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  1. There were no Phil jokes. It was literally an episode where Tevin and Aggy' characters team up.
  2. Hey Phil, Aggy really wants to talk to you. Can you respond to her in your free time?
  3. I'll keep this short. I saw your playthrough, and you barely progressed. Consider finishing it in your free time?
  4. It could be because most people watch playthroughs to listen to what the person is saying. There are moments where Phil doesn't speak; he only speaks whenever something bad happens. I think most people treat modern day playthroughs as podcasts now. It's not interesting if there's dead air.
  5. Regarding views, I think Phil should network. Rather than push people away by saying he's not like this YouTuber or that reviewer, he should focus on trying to do co-op with others. When I say co-op, I don't mean just playthroughs; he could invite another person to do a co-op review. Phil could say what he likes/dislikes about a game, while the other person will give his/her thoughts on it.
  6. I believe that when a reviewer gives a game a 10/10, the reviewer isn't saying the game is flawless. The reviewer is probably saying "you should definitely play this game". A low score, i.e. 3/10, would have the message of "avoid this game". There will always be flaws to a game. Like people said, it is impossible to make a perfect game. Journalists realize this, so their reviews are simple suggestions as to whether it's worth buying the game. tl;dr 10/10 scores mean that gamers should play those games.
  7. Phil, I've noticed lately that (as the title says) your bias towards things is getting in the way of making videos. Whenever you review something, you always refer to fans of a series as fanboys, which is not professional. You also begin to rant about certain game companies in the middle of your review, which also, is not professional. I think you should just stick to talking about the game and leave out whatever bias you may have.
  8. I think KH3 will have a brief recap before the game begins, similar to KH2. But yeah, he's not going to understand the story very well.
  9. I know that Nintendo is from Japan. My issue was that Phil is using the words Japan/Japanese as insults. Like "Nintendo doesn't listen to their fans because their Japanese", really negative stuff like that. I just want him to be more positive.
  10. Hey Phil, I've noticed that whenever you bring up Nintendo, you always say they are xenophobic. In today's Super Mario Maker stream, you said something along the lines of "We are Nintendo, We know better than you because we're Japanese". My issue is that you're coming off as offensive here because you keep using the words Japan/Japanese as insults toward Nintendo. Could you please tone down those kind of remarks? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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