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  1. I just finished watching Get On Up in its entirety and guys it is amazing movie. The movie really showed how immensely talented Chadwick Boseman was. Grade: A+
  2. Most of my picks are the same except I have Steelers over Titans and Cardinals over Panthers
  3. I blame the coaching TBH. The coaching Darnold has had these last years have been straight up trash I remember during his rookie year back in 2018 where I felt he was more confident. I will admit that if he played for New England, he would be a future Hall of Famer due to the great coaching of Bill Belicheck.
  4. That was just one game dude. Darnold is actually quite talented.
  5. I'm still not giving up on Darnold just yet. As for the organization, they are run by idiots (The Johnsons) who knows nothing about football.
  6. My Jets should do some firing as well.
  7. The Packers have just defeated the Saints 37-30.
  8. I feel sorry for you Falcon fans. Your team hasn't been the same since the Super Bowl.
  9. Here are more NFL scores: Colts destroy Jets 36-7 Lions edge Cardinals 26-23 Panthers defeat Chargers 21-16 Buccaneers best Broncos 28-10 Seahawks defeat Cowboys 38-31
  10. I feel you man. I feel you. Anyways, here are more nfl scores: Patriots defeat Raiders 36-20 Eagles tie Bengals 23-23
  11. Here are some of the nfl scores: Steelers defeat Texans 28-21 Titans edge Vikings 31-30 Browns best Washington 34-20 49ers dominate Giants 36-9 Bills edge Rams 35-32
  12. I've seen clips of Wolf of Wall Street. It does look entertaining.
  13. Dude, I have to watch Prisoners and the Wolf of Wall Street in their entirety. As for 12 years a Slave, I have yet to watch it. I did hear good things about it.
  14. Interesting. Nonetheless though, I have to say that after watching 42, it is my favorite film of 2013 next to Man of Steel.
  15. Today, I finally watched 42: The Jackie Robinson story in its entirety and OMG guys it is an absolute masterpiece of a movie. Not only do I consider it to be one of the best sports movies of all time, but more importantly, one of the best historical movies of all time as well. I absolutely loved every bit of that movie from beginning to end. Chadwick Boseman (may his soul rest in piece) and Harrison Ford were sensational as Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey. I massively, massively recommend this movie regardless whether or not you are a fan of sports, especially baseball. Grade: A+
  16. Interesting casting choice.
  17. LMFAO!!! That Samuel L Jackson impersonation was great and hilarious. Anyways, that is awesome that Nick Fury is getting a TV Show. I'm a huge fan of Nick Fury. IMO, he is one of the most badass mofos in the Marvel Universe.
  18. Last night, the Dolphins dominated the Jaguars 31-13.
  19. I hope everyone is having a great day today. Anyways, I just want to let you all know that next week on October 1, 2020, I will commence the 30 Day Superhero Challenge on my Comic Book Talk thread. For those interesting in checking it out, you are more than welcome.
  20. I'm glad you enjoyed my piece on him. IMO, Martian Manhunter is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. As for the investigation skill, MM is among the best detectives in the DC Universe. As a matter of fact, according the GOAT detective himself, Batman, Martian Manhunter is an amalgam of Superman and the Dark Knight himself.
  21. @sateler96, @GuessWhat, @MoraMoria, and @100gecs, I just posted my new fantasy fight. Check it out when you have the chance.
  22. Hello ladies, gentlemen, and newcomers. Welcome to today's main event. Today's matchup is: Exodus VS. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! Exodus Real Name: Bennet du Paris First Appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #92 (July, 1993) Origin(s) & backstory: Born in the 12th century, Bennet du Paris had always felt different, as if he had a deep hidden power. As an adult he was a C
  23. Darcy? You mean Kat Dennings from that stupid show Two Broke Girls right? That's cool.
  24. Dude, you did a hell of a job with the forums with this update.
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