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  1. I hate shady/corrupt cops man. They make real, honest and good cops look bad.
  2. Here is one of my favorite songs from the 2008 Batman cartoon, Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
  3. You mean no longer canon. Nonetheless, I would absolutely love to see Mike Colter back as the OG Power Man. He did an excellent job with the role.
  4. Here is one of my favorite scenes from Luke Cage Season 1:
  5. Are you serious? Unbelievable.
  6. Speaking of Deadpool joining the MCU, I'm glad Disney and Marvel Studios were smart enough to keep the R rating for his upcoming third movie.
  7. The chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson was phenomenal in the first film.
  8. Hello True Believers, Welcome to another installment of my Characters: Why I like them thread. Today, I am going to be talking about a character that I haven't really talked about at all here on the forums. I will talking about one of my personal favorite female superheroes especially from the DC Universe. As a matter of fact, she is one of the DC Universe's most prominent, iconic, powerful female heroes. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you: Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. Now, there have been different iterations of Supergirl over the years. However, the one I will be
  9. This movie looks fun and hilarious. Loved the first one.
  10. You mean HIM? HIM is a fantastic villain. However, he'd probably be done horribly in this live action series.
  11. I rarely watched this show. TBH, it didn't interest me that much.
  12. Anyways, you guys (i.e. @sateler96, @GuessWhat, @MoraMoria, @100gecs, and @musicboy) should check out my most recent posts in my Characters: Why I like them thread.
  13. Ha Ha Ha very funny. I don't give a rats ass, from what I am seeing so far, it looks like straight up hot garbage.
  14. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what in the hell am I looking at?
  15. Wait, there is an anime called Samurai Pizza Cats? What the hell?
  16. That I do respect and can understand.
  17. Ray Fisher needs to shut up now because he is acting and making himself look like a fool.
  18. Hello Ladies, gentlemen, and true believers. Welcome to another addition of Characters: Why I like them. For this segment/episode, I'm going to be talking about a character that is IMO of the best aspects of the Incredible Hulk lore. As a matter of fact, the character I will be talking about is in fact related to the incredible Hulk himself. Folks, I give you: Skaar, the son of the Incredible Hulk & Caiera the Old Strong. He made his first appearance chronologically in What if? Planet Hulk Vol. 1 #1 (Dec. 2007). However, his first appearance in the mainstream Mar
  19. Dude, the movie is going to be a hit. I know the previous two live action MK films weren't that good, but IMO, this speaks volumes.
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