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  1. Hey Phil, I want to know, What is your favorite Ninja Turtle?
  2. I'd actually watch more of Phil's videos if he didn't always start so much drama. I miss old days where Phil would just play and upload. These days he's always starting shit and it gets tiresome after awhile tbh. I really do miss those days.
  3. I still watch your videos phil and I think it's kind of odd that you complain to the viewers. We're the ones helping you out so no need to bitch at us. Vent on twitter or other platforms but leave bitching out of the videos. Perhaps you just need to freshen up your content. Have you thought about bringing back cooking with king 1 week? That might spark up some interest. Also some youtubers I watch do daily vlogs. Have you ever thought about that? You seem to enjoy vlogging. Why not do a daily vlog couple times a week. Film your trip to gamestop, film your trip getting starbucks with Leanna or something like that. I love watching my favorite youtubers do daily vlogs. Essentially they film throughout the day then edit into one video.
  4. Everyone knows that TotalBiscuit has gotten sick. Well he posted on twitter some ways to help Cancer victims. Maybe some of us including Phil could throw some money his way. He's sort of been part a part of the let's play community for a long time. Thought this deserved it's own topic so it didn't get lost in other thread. Will get more exposure this way, Anyways if you'd like to donate the link is below. http://www.takethistb.com Would be great to see Let's players help out each other. It would especially be cool if Phil donated!
  5. Longtime Viewer so I'll give some feedback. Haters: As a youtube personality you will always have haters so it's pointless to focus too much on them. Any famous let's player will draw hate. Jokes: I honestly think phil used to make more jokes during his videos. In your newer let's plays you focus too much on what's happening on screen and not enough joke making. Like go watch heavy rain, you were spouting jokes left and right and it was hilarious. Video length: I agree with above posts. In 2015 its hard to watch a whole playthrough. You need to figure something out. Either edit your whole playthrough into one montage or only focus on the beggining of a game. Your intro videos always get tons of views. You could shift your videos into a new series called "first look" or something where you only play a game for like one or 2 streams and edit it into one video. Stream longer: I know you said this might not be possible but just consider it. Branch out: Don't just play new releases. Play steam games, play what;s hot, go to gamestop and find some weird or funny cheap games to play. Bring back cooking with king: People loved that series you should consider bringing it back. Don't change it though, it has to be like the original videos. Evewn if you do something like bake cookies it will be funny as fuck if you don't know what you're doing. And don't have Leanna help you it needs to be like original series. focus less on side content: Originally i think your videos were more digestable and faster paced. Nowadays you focus on side content a lot and i think it slows down the pace of your video a lot. Like during transformers you were about to go to Level 2 and I was super excited then you paused and went back to mindlessly search for side content and it got boring and i turned stream off. Just something to think about. Just some thoughts. Thanks.
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