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  1. I have to agree with ArcaneArts in regards to your opinion of other youtubers and twitch streamers Phil. The thing is, you don't actually know that anything you say about other youtubers/streamers is true because you're going off of what someone told you. You don't think that maybe they over exaggerated a tiny bit? I think at this point it's no longer optional, you need to take the time to watch other youtubers and twitch streamers. It's called market research Phil. It's a very inviting community when it's automatically assumed that anyone who just made their account is a detractor under a sock account. And you guys wonder why so few people use the forums.
  2. After sleeping on things I have one more suggestion for Phil. Stop treating us like it's our job to fix your business for you. It's on you to take steps to improve things, not us. You make it seem as though you're completely unwilling to think of things you can do yourself. You want things to improve you're going to have to step outside your comfort zone, and you're going to have to put in the time to think of things you could do yourself. No one wants to help someone who won't help himself Phil.
  3. So, going with what I said earlier about thumbnails, I decided to make a simple thumbnail for Phil's upcoming Fallout 4 playthrough as an example. It took me around 40 minutes to make and it'll take seconds to add/change the episode number. What do you guys think? Here it is with an episode number on it where I'd put the episode numbers.
  4. So...you're saying that if you don't have a lot of followers on Twitter or YouTube then your opinion doesn't matter? What kind of sense does that make?
  5. Alright Phil, I'll give a few suggestions. You'll probably refuse all of them, but I'm going to state my piece anyway. Here we go. Less is more: I think you should upload fewer videos every day. One big reason the new games aren't getting good views is because people are playing them. With the sheer amount of videos you upload it's impossible for these people to keep up with you so they just don't watch. You can record the same amount every day, just don't upload all of them. Promises, promises: You need to keep promises you make Phil. Not long ago you said you understood that people don't like hearing you complain about views and promised not to do it as much. But you continued to complain about low views as much as you did before. Also not long ago you promised to stream less, limiting it to launch day and special events. But then when next new release came out you changed it to as long you get at least 400 viewers you'll keep streaming the games. You may not think so, but consistently going back on your word like this has an effect on your views. People don't want to support someone who makes empty promises. Finishing Touches: You should really think about editing your playthroughs. I don't mean highly edited stuff like PewDiePie does or montages, I mean a bit of light editing to streamline the videos. Like editing out travel in open world games, just cut to when something interesting happens. Cut out when you're stuck on something for more than a couple minutes, I'd say anything longer than 5 minutes. Add custom thumbnails to the videos. It helps give your channel a more polished, professional look. Another thing you could do is add an endslate to the videos with annotations for the previous video in the playthrough, the next video, the playlist, and a link to your Patreon. If you do that then you don't have to mention Patreon ever again. Just a link in the description and on the endslate. Please at least take these things into consideration Phil. You don't do a lot to make it known that you actually read and think about these things. I'm legitimately trying to help, but ultimately your future is in your hands.
  6. Yes, it's a way for artists to get paid. And yes, other youtubers have patreon pages too. The difference between those YouTubers and Phil is that Phil started his patreon because the money he was making from his videos wasn't enough, still isn't. He didn't do it because he wanted to give his fans another way to a support him. He did it because he needs more money to support the lifestyle he wants to lead.
  7. There's a difference between it being easy and Phil refusing to actually play it, instead choosing to just run past everything. He clearly just wants to get through the campaign as fast as possible.
  8. You use his Patreon as proof of his success, but I think it's proof of the opposite. He needs Patreon because his videos alone aren't cutting it anymore. He made as much clear yesterday with his "if everyone dona- pledged $1" thing. Bottom line, Patreon won't save him. He needs to do something and do it soon.
  9. So he's still just running past everything? Must be a dull playthrough if that's the case.
  10. Phil and YouTube. They said that if you don't agree to the new ToS all your videos are set to private until you do.
  11. The videos on that channel were all set to private by YouTube because didn't accept the new ToS with thay account. That's all. Not a huge deal really.
  12. Let's be realistic, the only way Phil will go back to that game is if it wins Patrons' Choice. Or possibly if a new Splinter Cell game is made, like he did with JC2.
  13. I agree that it sucks that people won't be getting paid for trial users, but it makes sense. I mean, there's no money to split from a free trial.
  14. I'm making this thread because I don't want people to be misinformed. Phil was incorrect in his prestream today when he said YouTube hasn't told anyone what the split is. They have. The split is 45/55. YouTube takes 45% of the subscription price, the other 55% is split among the youtubers you watch based on view time. The example they gave was this. Say you watch 10 hours of videos in a month and 2 hours of that was spent watching one YouTuber, that youtuber would $1.10 from your subscription payment at the end of the month. I hope this cleared things up for people.
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