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  1. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I was really hoping that one of the things that got you into Nioh 2 demo/alpha/whatever was beating the Nioh 1 betas. Alas, I also lack an invite. I really am looking forward to Nioh 2. Nioh is the best Souls-like and after the disappointment of Sekiro I need one with a great combat system.
  2. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Curious how that is. I want to play it but it's rare for me to stick to console games, really wish it was on Steam. I LOVED Steamworld Dig 1 and 2. They were very simple games but playing them was just so... relaxing? That's not a great word for what I mean but it's the closest I have. It's like after you have a really long, tough day and you get home and sit down to rest and have that "AAAHHHHhhhhhh" moment. It's that but for a several hours at a time.
  3. Talk about his history with Diablo or other Action RPGs. Talk about games he was playing when Diablo was released. Talk about his thoughts on the graphics, the gameplay, what build he'd like to try, the enemy types, the environments, the music, etc. Talk about what he likes and doesn't like. Talk about the story. Ask chat about their own experiences with the Diablo series, how they found Diablo, what their first character was, any memorable stories they had, if they have any recommendations about other ARPGs. One of the skills of a great streamer is to be entertaining and engaging even when the game they are playing isn't good. It's a fairly rare skill but it's something I feel that almost all streamers can improve upon, myself included. Saying that your stream is boring because the game is bad is a cop-out. If the game is bland you have to work harder to make the stream fun but that's part of what makes your streams worth watching.
  4. I don't think Diablo 1 would be a good stream game if you've never played it. Even then, the game is quite a bit slower paced than ARPGs that came later. It's also lacking a lot of things more modern games of it's genre now have. I loved Diablo 1 at the time of release but don't think it'd be a great stream game now. Diablo 2, however, is still one of the best Action RPGs. The mechanics are still solid and there's a lot of fun to be had there, especially for a newcomer. It's also quite old so he should be able to stream, record, and play it with very little issue, though I imagine he'll have to use screen/monitor capture due to it's age. One thing I found for every ARPG is that the first 1-2 hours tend to be bland. Even ones I've loved (Diablo 1/2/3, Path of Exile) are slow to start due to lack of class abilities and customization. Once you start unlocking skills and can customize your playstyle they pick up pretty quickly. ARPGs are good for chill streams because it's easy to read and react to chat due to their pacing.
  5. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    If you're getting killed in 1 hit, you either need more HP, better armor, and/or need to be more careful with your stamina. If it's a stamina (or Ki, or whatever they called it) you should get more or work on doing Ki Pulses/Ki Fluxes. I agree on the lack of enemy variety. It's probably my main complaint and something I really hope they fix in Nioh 2.
  6. VertigoTeaparty

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Hover the mouse over the user's name and there's an option to Ignore User.
  7. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I'm with you. I've put probably 30+ hours into it and have beaten 4 of the Great Machines or whatever but the game is very "Meh" to me. The beginning is boring with the God awful durability system and it's only more tolerable later due to having more slots and higher durability weapons. It's odd because I feel a push to get a few more armor upgrades before I go to finish off Ganon even though I don't need them, but overall I feel like the game is small moments of fun sandwiched between large sections of tedium and monotony.
  8. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    What I hope Nioh 2 improves on: 1) Enemy variety 2) No more loot rain. Drastically lower the amount of loot obtained and increase the chances it's better. 3) Make skills work on almost all enemies. Avoid skills that only work on a small number of enemies you'll actually fight (ie backstab only working on humans) 4) Streamline the magic/ninjitsu system. Not sure how to do this on console but using even just a few spells became a royal PITA. 5) PC on release plzzzz 6) Once the Nightmare mode or whatever unlocks, just let me do it. Don't make it RNG day based.
  9. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    He's way easier when you understand him and the game. IIRC he's also fairly easy to run out of stamina (or the demon equivalent) and you can go ham on him. Man, Nioh's combat really is above and beyond all other Souls-like games. The satisfaction of learning a weapon, swapping between stances depending on the situation, doing ki-pulses, etc during fights is just so satisfying. I honestly don't think From has the ability to match that. There were definitely some imbalances (mid-stance Spear is/was OP, Spin-to-Win Axe was broken AF against at least some bosses) but the different options mostly felt well defined with trade-offs. Compare that with Sekiro which is, if we're honest, Parry Simulator 2019. They took a cool notion (enemy poise and death blows) but built almost the entire premise around memorizing enemy movesets and parrying/countering. Shit, a lot of the time, even against some/many bosses, it's safest to spam attack until the enemy parries, do your parry/spear step/jump kick/dodge, repeat. You can just wait for them to do an unblockable but it's far more consistent to just R1 spam until they do their 1 or 2 set counters then counter-attack. In 6-12 months, I think all but the most entrenched fanboys will admit that Sekiro is the most shallow combat system From has made since Dark Souls 1. Sure it's flashy but when you break it down to what usually (not always) works it's just spamming R1, countering, and death blows. No real build options, no different weapons, no armor choices, no stat choices, no magic system. You have the prosthetic which has a few situationally useful modes (firecrackers OP) and combat arts (LOL) but those are no replacement for the options you had in even Dark Souls 1. I think Sekiro is a good game and I still need to finish it, but there's too much "Meh" in with the good. With Bloodborne and the Souls games, I was always eager to get back in. I've not played Sekiro in like 2 weeks and my desire to pick it back up is minimal. EDIT: Accidental double post
  10. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I got about 4-5 hours in, I feel it's a love-it or hate-it type of game. Main thing is it's a very no-training wheels experience. You have a quest journal but there are no quest markers or even a map marker that shows where you currently are, you need to figure it out based on landmarks, etc. You need to think ahead when you go out to travel as you need food, water, campfire supplies, clothes for heat/cold, healing, etc. So it's one of those games where you need to be careful where you go, what you have, and what you pick fights with as you won't be destroying all your enemies at level 1. That said, I've not enjoyed it so far. The combat is "meh" at bust, clunky at worst though the spellcasting is cool. The quest log doesn't keep a copy of your conversations with NPCs so unless you have a good memory you'll be writing down directions on how to get to the quest locations. There's loads of walking from one place to another without anything interesting going on or places to explore. I also lost a quest that I was supposed to have 5 days to complete. 3 days in, I died (got "knocked out") by a creature and was brought back to town. When I tried to follow up on that quest it said I had taken too long, despite there being no indications that 2+ days had passed by. I'll try it again but so far it's a very big "meh". Some people love it though (CohCarnage) so if you're into more slow, deliberate RPGs then check it out.
  11. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    It's a shit design is all I know. It doesn't add difficulty, it just makes it tedious since you have to kill all the trash before going for the tough enemy. It's boring and adds nothing but filler. I think I know who you mean. Took me quite awhile to get him down, cutscene plays and... another phase with a new mechanic you've never used before. When I confirmed you had to do it all over, I nope'd out and started exploring elsewhere. I'll go back and do it later but how fucking tedious this game can be at times. I'm still reserving judgement but Sekiro wobbles between fun and boring/frustrating (not in a good way.) Currently I'd place it above Dark Souls 2 (worst From game,) below Bloodborne (best From game) and far below Nioh.
  12. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Skill points have been fairly easy to get, but I loathe losing XP so every bit lost sucks and like I say, if I'm at like 70%+, I'll play it super safe which usually means hugging the bonfire. If you lost a set amount it would still suck but losing half means the more you have, the more you're encouraged to play it safe. I don't make anywhere near 1,000 sen clearing an area, even with no deaths. Maybe you get more later? The one vendor sells coin patches for 110 which I think is a good idea to hedge your bets but he only has like 7. I think that going forward, when I get to a spot where I think I'll die a lot, I'll just buy a ton of paper angels. Kinda solves 2 problems in 1. Speaking of vendors, I bought the Butterfly shuriken upgrade from the eyepatched vendor but can't figure out how to actually apply it. Any clue on that? I was being very vague. :p
  13. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    About 11 hours into Sekiro, will be vague to avoid spoilers. I got to the Butterfly and left as honestly the fight bored me a bit, will go back later. Got past the cow, got the armor break upgrade and that's where I stopped. Combat-wise, I don't think this game holds a candle to Nioh (Disclosure: Nioh is one of my favorite games of all time.) You have like 5 weapon types, each with 3 stances which themselves have specific abilities/combos/etc. There's the Ki Flux mechanics, breaking enemy's stamina, etc., not to mention the magic and ninja tools. There are abilities that allow you to parry, leap over, trip, and shove enemies around. The deflect/poise (or whatever it's called) system in Sekiro is interesting and I enjoy timing my blocks but it feels like that's about 80% of the combat, excluding mashing R1. Sure you can do dodge counter-attacks, jump kicks (sometimes,) and the weapon stomp (sometimes) but the vast majority of the time you just block/deflect if you don't just R1 spam the enemy to death. The prosthetic is cool but having it use up those paper cut-out angels (that's totally what I think of every time I see them) makes me NOT want to use it except when I absolutely have to. They are cheap at 10 Sen a piece though so I guess I should just buy a shit ton and be done with it. I will say that I think the death punishment system is trash. Losing half your XP/money when you die makes you not want to experiment or try anything risky, especially if you have a lot of either. Many times I've been close to a skill point and didn't want to risk it so I just go back to camp, heal, then farm until I finish that point. It's boring but to do otherwise is 100% risk with absolutely no reward. Overall I like the game and it's too early to pass judgment but there are some real head-scratching design choices. I'd say my favorite part right now is the bosses. Going toe-to-toe, trading blows, , using your prosthetic, etc., hearing the sounds of the swords clang and that satisfying effect you see and hear from deflections is awesome. We need more of that and less clearing out 10 piss-ant grunts to get to that fun part.
  14. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Bloodlines 2 confirmed!! Holy shit I never thought this would happen! FUCK YES FUCK YES FFFUUUCCCK YESSS!! Bloodlines 1 is one of my favorite games of all time!! https://www.bloodlines2.com/
  15. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Dammit, that explains a lot. I already dislike the character direction dependent input style of the DMC series and it was driving me nuts that I could rarely get those moves to work with V. Now I know why at least. With V I meant that you often get a really good score and don't know why. I've gotten S+ when it felt like I was mostly just spamming but lower grades if I actually try to be co-ordinated. Overall I liked the game a lot (best DMC game IMO) but I'd have preferred the game stick with 1 character, MAYBE 2. Or at least have you play through the campaign as 1 then give you the option to play as the others in the same campaign. I get that would mess with the story but let's be honest, no one really cares that much. I'd love to re-play and learn all the characters in-depth but I'm playing too many games right now; Dead by Daylight, Division 2, Path of Exile, Sekiro tomorrow, and Outward and Tropico 6 next week. Speaking of Sekiro.... I watched some streams today and hoooo boy does it look tough. I've already heard "Hardest From game ever" a few times. Going to be a bloody weekend. EDIT: Meant to mention; Nero's Ex-Act/Max-Act is why I like him so much. Getting the timing and watching/hearing the Maxed out moves (One.. Two... THREE!) is incredibly satisfying.