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  1. TBF he said that, even without the bugs, he thought the gameplay itself was bad. I disagree completely and he's honestly the first person I've heard complain about the combat/gameplay.
  2. Someone asked before, so I watched DSP's thoughts on Cyberpunk. My thoughts as I watch bc fuck it y'all want more boring shit to read and I'm on lunch break. Also, these are not direct quotes, just summaries of his points. "The gameplay elements aren't as good as the games they are lifted from." Partially agree. Melee in CP2077 was bleh. Gunplay was good but not as good as something that focuses on it like Borderlands. There's nothing like hacking or stealth in Borderlands, for example. This makes sense though as Borderlands is 90% shooting things. For games like Cyberpunk, it
  3. You should have been honest about this from the beginning instead of playing at being open to discussion. If you want to ban all info/hearsay/conspiracies/whatever from there due to your personal dislike of them, you're the mod, do what you want. But don't pretend you're open to hearing things out when it's obvious that you weren't. As I said before; their minds weren't going to be changed and you were going to dismiss out-of-hand absolutely anything from KF. I'm aware it's dead now and if you want to give me a warning for bringing it up, knock yourself out. My point is that, in the
  4. I like it. Not amazing but good. My investment and enjoyment of it are derived from how it relates to your bond with your and other characters along the way. Like, if I had only played the main story and ignored everything else, I'd probably care a lot less. Being vague to avoid spoilers. As to the other discussion, it's an amusing read. People who are convinced it's him aren't going to change their minds and frankly KGhaleon hates KF so much that he's going to dismiss anything that even remotely touched their forums out-of-hand. But hey, don't let me stop you. Gives me something t
  5. I've not heard his final thoughts but I doubt I would. I've heard some of his criticisms here and there and honestly they've been odd. For example, on one quest (the sad ex-cop in the apartment by his) he initially failed the quest due to not actually looking around the guy's room. IIRC he complained that the game didn't explain it well enough, but I think it's silly for the game to be expected to tell you every single tiny step you need to make for a quest. Funny enough, one of my complaints is that the game can be a little too generous with telling you want to do, taking out any mystery or f
  6. Finished Cyberpunk after about 75 hours on Very Hard. Did 2 of the endings, may go back and check the others. I'll almost certainly go back to do more side gigs, side quests, and just random stuff. I've went on at length about my thoughts on the game, but to summarize (no spoilers): Pro: + Gameplay (gunplay + stealth + hacking) is fun, esp hacking + Like the stories, characters, VA + Endings were more involved than I thought they'd be + Really like the attribute/talent/skill system + World looks great, pretty good variety of areas considering it's mostly in a cit
  7. Around 12:00 forward in that video is just.... good Lord. I know it's a meme but he really does want the game to tell him every single thing he needs to do. Did he just not look around the room at all the first time he did this mission? He's whining that the game isn't being more straightforward but what he really wants is for it to say "OK Phil, go look at his laptop. OK good, now click on that 2nd email. Don't actually read it or put it into context of what's going on, just click it. OK now go..." He wants Paint-By-Numbers. Yes sometimes it can take awhile to find what they want you to look
  8. Probably won't watch the video but the title isn't wrong. Hell, look at this tweet from January 2020: https://twitter.com/CDPROJEKTRED/status/1217861009446182912 Choice quote: "We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there's still work to be done.[...] we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing." This is 100% bullshit and probably the thing that pisses me off the most. There is no fucking way any sane person looked at this game 12 months ago and thought "Aside from some bugs and polish this game is done!" I also have a very hard
  9. I keep forgetting about the snipe-through-walls thing. I keep thinking there's no way I can shoot through some seemingly thick barrier but it still works. I love the combat options and the gameplay involved but the fights themselves are frequently too easy if you actually use your tools. I often intentionally don't use all/some hacks during a fight just because it would trivialize them, even on Very Hard. I think this is due to a combination of the AI often being dumb, the OP weapon powers + hacks, and the NPCs lacking a way to deal with said abilities. The only fights I have to be
  10. It's great but don't buy it for at least 3-4 months. It'll still have bugs but by that point I imagine most of the major stuff should be sorted. I'd also not buy it on a last gen console, ever. Sniper rifles can do insane headshot damage. I've gotten 30,000+ crits which obviously instakills basically anything. Of course, bosses tend to have a lot of armor/HP so I've not managed to 1-shot them yet, but it can put the hurt on them big time. Hacking is crazy OP, especially if you focus on it. Suicide, Cyberpsychosis, Gun Jam (forget the actual name) and Overheat(?) are nuts once yo
  11. It's a shame he decided that he's going to dislike it as it's a good game, bugs and lack of polish notwithstanding. CDPR absolutely should be raked over the coals for Cyberpunk's unfinished state on release but the gameplay, world, characters, and story are really good. I'm over 50 hours in and don't see myself getting bored with it anytime soon. Semi-related, but I find it funny how some places are slobbing Valhalla's knob while slamming Cyberpunk, despite Valhalla being buggy AF on release. Both are good games but seems that people are already forgetting how buggy Valhalla was.
  12. It's overall the best gaming platform right now. Loads of games that are only on PC, backwards compatibility with loads of old games, able to emulate many older consoles, faster patching, more potential for higher fidelity, mods, crazy good deals, free games, etc etc etc. It's funny that about 10 years ago people were parroting the "PC gaming is dead" meme. The only real drawback is cost. Initial cost for a mid-range gaming PC is probably around $700-ish, just off the top of my head. If you want a beast you're looking at $1000+.
  13. I think it's about time you evolved into PC gaming. Aside from the thousand other reasons why PC gaming is overall better, I've put 50+ hours in Cyberpunk and had it crash maybe 3-4 times, if that. That said, now is a bad time to get a PC unless you get pre-built. GPU scarcity and prices are shit right now. Give it a couple months.
  14. They definitely aren't worthless, especially hacking. Initially I wasn't interested in the hacking aspect but now that I've had a chance to mess with it and buy a new Cyberdeck (or whatever it's called) it's very damn useful. There's a $1,500 Cyberdeck sold by one of the ripper docs that's worth every penny. I strongly advise getting that when you can.
  15. Got some time in with Cyberpunk on PC, though mostly testing it for streaming. It ran well considering my old GPU (980 Ti) though the streaming software was not a huge fan. Disappointed with a few things. Character creator feels lacking. Already ran into several bugs/weird things, like my partner getting stuck and not helping in a firefight, one dead guy yelling threats at me. When I play for real I plan on playing on Very Hard but even on Hard it was taking 4-5+ headshots to kill the intro dudes... Still looking forward to digging into it for real tomorrow. The hacking seems cool.
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