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  1. Miller and Chesterfields? God damn, are you 70?
  2. He could easily have responded like this and without the vitriol but didn't. It's things like this that are sadly amusing about Phil. He'll complain that he has this negative stigma on the internet and the only reason he has it is because of stuff way in the past, lies, etc., but then makes an ass out of himself like this. Sure the person may have been a troll but the issue wasn't raised in an assholish way, but he snapped at someone bringing up a completely legitimate point. "Hey guys, so yesterday I made a mistake mathing and because of that we fell short of the vest goal by $9. Because the amount was so small and due to my mistake, the goal for today will be $109. If we hit this goal, the vest streak continues. If not, it's over." Done. Not only do you acknowledge and take responsibility for the mistake, you've come up with a reasonable solution that benefits everyone (well the people who care about the vest thing.)
  3. I think variety streamers sometimes think that, because they are a "variety" streamer, they need to play something different every stream. I'm a variety streamer! That means I have to mix it up a lot, right? I did this for awhile and didn't like it. It took forever to finish games when I only played them 1-2 times a week; it was almost 6 months to finish the Mass Effect trilogy! After a week had gone by, I spent the first 20-30 minutes reacclimating myself to the game. If I had multiple longer games on the docket, it also meant juggling more games. I've changed back to streaming 1-2 games per week and love it. I finish games faster which makes it feel less like a game is dragging on and, if the game is new, I complete them while they are still semi-relevant. Yes I don't have as much variety in a week but over a month I'd say I play just as many games as with the "Different game per stream" method. IMO, the reason viewers like variety streams is not because it's constantly changing, but because they just don't want to see the same game/genre every single stream for weeks on end. Also, for a new viewer who came in because of a specific game, I feel you can hook them better by sticking with that game until it's done vs hoping they remember who you even are a week later. Doing something in-between is good too. Say a new game comes out but it's really long (ex: Nioh 2.) If you stream 5 times a week, make that 3 of the streams and sprinkle in other stuff to keep things from getting stale. Anyway, just a side mini-rant.
  4. Fallout 76 was the one of the best bad games that I enjoyed. While a lot of the criticisms were invalid (like how there was no content, despite having loads of quests) it was a huge mess on release. The only reasons I enjoyed it were because I was playing with friends, I'm a hardcore Fallout lover since the original, and my tolerance for bugs is high. Doing quests, exploring, and building up with your friends was enjoyable but it could sometimes be equal parts fun and frustration. At release people would ask my opinion and it was usually the same. "I"m really enjoying it but you probably shouldn't buy it." Will be interesting to see if they are able to get it fixed. I still hold to my theory that Fallout 76 was meant to have 50+ people in a a persistent shard where you could set up vendors who sell when you're offline and all kinds of community features (think small scale MMO.) When they realized they couldn't realize this vision in time they quickly stripped it down to what we ended up with.
  5. Finished Doom Eternal. Played on PC, did 3 missions on Nightmare but turned it down to Ultra-Violence as it was taking too long to progress. Fantastic game, even better than the first. The Meat Hook and dash, combined with the fast movement and double jump, made you feel very agile. I liked how some enemies were susceptible to certain attacks, like shooting the rocket launchers off the Revenants, grenades into the mouth of the Cacodemon, etc. On higher difficulties, I also appreciated that you needed to be using most of tools to do well; flame thrower for armor, hooks to make distance or re-position quickly, grenades for big AE damage and crowd control, plasma do destroy shields and damage nearby enemies, etc etc. Music was obviously on point. Despite typically disliking first person jumping puzzles, I quite enjoyed the ones in Doom Eternal. However, I it was definitely the most non-Doom aspect of the game and I can understand why some folks hated it. My only complaints are that Marauder was a shit enemy type, even after you figure out how to deal with him. Also, I found the final boss to be fairly boring and tedious. Other than that, I loved it. I actually kinda want to go back and playthrough again on Nightmare all the way through. Definitely worth getting if you liked Doom '16 IF you think you'd be OK with the jumping puzzle parts. If you really hate first person platforming, maybe wait for it to go on sale.
  6. Saying it's nothing like original Doom is a big overstatement. Besides, I'd wager that a large number of people complaining it "Isn't like Doom" never played the originals or it was so long ago they only barely remember anything about them. To give context to some of my following comments, I'm playing on PC. I started on Nightmare difficulty but it was taking too long for me to get through the game with all the dying (Slayer Gates on Nightmare are BRUTAL) so I dropped it down to Ultra-Violence. I can see complaints regarding the "loop" of: Fight -> Out of Ammo -> Chainsaw -> Out of Health -> Glory Kill -> Fight. Ammo in particular is a PITA early on. However once you get more guns and the ammo upgrades this should be less of an issue. I've also felt like "Oh, it's the part of the fight where I run around and get health" a few times but that's happening less often now that I'm more regularly using the flame thrower and the awesome fire-chain upgrade for the Meat Hook to get armor. This Doom really seems to emphasize using all your tools effectively. Shotgun sticky-bombs to make easy work of Cacodemons. Sniper rifle to take out the guns on Mancubus and Revenant. Plasma for those shield buttholes. Frost grens to control groups or to lock down really tough enemies allowing you a lot of easy(ish) dmg. Lots of cover to split off melee enemies from ranged. Meat Hook for traversal, a breather with the slowed time, and MASSIVE damage (Super Shotgun does INSANE damage point-blank.) Blood Punch for really good AE dmg. Flamethrower for armor. It's a lot to keep track of for sure but it's a lot more satisfying than sticking to 2-3 guns and maybe throwing a grenade once in awhile. That said, fuck the demon with the axe and shield. I've only run into the one and he was tedious to fight.
  7. Doom Eternal is fantastic but I can't imagine playing this with controller. A normal FPS is bad enough with one, let alone a game this fast paced. I've been hearing some rumblings about people not liking DoomE but I love it as much as the first. What are people's issues with it? Is it the jumping puzzles? I get that they aren't very Doom-like but I've enjoyed them a lot so far.
  8. VertigoTeaparty


    Here's the thing with excluding folks who only watch the YouTube vids. It sucks and I get that excluding people on the platform where you started feels shitty. However the reality is that it's going to be very hard (impossible?) to make is easy for them to vote at their convenience without either have the poll flooded with troll/dupe votes or pay-gating it. Really, even if you go with the non-Twitch poll option but only leave it open for a short time, it's highly likely they won't get to vote anyway due to the tight time window. Twitch voting is easy to do but w/o restrictions people w/multiple accounts can still switch between them and vote multiple times. Slightly harder to do with a shorter time window. You can limit voting to subs which should significantly cut down on duplicate/troll voting but puts voting behind a paywall. You also have the option of making a Sub vote count as 2 which I suppose could be considered a soft paywall and won't solve the problem of dupe voting. There's also the option of letting people add additional votes w/bits but this would open the door to letting 1-2 people decide the game being played which I feel goes against the spirit of community voting. Strawpoll with dupe IP checking and spam protection isn't a bad idea if the poll is up for a short amount of time. Of course people can VPN (among other things) but I have to wonder how many people are really willing to do that, especially on a poll that's only up for a couple of minutes. I believe that this method has the best potential to cut down on dupe/troll voting that doesn't involve requiring voters to pay. As Onyx said I don't believe there is a 100% solution so it's about finding something that works well enough. The best thing you can do IMO is to try several of the methods suggested. We can theorycraft all day but trying out methods and seeing what does and doesn't work is what you need to do to get results. Pick a method, try it. If it doesn't work great, tweak it and try again. Do this w/various options and find something that works best for the situation.
  9. Yes and no. It's a little confusing but it sounds like when a new set of emotes comes, you'll keep some emotes, based on popularity. I'm assuming they mean Twitch-wide popularity, not how often you have used it. From the help page: Are the emotes permanent? No. Hype Train emotes will be refreshed with a new theme every few months to keep things interesting. At the time of refresh, previous participants will get to keep a subset of the emotes they collected from previous trains based on popularity. Got it enabled now. The option screen is below for those interested. The difficulty levels are here. Each level beyond 1 takes more than the amounts listed. Easy - 3.2 Tier 1 subs or 1,600 bits to complete level 1 Medium - 4 Tier 1 subs or 2,000 bits to complete level 1 Hard - 6 Tier 1 subs or 3,000 bits to complete level 1 Super Hard - 10 Tier 1 subs or 5,000 bits to complete level 1 Insane - 10 Tier 1 subs or 10, 000 bits to complete level 1
  10. These emotes will be uniquely obtainable from the hype trains. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. On one hand, I've seen cases where a few donations in a short timespan did lead to other people donating/subbing/etc even before this feature. OTOH, some people may choose to not donate UNLESS there is a hype train going because they want the emotes or just to get in on the action. My fear is that channels I watch will start hinting at getting trains going and they will derail the stream. Regardless I look forward to seeing if this becomes a big feature or if it'll get a lot of use for the first week or so then drop off. I do think it'll work WAY better for big streamers because it's a lot easier to both get the train started and to keep it going.
  11. Thanks! Loved that game, my favorite Souls-like. I never did do the DLC though...
  12. https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/hype-train-guide?language=en_US TL;DR - After enough events (bits, subs, re-subs) a hype train starts. Everyone who contributes builds the hype train's level. After a certain amount of time, everyone who contributed 100 bits or more or sub'd/re-sub'd/etc gets a random emote. These emotes will be changed out over time with new ones. Sounds like a pretty cool feature. The channel owner can change a few parameters like setting the difficulty, cooldown, etc. I checked my dashboard but I don't have it yet but I'm just affiliate so it may not be available for us yet.
  13. As mentioned, Business class internet rarely if ever relates to overall speed/latency quality. It's more about how quickly you can get issues resolved (outages, low speeds, packet loss, etc.,) removal of caps and (sometimes) higher upload bandwidth. Even with high bandwidth, you can still have latency issues which will cause lag in games. So yeah, Business class internet isn't necessarily better. It's like assuming because you bought a first class plane ticket you won't have turbulence. I'm not saying the issue is or isn't his internet, just corroborating what others have said. There are other factors as well such as display lag, other player's connection, server connection, etc. There's also just good ol' human reaction time getting worse as you get older.
  14. Doesn't Hollow Knight take a few hours to really get going? If so, it might not be great for a marathon since he'll play it 1.5 - 2 hours and think it's boring since it hasn't picked up steam. EDIT: NM I can't read apparently.
  15. C'mon now. We were all 12 year olds once.
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