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  1. Hey Phil, Das Gooch (Pronunciation: Dahz Gooch) aka Marcus here. I have been a fan since 2008. you got me through high school and now through college. my question for you is a two part: As a college student at the UCLA i was told to major in what you will make money in and not what you love. That, i was told, to minor in haha. What is your opinion on that? As for the second part. what is your back up plan? I am always told by my mother to have one if my goal of being a teacher fails for whatever reason. I don't want to see you fail, as I have enjoyed your content and watched you grow from the side angled Dead Space: Scary as Hell and the entertaining Ridicule series. But do you have a back up plan? maybe something in HR or Computers. seeing as this is the west coast and such, I imagine you could attain a software or hardware orientated job. or something in your job history? Thanks and i hope you read this question. p.s. I was a patreon for the month of November in the form of 10$ idk if this makes my question more important. but i still hope you read it.
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