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  1. Kazuya Mishama from Tekken is in Smash!
  2. I hate all this wokephobia stuff. Everything I dislike is woke to you, ain't it.
  3. They just dislike anything they see as "cancelled" or "PC."
  4. Boomers mad about Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss this week. There was even a Republican Congressman who complained about it.
  5. Here's the 2020 Results: Least Worst Award for Least Worst Game - Hades Most Hated Award for Most Hated Game - The Last of Us Part II IP Twist Award for Best New Implementation of An Old Franchise - Half-Life: Alyx Blue Check Mark Award for Most Pointless Controversy - Space Buns DK Award Returns for Best Soundtrack - Doom Eternal Hello, Fellow Posters Award for Most Blatantly Promoted Video Game Product - Raid: Shadow Legends Plot and Backstory Award for Best Representation of Women - Helltaker The Van Darkholme Award for Best Representation of Men - Yakuza: Like a Dragon A E S T H E T I C S Award for Best Visual Aesthetics - Hades A S S T H E T I C S Award for Worst Visual Aesthetics - Warcraft III: Reforged Seal of Quality Award for Biggest Technical Blunder - Cyberpunk 2077 New Challenger Award for Best New IP - Hades Fahrenheit 2020 Award for Best Writing - Yakuza: Like a Dragon Pottery Award for Worst Writing - The Last of Us Part II Guilty Pleasure Award for The Game I Like But /v/ Hates - Demon's Souls Hyperbole Award for Best Trailer - No More Heroes 3 Kamige Award for Best Eroge - Rance 01 + 02 Jackie Chan Award for Best Character - Ichiban Kasuga (Yakuza: Like a Dragon) Scrappy Doo Award for Worst Character - Abby (The Last of Us Part II) Audiophile Award for Best Technical Sound Design - Doom Eternal The Little Game That Could Award for Best Game That Nobody Played - Carrion Pixels Are 8rt Award for Most Pretentious Indie Game - Tell Me Why Haptic Feedback Award for Best Gameplay - Doom Eternal Press X To Win The Award for Worst Gameplay - The Last of Us Part II /vr/ Award for Best Video Game of 1990 - Super Mario Bros. 3 /v2k/ Award for Best Video Game of 2000 - Deus Ex Humble Award Bundle for Best Video Game of 2010 - Fallout: New Vegas Redemption Arc Award for Biggest Redemption in Gaming - No Man's Sky Hate Machine Award for Crimes Against Gaming - China Awardgate for Worst Fanbase - Reddit Smug Pessimist Award for Most Disappointing Game - Cyberpunk 2077 Electric Boogaloo Award for Worst Sequel - The Last of Us Part II !votemap Award for Best Map/Level/Arena in a Video Game - de_dust2 (Counter Strike) Fall From Grace Award for Most Fucked Up Franchise - The Last of Us Ocarina of All Time Award for Best Vidya Music Composer of All Time - Nobuo Uematsu Home and Hearth Award for Most Relaxing Video Game - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Carmack's Cat Award for Best Video Game Pet/Animal Companion of All Time - Blade Wolf (Metal Gear) Please Be Good Award for Most Anticipated Game of 2021 and Beyond - Elden Ring Balkanization Award for Worst /v/ Satellite Board - /vmg/ - Video Games/Mobile
  6. Are you saying I'm dumb? Am I the only one here who doesn't bend to Trump?
  7. Sigh, and Trump is acquitted again. God, I hate the Republican Party.
  8. Goodbye, we won't miss you. Hope the Senate convicts Trump and bans him from running for office. McConnell is looking convinced about Trump provoking his supporters to invade the Capitol.
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