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  1. Look dude, I know my opinions and choices of favorite films may surprise you, but please don't let it upset you.

  2. Are you alright?  Did I anger you or something?

  3. Also, check out DarkSpiderDavid, he does pretty good movie reviews too.

  4. Blasted posting limits.  Anyways, I also wanted to state that while I do agree that the Justice League could've been a much better film, I still feel it had good enough redeemable qualities that it was able to take the DCEU to a brighter direction.

    1. sateler96


      Well it flopping is making it into a better direction with solo films



      Wonder Woman II

      The Batman

      The Flash

      Green Lantern Corps


    2. MDCFAN101


      I can't wait for Aquaman.  

  5. Hey dude, I hope I didn't upset you at all in the Movie Review Thread.  I was just stating my honest opinion just like you were stating you're honest opinion.

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    2. MDCFAN101
    3. WOOF


      Sniff I think I am going to cry (blows nose).

    4. MDCFAN101


      LOL..  Relax my friend. 

  6. Watching Bright right now.  So far I'm enjoying it.  I'll give you my overall thoughts on it on the Movie Review Thread.  So that way KG doesn't troll me like he has been doing for a while.

  7. Still doesn't hurt for me to check it out though

  8. Also, I have to see Bright.  I heard some good things about from other people including Tyrone Magnus.

    1. sateler96


      Eh it was very boring to me I nearly fell asleep

      Its still better than Suicide Squad though 

  9. I'll keep that in mind.

  10. I feel you.  Though I still have to see the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

    1. sateler96


      You really should before you watched Infinity War 

  11. While I agree with you on this for the most part, I absolutely love Iron Man 2 & The Incredible Hulk.  Thor: The Dark World IMO was alright.  It wasn't as bad as other people thought it was.

    1. sateler96


      dark world isn't horrible its just OK its still watchable and I'll always watch again

      Which I can't say that about Suicide Squad  or Justice League 

  12. Since my posting limits are up for now, I'll talk to you like this until it returns.  Anyways, I think you and I can agree that the MCU has been one of the best and well established cinematic universes we've ever had especially throughout the decade.

    1. sateler96


      yes its the most consistant 

      With a few weaker movies like Iron Man 2,The Incredible Hulk (IMO) Thor: The Dark World. With They are or nearly Masterpieces: Civil War, The Avengers, Winter Soldier, Ragnarok, Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man

      And now their gonna have X-Men and Fantastic Four for Phase 4

      The DC Universe is not consistant at all with only memorable Films like Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. Hopefully that's fixed with Aqua man and they cancel all those shitty ideas

      Sony's Villain universe without Spidey needs to fail

      Every other studio tries to be like the MCU have failed 

      With Universal's Dark Universe being the worst one to fail 

  13. You should it give it a try.

  14. Have you ever been on superhero database?  IMO it's a pretty good website.

  15. Did you see my new post in the JL thread?

  16. Yo dude, you watching the game right now.  We're getting another pitching duel between the Yanks and Astros in game 2 of the ALCS.  Right now, the score is tied 1-1.

  17. Hey Jacob give me your thoughts on this video:


  18. Dude, I'm the 1986 Transformers film right now.  Loving it.

  19. Really they have.  When

  20. Dude, I think the posting limits are back cuz I can't post anything right now.

  21. Yo Jacob check this out:


  22. Okay, since you won't let me message you privately, I message you publicly.

    Have you been following the DC Rebirth series lately?  If so, what did you think of the reveal of Mr. Oz's identity?

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    2. MDCFAN101


      Well, all I can see is, it will shatter your mind.  Go on YouTube and read the digital uploads of Action Comics Vol. 1 issues 986-987.

    3. sateler96


      That is true I could do that 

    4. MDCFAN101


      Sorry for the poor grammar in the beginning of my post.  I meant to post say. 

      Anyways, you can watch the video regarding Mr. Oz Variant Comics uploaded not too long ago.

  23. Say sateler, do you think Matt Ryan will be voted #1 on the NFL Network's Top 100 players heading into the 2017-2018 NFL season?

    1. sateler96


      Yeah he was the MVP 

    2. MDCFAN101



      Here are some other players that should make the list:

      • Eli Manning
      • ODB
      • Landon Collins
      • Olivier Vernon
      • Carson Wientz
      • Leonard Williams
      • Malcolm Butler
      • Lagarette Blount
      • Joe Haden
      • Joe Thomas
      • Demarco Murray
      • Marcus Mariota
      • Jadeveon Clowney
      • Andrew Luck
      • Frank Gore
      • Lorenzo Alexander
      • Lesean McCoy
      • Richie Incognito
      • Jordan Howard
      • Jordy Nelson
      • Nick Perry
      • Jay Ajayi
      • Melvin Gordon
      • Cameron Wake
      • Vic Beasley
  24. Hey Jacob,

    I posted a new Fantasy Fight.  Check it out.

    BTW, can you please take me off ignore?  I made amends with Darksphere.

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    2. MasterOfAwesomeness


      Poppington, do not troll people. 

    3. MasterOfAwesomeness


      It looked like Poppington was a troll based on his recent comments so I banned him.

    4. MDCFAN101
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