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  1. My PS4 surprisingly came in today.
  2. Thanks for heads up man.
  3. Understandable. However, I still want to check them out because of how those shows went.
  4. Oh that's easy my young friend. Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition.
  5. Speaking of PS4s, mine is on it's way.
  6. Yeah, you told me about that. Still gotta finish watching Season 2 of Luke Cage as well as watched Seasons 2 & 3 of Jessica Jones and Season 2 of Iron Fist.
  7. Awesome shit. I loved him as Daredevil.
  8. I already purchased the Game of the Year Edition on the PlayStation Store. BTW, my PS4 should be now arriving by Tuesday.
  9. Love Spidey 2099. He's my favorite alternate version of Spider-Man.
  10. Just purchased a PS4 on Ebay. Should be arriving by the 11th.
  11. @sateler96, @Darksphere992, and @KGhaleon, I tried finding a PlayStation 5 on GameStop.com. Couldn't find any.
  12. True, the PS5 does play PS4 games. However, I rather get the cheaper console.
  13. I just purchased and hooked up my very own 32" Hisense Roku TV from my local Costco. Boy do I love it. All I need now is a PS4.
  14. Seahawks now have the same record as the Jets as they fall to Washington 17-15.
  15. I have Broncos over Chiefs. As for the Eagles vs. Jets game, stay tuned for my preview.
  16. I have yet to watch the Assembled series. I hear it is good though.
  17. Ok, I get what you're saying.
  18. X-Men '97 is not a reboot it is a sequel to the '92 animated series.
  19. There are so many shows that I'm interested in that I have to catch up on.
  20. TBH, I love the story in Avengers.
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