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  1. Gothic 1 and Final Fantasy XI have some of the worst PC controls I've ever experienced.
  2. It's not really random. If you pick the person who is strong in the task being done they'll be fine. The only exception I feel was the very last section. It did feel pretty random with who lives and who dies. Have an emergency fund that is about 6-12 months of living expenses. Do not touch this money outside of emergencies or, obviously, if you lose your job. If you use a credit card, pay it off every month. Live below your means. Research investing and do it.* *I am not a financial advisor. As to spoilers, generally for a stream I avoid spoilers for newer games. If it's old
  3. I get it. I wasn't a fan of Mass Effect until last year when I played all 3, but I understand that, after all the time, getting hit with an ending that is underwhelming to say the least is going to really piss you off. But as you say, the game itself was very good. While Bioware absolutely deserve criticism for the original ending, it didn't make the game bad. Heard DSP say a few days ago that Dead by Daylight was "dead." This is funny as DBD has been INCREASING in popularity since it was released. In the last 24 hours it peaked at 57,000 players on Steam alone. DBD is consistently
  4. This. I just played Mass Effect the 1st time last year and while I liked them all, 2nd was best, then 3, then 1. It helps I played as whatever class it is with the charge as that was a hell of a lot of fun to use.
  5. RIP, creator of the only good anime. :( There were some cool tributes to him done in FFXIV. The Bard playing the Guts theme is a great touch.
  6. I really really need to finish that. I keep getting pulled off by other games. I'm pretty far, the part where Well I can't remember how to spoiler, but the part where you find R. I can't imagine I'm too far from the end. .... I sometimes legit don't know if you're trolling or what, but I'll bite. You realize "Retard" comes from "Mental Retardation," an intellectual illness, yeah? While mental illness and intellectual illness aren't exactly the same they ain't too far apart. So calling someone "Retard" is calling them stupid by referencing the mental/intellectual illness. D
  7. Eh, that's pretty weak evidence. When I first found you could hide under the bed, I stayed under for awhile as well as I assumed that maybe something was going to happen. When it didn't, it became immediately obvious that I was going to have to run back into this room and hide, though I hid in the locker as I assumed it may see me under the bed.
  8. How they go about it is what differentiates begging from just doing your thing and occasionally mentioning it. What Phil does is give his sob story of the week and talk about how he's really tight on money and mortgage is coming up and how he needs that money to pay his bills (despite pulling down 6 figures, let alone what his wife is making, but that's a whole other topic). He's pulling at heart strings and guilting people into giving money for that purpose, not just because they are enjoying the stream. THAT is what makes it begging. NO other streamer other than WoR have I seen do that.
  9. When did I say or even remotely imply that having a tips goal is begging? It isn't, to be clear. Asking for or reminding people that they can support once in awhile is fine and normal. It becomes begging when you bring it up frequently. It becomes begging when you imply or outright say you can't pay your bills unless people pay up. It's begging when you start leaning on pity ("Guys, things have been really rough for me (again) so please give me money!") repeatedly. It's begging when you repeatedly talk about how, gosh, we haven't met the tips goals guys, only so much time for people to
  10. Back tracking can be fine. However, trying to navigate through the village because so many paths are cut off is a PITA, especially if it's been awhile since you've been back and can't remember how to get to certain areas, is frustrating.
  11. Finished RE8. (No spoilers). Really liked it. Story was weird but I enjoyed what I understood of it. I only played on Normal but still felt like I needed to be fairly conservative with my ammo. Characters were good as was the voice acting, great mocap too. Game looks fantastic on PC and ran well too even on my aging GPU. I'm not normally not into RE games but definitely glad I picked this one up. Biggest gripe was the village itself, specifically navigating it. Even after shortcuts are unlocked, sometimes to go from A to B you have to go to C, Z, X, and Q first.
  12. Full time streamers need to make money obviously. They all talk about donations/bits/subs at some point. There's nothing wrong with this. However, what Phil does is unarguably begging. I watch a lot of different streamers and absolutely none of them go on about money as much as he does (barring Wings probably.) They also don't talk about how they NEED those donations or else they can't afford the basic necessities. And they sure as hell don't do it over and over and over and over and over. "Hey guys, if you like what you're seeing, you can support me by subbing, tipping, or cheering!" -
  13. VertigoTeaparty


    Agreed. If he moves to YT (or any other platform) I feel like quite a few will not follow over. OFC all that really matters is that the whal.... Contributors move over. Will they? I'd think if they are willing to give him lots of money then they are big enough fans to follow him to just about any platform. Also, I can't imagine discovery is going to be great for him on other platform. He may be a bigger fish in a small pond which could help, but it'd be an overall smaller audience of potentials. Of course, he could alway stream to both. AFAIK, YouTube does not prohibit you from stre
  14. I was kinda interested in Returnal until I heard "rogue-lite." Hate the genre. Best one I played was Hades and even that one I dumped once I got to level 4 as it felt really half-assed to me and re-doing the earlier levels yet again was But yeah, rogue-like or even rogue-lite seems a very anti-DSP genre.
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