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  1. I so can't wait for this. It looks so friggin' awesome. Plus, I'm happy to see Tom Weiling back as Superman (the Smallville version).
  2. It takes place after Captain America: Civil War which is IMO one of the best entries in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I figured that maybe we'll find why Natasha had blonde hair in Infinity War.
  3. https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/dwayne-jonhson-shazam-black-adam-jsa/ This is great news IMO.
  4. Happy you're back my friend. Stay tuned for season 2. It's coming in January.
  5. https://cosmicbook.news/release-snyder-cut-hbo-max?utm_source=pushengage&utm_medium=pushnotification&utm_campaign=pushengage
  6. It was definitely an interesting and good list.
  7. TBH, I didn't think Killer Croc was that bad in Suicide Squad. Although, a bigger and more menacing Killer Croc would be nice.
  8. Dude, you and I are in total agreement. Those character need justice in a very big way. Also, as much as I love Tom Hardy's Bane, I would like to see a much more faithful comic adaptation of Bane in the DCEU.
  9. Personally man, I know you don't like Jim Carrey's Riddler, but I love Jim Carrey's Riddler. I personally think his version of the Riddler is awesome, but that is just me. However, I am open to seeing Mr. Dano's version.
  10. While I am hyped for The Batman, I want a Man of Steel 2 more because we need more character development from Superman. I agree it is not hard to a Superman movie, but then again there are people who don't understand the character unfortunately.
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