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  1. Indeed. I'm hoping for another demo/beta/whatever as I didn't get in on the last one. Nioh is the best Souls-like and really hoping the 2nd one fixes the issues of the first like lack of enemy variety, having special attacks like parry being useless against 70% of the enemies, etc. I'd also like to see them do away with the lootstravaganza-style item system but don't see that happening.
  2. It's not THAT bad. I've done 1 24-25 hour stream every year for the past ~5 years for Extra Life. It's tough sure but as long as you get plenty of sleep the day before and have some energy drinks handy it's not horrible.
  3. Fucking hell, why do devs insist on using motion blur? I've never talked to anyone who actually likes it. Whenever I install a game that shit gets turned off immediately.
  4. How many hours of gameplay are in a typical stream? I think most would consider a marathon stream to be, bare minimum, 8 hours but more like 10-12. Yes, it's exhausting. That's why it's a marathon, not a normal stream. :p
  5. I saw a good bit of the WoW segment and yeah it was boring. Yes it's lame you can't block group invites but I'm pretty sure he never tried blocking those people as was suggested by chat many times since doing that (I believe) blocks group invites. He also kept saying he couldn't do quests even though chat, again, told him repeatedly that he can do them because mob credit goes to first hit and he's a hunter which has an insta-cast. He obviously didn't want to even play WoW again and, given that he didn't even try to do anything other than run around randomly, it felt that he sabotaged it so he could say "See? I told you guys it'd be boring!" As others have said, I think the current setup undermines the purpose of the Rage-a-Thon. Why get pissed that you can't progress in a game when you know you're only going to play it for 2 hours and never again? Suggested changes: 1) Less games. For 8 hours of gameplay, limit to 1-2 games 2) Play only 1 game but have goals that must be reached, else the stream can't end or some other negative thing happens. Examples: Dark Souls naked run, must defeat Ornstein and Smough. God of War NG+ on highest difficulty, must get to Freya. Fallout 4 survival difficulty, no mods, must find Sean.
  6. It isn't a clone. It's a Souls-like (enemies respawn on death or when resting at checkpoints, looped maps with unlockable shortcuts, etc.,) but far from a clone. I watched streamers play a few hours and see similarities but it's different enough to not be a clone. It looks pretty damn fun and I've been thinking of picking it up but with WoW Classic, Blair Witch, and other random games I'm playing I don't know when I'd get to it. Both versions of the weapon are slow but it hits hard and staggers well. Just need to use it's range to your advantage and get the timing down and it wrecks. I think there are a few things that help with weapon speed too, can't recall what they are off hand. Not really related, but also note that a full set of the same kind of armor (rig) it will give you a set bonus. I'm not sure if they mention that in tutorials but I seem to recall it being vague or not pointed out at all until you had a full set. It isn't THAT bad. The problem is when you start NG+, the very first (or near first) enemy you run in to is an insane bad ass who does a shit ton of damage. Once you get past him it's the normal mobs but with more (but not ludicrous) damage.
  7. Really looking forward to this. The first game didn't get enough love. It definitely had it's issues but it's one of the better Souls-like games; better than Dark Souls 2 and Sekiro IMO. Early impressions I've heard say that it's way better than the first. Check out that PAX you got from the first boss. If you like it's attacks, you can use that until end-game. It's really damn good, especially the running attack. Good luck! Hope all comes out well
  8. Damn, really? If so that seriously cuts down on possibilities. For example, Morrowind isn't going to make anyone rage in an hour. Hell, the first 30 minutes will be character creation, getting off the boat and talking to NPCs. Basically, any game that doesn't jump straight into the action would be bad for this format IMO. In the future he may want to try a different format. For 6-8 hours, go with 2-3 games at 2-3 hours each. This allows for games that aren't non-stop gameplay rage but can cause rage moments. It also allows for some interesting run formats like Diablo 3 Hardcore mode, Dark Souls level 1 run, etc. That's not to say he can't use both formats for different rage-a-thons. Keep this current one for the more non-stop rage games like I Wanna Be the Guy, Getting Over It, Street Fighter, Super Meat Boy, etc.
  9. I'm assuming they mean to not stream it on Twitch since, as you say, there is no offline mode for WoW. When he first played WoW, he ended up making a new character off-stream so people couldn't find him. Obviously playing off-cam would not work for a Twitch exclusive stream. Honestly if he was going to do a WoW Rage-A-Thon, it may be better from an audience perspective if he waited until the Classic servers release later this month. There will be lots of competition for mobs, lag, and the leveling is slower and it's easier to die. He'd also be able to cash in on people's nostalgia and desire to see someone who is a WoW virgin (mostly) getting a Vanilla experience live. The biggest problem would be queues... Yup. If backseating/hand-holding is allowed for Morrowind it's probably not going to be very rage inducing, especially if he only plays for 2-3 hours. Honestly I could see Morrowind being OK for a Ragethrough with rules (minimal backseating, etc) but for a short session where everyone is telling you what to do, it may fall short. We'll see! Barring KotR which is a real head-scratcher of a choice for a Rage-a-Thon, I'd say the choices are overall pretty good.
  10. I've been using it on mobile, haven't made the switch on desktop. It's been pretty speedy and worked well on my phone. I mostly use Chrome out of habit on desktop and due to plug-ins. I'd definitely recommend trying it to anyone who's looking for an alternative browser. One thing to note is that you do not make money from using it or choosing to view ads. You get BAT tokens which are a crypto currency. You can earn them and give them to sites you visit. Those sites/people can then sell the BAT tokens at whatever the market value, keep them, or whatever. It's still in the very early stages but it's going to be interesting to see how it develops.
  11. A week ago today, my cat had a seizure. Long story short, she's stable again but I've spent $3,500 or more on her over the past 7 days. She's an old cat (18-19 years old) and this is obviously an extreme circumstance but it does happen. I've known people with young cats that have sudden, expensive medical issues as well. I'd say having at least $1,000 available for emergency expenses for a pet is reasonable. Besides the out-of-the-ordinary costs, she's not been too expensive. A good cat tree is $50 - $150 and should last for years. Litter box around $20. Can pickup random toys for a few bucks, though those tend to get lost/destroyed. I have a few beds for my cat, one of which is heated (she's spoiled rotten) and they range from $20-$50. Litter is like $25ish for a 40lb bag? Food can vary a lot. I would hope he isn't buying the crappy cheap food. My vet suggested looking for food which has the first 3-4 ingredients being meat. I would also hope he's providing at least some wet food as generally it's better for the cat even though it's a bit more expensive. As an example, a medium bag of good quality dried food is about $30 while a good canned food can be about $1 per can. Some people will have dry food always available while offering wet food 1-2 times/day to cut costs while still providing good nutrition. All-in-all, I'd say that a cat that is fed good quality food can be done for $100 or less per month depending on how much they eat. The cat should also be taken for vet checkups once or twice a year at minimum. They do take your time, money and attention but, if you can afford and properly care for it, they are worth it. This derpy ass has absolutely made the last ~18 years of my life better.
  12. My 2c: The Surge would be a good choice for streaming. The devs learned from and improved upon what they did with Lords of the Fallen (which, for the record, was nowhere near as bad as some made it out to be.) The dismember-for-upgrades concept, leveling/core power mechanics, and implant systems are very cool and allow for a good bit of variety. The game is also quite challenging so there is the death and raging entertainment factor.
  13. I like My Friend Pedro but agree that $20 is too much unless you are the type that will S-rank every stage. I'm about 3.5 hours in (Internet stage) and feel like I'm very close to the end and HLTB says it's 4 hours so it's short. The ludicrous combat is a fun and the soundtrack is killer. However, the later stages are low on props (pans, ricochet targets, barrels, etc) and the ability to creatively kill enemies like the first few areas. There are some of those items to be sure but most of the time in later stages I felt like I was just running in, slowing time, and point-and-click shooting. Overall a good game but for most folks I'd say wait until it's $10.
  14. Of course it's not guaranteed but it absolutely can help. I've found channels via raids, I've gotten new viewers who stick around because of raids, and I've seen my viewers become fans of channels I've raided. I've also become friends with other streamers because of raids which opens the door for things like colabs... and you know, making friends can be kinda cool I GUESS. It's up to the streamer to entice raiders to stay. Introduce yourself, let folks know about your channel (what type of games you stream, how often, etc.,), be (pro)active with chat, and so on. Are most people from a raid going to become regular viewers? Of course not, and for a wide variety of reasons. However, it can be a tool to help a channel grow if it's utilized correctly. Who hurt you?
  15. I play almost exclusively on PC and I couldn't stomach the PC Gaming E3 show for long. Also, Her Story was cool you heathen. The reasoning for the gameplay was painfully contrived ("We have these interviews but the only way to access them is to search for a word that happened to be used during that interview") but once you get past that I loved putting it all together. My main complaint was not having the ability to storyboard the clips once you unlocked them.
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