism through the Red Suit or choose the path of ultimate power through the Black Suit. The game play is fantastic. The web swinging, web zipping, wall crawling, and the combat are awesome. IMO, the best part of the game play was the Web-Strike mechanic because IMO it makes Spider-Man look like and feel even more badass of a fighter. The Negatives: The game can be pretty buggy and glitchy from time to time. The camera is horrible most of the time. While the voice acting is great, there is one exception, Spider-Man. Spider-Man's voice in the game is awful. Mike Vaughn, the man who provides the voice of Spider-Man in this game, does a putrid job in voicing the character. Spidey's voice in this game sounded too whiny and too high pitched. Overall: Despite Spidey's voice, Web of Shadows is one of the best Spider-Man games out there IMO. The combat and moral choice system will give you a fun gaming experience. Grade: A
  8. For those interested, here is Variant Comics' most recent episode:
  9. @MoraMoria, @GuessWhat, and @sateler96, I just posted my review of Spider-Man (2002). Check it out.
  10. Hello True believers, This is your boy MDCFAN101 here to give you guys a series of 3 special movie reviews here on the thread. Starting today, I will reviewing a trilogy, a very special trilogy that I've held near and dear to my heart since I was a 7 year old boy. A trilogy that made me the Spider-Man fan that I am today. Ladies and Gentlemen, starting today I am going to be reviewing Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Before I begin though, I want to remind everyone that these reviews are solely based on my opinion and my opinion alone. For those of you don't know what an opinion is especially you low-life trolls out there, here is the definition of an opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, on the reviews starting with the first Spider-Man movie from 2002. Spider-Man (2002) - Review The Positives: The story is excellent. It is well written, well detailed, and well structured. I like the fact that the story incorporates elements from the comics, especially the mainstream Spider-Man comics. The acting throughout the film is sensational. You have Cliff Robertson & Rosemary Harris as Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborn, Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant, Bruce Campbell as the wrestling ring/arena announcer, "Macho Man" Randy Savage as Bone Saw McGraw, Joe Manganiello as Flash Thompson, and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. However, the stars of the film, at least for me, are Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. I'll start with Mr. Willem Dafoe. This man owned every minute of screen time he was in. He portrayed the character so well, it was as if he took the character right from the comics and brought him to life on the big screen. As for Tobey Maguire, I realize now that after immersing myself with so much of the Spider-Man mythos over the years, that while no exactly perfect, he still does a great job in portraying the character, especially as Peter Parker. Even as a more experienced Spider-Man fan, I still hold his portrayal of Spidey near and dear to my heart. As much as I love Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man, I will always love Tobey Maguire's Raimiverse Spider-Man even more because his portrayal of the character in this trilogy, especially in this film, got me into the Spider-Man character. Sam Raimi's direction. Sam Raimi did an excellent job in directing this film throughout it's production. You can tell he really understood not only the character of Spider-Man, but more importantly the world of Spider-Man as well. He really honored the character of Spider-Man very well in the film. The overall bright, colorful, and cheerful tone. Superhero movies nowadays tend to be more dark, gritty, gloomy, and sad. While I generally don't mind that, not all superhero movies have to be dark to be good and successful. I'd say that this film and Shazam! are good examples of that. Sam Raimi really understood that while making this film. Plus, it really fits the character of Spider-Man. Why? Because Spider-Man overall is a bright and colorful character despite going through some dark moments in his life. The CGI, visuals, special effects, and sound effects are still to this day top notch quality. Danny Elfman's score. Danny Elfman's score is still to this day catchy and awesome. What can I say, I still love it. While some Spider-Man fans had a problem with this, I on the other hand did not. I loved the fact that Sam Raimi gave Spider-Man organic webbing in this universe. First, it makes sense. If an individual was to gain the abilities of a spider, that person should be able to spin webs. Second, it feels more realistic. Third and final, I think it adds something new, unique, interesting, and original to the Spider-Man mythos. Don't get me wrong, I love the wrist mounted web-shooters. They are without a doubt in my mind one of the greatest superhero gadgets/weapons of all time. They do an excellent job in showcasing Peter's creativity, ingenuity, and his genius-level intellect. However, Peter having organic webs just makes more sense for me is all. The action and fight sequences. They are absolutely amazing and extremely well choreographed. The Negatives: The problems I have with this movie are mostly just little things here and there. What I mean is, there were some things I felt were rushed and underdeveloped. Other than that, this film is a masterpiece. Overall: Spider-Man (2002) is IMO an absolute classic and one of the best superhero movies of all time. Grade: A+
  11. @GuessWhat, @sateler96, and @MoraMoria, I just finished watching Spider-Man (2002). Stay tuned for my review.
  12. Not exactly a marathon, but I will watch them chronologically.
  13. Yo @sateler96, @GuessWhat, and @MoraMoria, my DVD collection of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy just came in. Stay tuned for my reviews.
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