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  1. Heyo. So, I have signed (from Phill) t-shirts from the old patreon perks. I have both shirts (Project 7 and regular shirt) including a business card for each one. Both of them have been in a frame since I received them. (I will not be supplying the frame.) I no longer have the space to really appreciate them so I was thinking that perhaps someone else will be able to make better use of them then I can. I can post pictures of them if there is any interest. Would anyone be interested in owning these t-shirts? I am ideally looking for the $40 USD I originally paid + shipping. They would
  2. Hello. I am not quite sure what reactions I expect to get from these forums, but in case anyone is interested in creative writing here's the last paragraph from a chapter I am writing. It won't make a lot of contextual sense, since I did take it out of context, but I can't stop reading it so I thought I'd share it one last time. I hope you enjoy! :D Also, before you ask, no I cannot share more of its context. However, if anyone is interested I'll happily pass along a link to the finished chapter when it is polished. Image link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvoIKAaVUAA0yHV.jpg:large (I
  3. And it costs upwards of $30 USD to ship internationally. It's the reason the Patreon perk for shipping shirts was removed; because of international shipping rates. "Eating the cost" turns the giveaway into an additional expense which is not true for trading in games where expenses are lessoned. I'm just saying it is not an easy "just give it away" when you have an international audience.
  4. Shipping every single game would cost up to roughly half the games cost. Compared to getting a game for free after X investments. I've always liked the idea of him selling his autographed copy via a storefront. He could even do it directly on his website. However it is another thing to worry about that may not even break even. As an example only, consider this: Trade-in value is 1/4 of the games cost (meaning a free game every 4 games traded in) Shipping is 1/3 of the games cost (remembering that as a fan driven service he'd be shipping worldwide) The game cost is $60 In
  5. @Phil If you want it to stay use the proper custom URL: youtube.com/c/kogaming1 The URL you used is "fake" for all intensive purposes which is why it redirects. It would be the same as typing in youtube.com/DSPGaming which redirects to youtube.com/user/DSPGaming. YouTube is actually helping the user when it does this by looking for and redirecting to a "real" URL that best fits what the user typed in. The naming system is a little weird I'd agree but creators wouldn't be able to link multiple channels on the same account if the unique name system weren't in place and the namespace fo
  6. To be honest I liked the live reactions as he bought the songs. Some of those were entertaining and by going in a list format like that made it easy for me to jot down some artists/songs. I rarely follow music so chances like DSP going down a list of DLC songs is a) pretty useful to someone (like me) who seems to have similar musical interests, b) could be entertaining as he goes through the list and c) it gives a good preview of a bunch of songs that people like me may have liked. Just some thoughts. Oh and #DSPSingsIt should definitely be a thing! ;)
  7. ​I know you are joking but technically wouldn't someone having the ability and permission to kill for defense have the "License to Kill?" Some examples include militaries, law enforcement, leadership escorts, etc. I've never been in a position to do something like that so I have no idea if such a thing exists. However like I mentioned I never did give a definition for a "license" beyond opening up the ability to use or permission to do something you otherwise wouldn't be able to do.
  8. ​I never actually thought of it that way but I guess that could be a form of license. I am not sure it should count for this thread though since an individual could have up to 100 relatively easily. It does give you a unique perspective about the definition of a license though. I never did give anyone a definition.
  9. After some very curious readings and videos I have become very intrigued in how legal or how illegal certain acts are. I will talk about politics or specific examples in this thread. However during this intrigue I realized that we, as a society, have to apply to do a lot of different things in pursuit of being free people of the world. These are just some examples of what you are required to get permission to do by various governments: Permission to drive. Not only simply drive but drive specific vehicles;Permission to own a firearm;Permission to own and use aquatic vehicles (boats);The abilit
  10. Well logically it does make sense. This is something that retail stores offer that digital providers typically don't. Having this feature available makes digital providers that much more appealing. This doesn't obsolete retail stores entirely though. Retail stores will still have the advantage of trade-ins (for money) and the ability to trade physical copies with anyone. I doubt the former will ever be offered but the later is offered by some digital providers. Steam's new feature helps the adoption of digital content and basically turns every game into a demo/direct spec check. I like it.
  11. I'm assuming you're using composite? If so you may want to try using your coaxial port or vice versa. That said there are other ways to hook up your N64 so you may want to specifically specify which connectors you are trying to use. If you go through coaxial you should get a signal even though it would be lesser quality. http://www.amazon.com/RFU-Adapter-Nintendo-64-Game-System/dp/B00000K4TV/ref=pd_sim_63_1/189-8620862-9831034?ie=UTF8&refRID=1W23ZM8SDYZ3504DM2PE You can do composite to HDMI but you require a (reliable) $20+ CDN box for something that will not give you better quality and ta
  12. I haven't subscribed to the DSPGaming channels for years simply because of volume of videos. I noticed this change too. I stopped using collections because at one point they removed and brought back the feature and I lost everyone single collection and configuration I made. I now simply go through my subscriptions and filter videos I want to watch to Watch Later for when I have time. I do this so that I don't go over the subscription list limit. I've never liked YouTube's live developing trend they have. For example the player has changed many times unexpectedly. Not like I can actually influe
  13. ​Every month we have a chance to select (nominate a game) but someone literally has to nominate it which that game is not specifically popular during nominations.
  14. You'd say the same thing about in-video ads. Some other content creators do this because it is more effective than ads that can be blocked. I'll take a few rare in-video soap ads over hearing about the same scripted product ad that, say, successful tech podcasts do (which also have a presence on YouTube). In regards to games when has he promoted the soap during a playthrough? None that I know of on YouTube and only during pre-streams on Twitch or certain vlogs which are largely not about games.
  15. Well enough Patrons would actually have to nominate the game for voting first (in regards to specific games like Yakuza 4).
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