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  1. My 2c: The Surge would be a good choice for streaming. The devs learned from and improved upon what they did with Lords of the Fallen (which, for the record, was nowhere near as bad as some made it out to be.) The dismember-for-upgrades concept, leveling/core power mechanics, and implant systems are very cool and allow for a good bit of variety. The game is also quite challenging so there is the death and raging entertainment factor.
  2. I like My Friend Pedro but agree that $20 is too much unless you are the type that will S-rank every stage. I'm about 3.5 hours in (Internet stage) and feel like I'm very close to the end and HLTB says it's 4 hours so it's short. The ludicrous combat is a fun and the soundtrack is killer. However, the later stages are low on props (pans, ricochet targets, barrels, etc) and the ability to creatively kill enemies like the first few areas. There are some of those items to be sure but most of the time in later stages I felt like I was just running in, slowing time, and point-and-click shooting. Overall a good game but for most folks I'd say wait until it's $10.
  3. Of course it's not guaranteed but it absolutely can help. I've found channels via raids, I've gotten new viewers who stick around because of raids, and I've seen my viewers become fans of channels I've raided. I've also become friends with other streamers because of raids which opens the door for things like colabs... and you know, making friends can be kinda cool I GUESS. It's up to the streamer to entice raiders to stay. Introduce yourself, let folks know about your channel (what type of games you stream, how often, etc.,), be (pro)active with chat, and so on. Are most people from a raid going to become regular viewers? Of course not, and for a wide variety of reasons. However, it can be a tool to help a channel grow if it's utilized correctly. Who hurt you?
  4. I play almost exclusively on PC and I couldn't stomach the PC Gaming E3 show for long. Also, Her Story was cool you heathen. The reasoning for the gameplay was painfully contrived ("We have these interviews but the only way to access them is to search for a word that happened to be used during that interview") but once you get past that I loved putting it all together. My main complaint was not having the ability to storyboard the clips once you unlocked them.
  5. Going to have to agree with this. I was one of the people who enjoyed myself in Fallout 76 (despite the shameful state it was released in) and I sure as shit would not have been cheering loudly when it was brought up. Even excluding the 1 dude who just wouldn't STFU, there was way too much excitement about things that were either minor (mobile stuff) or that flat out got panned at release (Fallout 76.) I doubt they were actual paid shills, but more likely employees, family, etc.
  6. Not at all. You control a party (up to 4) and can pause time to give your members commands (cast spell, go here, etc.) There will be plenty of combat but it has a far heavier focus on story. Think Dragon's Age, Divinity: Original Sin and Kingmaker. I am/was a huge D&D nerd when Baldur's Gate came out and I still couldn't get into it. I've been meaning to give them another try, now could be a good time I suppose.
  7. Not sure if this is what you're referencing, but it's normal for raiders to spam emotes and/or a special statement (ie; "Streamer Bob Raid!!!!") into the chat of the person being raided. It generates some hype for everyone and can liven up the chat and the streamer. The spamming tends to be for a minute or less so it's a very short disruption. Oh God, this would be pretty damn amusing. Of course there are 1,000 excuses waiting to be made about why it won't but I bet it'd be a very entertaining stream.
  8. 1) I see no point in upgrading to CAT 7. Even if his router supports it, the extra bandwidth is almost never going to be utilized. Unless there are other valid reasons, that upgrade would be entirely unneeded. 2) Having chat close by and easy to read definitely makes it easier to keep up with, which is why many (most?) stream from a desk with a multi-monitor setup, even for console games. My understanding (and I could be wrong here) is that his laptop is to his side and down. Perhaps he could get a stand or put something under it to keep it at eye level. As an aside, I do want to say that playing a game, providing commentary, and keeping up with chat can be difficult. Some folks are great at it but it isn't as easy as it looks. I've been streaming for over 3 years and, while I have improved a lot, I still struggle to stay on top of it, especially if people are being especially chatty. It's a skill that all streamers should work to improve upon but it's not as easy as just making a conscious decision to be more responsive to chat. 3) Also, blackout curtains. The ones I have are pretty good and are about $20 for a panel. As an added bonus, they help a bit with your sound treatment. 4) I know you aren't arguing the point, but cold isn't going to hurt a laptop, barring maybe the monitor(???) The only thing I could possibly see being an issue is the AC blowing moisture onto the computer but even that's a stretch. Maybe if the AC was incredibly close to the laptop, chilled it, you turn off the AC, and then the laptop heated up quickly it could get condensation, but even that's fairly iffy. Not sure what mic he uses but this may not be the case. I have a Blue Yeti, use it in Cardioid mode, and it still picks up sounds behind it fairly easily. Granted, the Yeti is a fairly low-ish/mid tier mic, but it can still be a problem. If he has a nicer mic it may be a non-issue. If it's a problem, it could be possibly be worked around by dropping the gain and moving the mic a bit closer to his mouth.
  9. I was really hoping that one of the things that got you into Nioh 2 demo/alpha/whatever was beating the Nioh 1 betas. Alas, I also lack an invite. I really am looking forward to Nioh 2. Nioh is the best Souls-like and after the disappointment of Sekiro I need one with a great combat system.
  10. Curious how that is. I want to play it but it's rare for me to stick to console games, really wish it was on Steam. I LOVED Steamworld Dig 1 and 2. They were very simple games but playing them was just so... relaxing? That's not a great word for what I mean but it's the closest I have. It's like after you have a really long, tough day and you get home and sit down to rest and have that "AAAHHHHhhhhhh" moment. It's that but for a several hours at a time.
  11. Talk about his history with Diablo or other Action RPGs. Talk about games he was playing when Diablo was released. Talk about his thoughts on the graphics, the gameplay, what build he'd like to try, the enemy types, the environments, the music, etc. Talk about what he likes and doesn't like. Talk about the story. Ask chat about their own experiences with the Diablo series, how they found Diablo, what their first character was, any memorable stories they had, if they have any recommendations about other ARPGs. One of the skills of a great streamer is to be entertaining and engaging even when the game they are playing isn't good. It's a fairly rare skill but it's something I feel that almost all streamers can improve upon, myself included. Saying that your stream is boring because the game is bad is a cop-out. If the game is bland you have to work harder to make the stream fun but that's part of what makes your streams worth watching.
  12. I don't think Diablo 1 would be a good stream game if you've never played it. Even then, the game is quite a bit slower paced than ARPGs that came later. It's also lacking a lot of things more modern games of it's genre now have. I loved Diablo 1 at the time of release but don't think it'd be a great stream game now. Diablo 2, however, is still one of the best Action RPGs. The mechanics are still solid and there's a lot of fun to be had there, especially for a newcomer. It's also quite old so he should be able to stream, record, and play it with very little issue, though I imagine he'll have to use screen/monitor capture due to it's age. One thing I found for every ARPG is that the first 1-2 hours tend to be bland. Even ones I've loved (Diablo 1/2/3, Path of Exile) are slow to start due to lack of class abilities and customization. Once you start unlocking skills and can customize your playstyle they pick up pretty quickly. ARPGs are good for chill streams because it's easy to read and react to chat due to their pacing.
  13. If you're getting killed in 1 hit, you either need more HP, better armor, and/or need to be more careful with your stamina. If it's a stamina (or Ki, or whatever they called it) you should get more or work on doing Ki Pulses/Ki Fluxes. I agree on the lack of enemy variety. It's probably my main complaint and something I really hope they fix in Nioh 2.
  14. Hover the mouse over the user's name and there's an option to Ignore User.
  15. I'm with you. I've put probably 30+ hours into it and have beaten 4 of the Great Machines or whatever but the game is very "Meh" to me. The beginning is boring with the God awful durability system and it's only more tolerable later due to having more slots and higher durability weapons. It's odd because I feel a push to get a few more armor upgrades before I go to finish off Ganon even though I don't need them, but overall I feel like the game is small moments of fun sandwiched between large sections of tedium and monotony.
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