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  1. Ace's Preview:
  2. Western Conference Semifinals: 4. Nashville Predators vs. 3. St. Louis Blues 1. Anaheim Ducks vs. 2. Edmonton Oilers Eastern Conference Semifinals: 4. New York Rangers vs. 2. Ottawa Senators 1. Washington Capitals vs. 2. Pittsburgh Penguins
  3. With 1/3 of the year almost done and a wide variety of amazing games coming out so far, let's look back at the best games we played this year. What was your favorite game(s) of 2017 and why? Also, this thread will serve for the Power Rankings that will eventually lead up to the 2017 Ultimate Video Games Battle.
  4. Natsu's Preview:
  5. Aaron Hernandez has killed himself.
  6. Western Conference: 1. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 4. Nashville Predators 2. Minnesota Wild vs. 3. St. Louis Blues 1. Anaheim Ducks vs. 4. Calgary Flames 2. Edmonton Oilers vs. 3. San Jose Sharks Eastern Conference: 1. Montreal Canadians vs. 4. New York Rangers 2. Ottawa Senators vs. 3. Boston Bruins 1. Washington Capitals vs. 4. Toronto Maple Leafs 2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 3. Columbus Blue Jackets
  7. Eastern Conference: 1. Boston Celtics vs. 8. Chicago Bulls 2. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 7. Indiana Pacers 3. Toronto Raptors vs. 6. Milwaukee Bucks 4. Washington Wizards vs. 5. Atlanta Hawks Western Conference: 1. Golden State Warriors vs. 8. Portland Trailblazers 2. San Antonio Spurs vs. 7. Memphis Grizzlies 3. Houston Rockets vs. 6. Oklahoma City Thunder 4. Los Angeles Clippers vs. 5. Utah Jazz
  8. Yeah, Zoro vs Erza was in November.
  9. Revealed at the end of Megazord vs. Voltron, the next Death Battle is between two fire powered anime characters. Portgas D. Ace of One Piece will take on the main character of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel. Which one will be burning for the win?