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  1. VertigoTeaparty

    Ideas for the Marathon

    Donkey Kong Country is not a 2 hour game if it's your first time. HLTB has it as 4-6. That seems short to me but it's been 20 years since I played so my memory may be off. Great game though. Regarding eating during a marathon, I either order delivery or make food ahead of time. Make a few sandwiches the night before. They'll be perfect since they are easy to eat, quick, and don't require cooking. You don't want anything that'll make your hands dirty like pizza to avoid getting the controller nasty. Also, TURN OFF mic and cam while eating; no one wants to see or hear that. Have a small text window on-screen indicating that you won't be commentating while you eat.
  2. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Subnautica was one of my favorite games of 2018. I love it and actually started playing it again. Bit late now but it was free on the Epic store in December. There's a standalone expansion/DLC coming sometime this year.
  3. VertigoTeaparty

    Phil should play Mutant Year Zero!

    I'm 8 hours in to Mutant Year Zero and quite liking it. The combination of exploration and gathering with X-COM style turn based combat works well, especially with the stealth and ambush elements. Story and characters are fairly interesting and the environments and atmosphere are great. So far currency and upgrades feel scarce so you really need to consider your choices, as it should be considering the setting. Main complaint is that sometimes enemies can shoot you when they shouldn't (like through a solid object they are standing on) or you can't shoot enemies when you feel like you should be able to. Other than that it's a solid game, well worth the $35 already. FWIW, it's around 80% with both fans and critics on Steam and Metacritic.
  4. You say they "definitely" would, but how in the world are they going to find someone's info if you just say "A fan who wishes to remain anonymous has made a large donation which is going towards my taxes"? Getting personal information on someone because their Twitch or Twitter handle is known is one thing, but finding out who sent an anon donation via an unspecified, secure channel is a whole other affair. OK, they could hack you. Sure, that's possible. However, if they did that, lots of people would be exposed as they'd most likely be able to get access to your PayPal, Patreon, etc. Also, you could just delete the emails from whoever did the exchange. The only 100% guaranteed way to avoid getting Dox'd would be to not donate the money at all. I've read both the emails and honestly the worst part isn't your response where you state "I'd like to keep this 100% behind the scenes." While it is suspect, even within the context of both emails, the worst part is how you've tried to twist the situation. You act like any honest person who read both emails would OBVIOUSLY see it's totally out of context and painted anyone who viewed it otherwise as a troll or idiot. Context matters, but it absolutely would not be unusual or a stretch to read both of those emails and take away that you wanted to keep this a secret for your own benefit. As a matter of fact, in your response email you state you want to keep it private because it would make YOUR life hell. The author said he wanted to stay anonymous; your email indicated you wanted to keep the entire transaction secret. Do you see the significant difference here? Secondly, if you think that it's so obvious that it's taken out of context, why would you not post both of the unedited emails? Saying that the context would prove you innocent carries no weight if you won't follow it up with the full context. There's more but you get the gist. I get that often people will take things out of context and look for even the slightest thing to make you look bad. However, you need to check your tendency to take these situations and twist them to make yourself look good (or at least less bad, like the shill incident) and paint everyone who dares to disagree with what you say as a detractor and/or an idiot. What the person who wrote the email did was shitty but don't make the situation worse by not being fully honest.
  5. VertigoTeaparty

    Monster Hunter World news update!

    For context, Monster Hunter World is my first MH game and I'm only about 20 hours in. I will agree that just doing the first few missions doesn't really allow the game to shine. It took a bit for the flow to sink in for me, especially once I started fighting the tougher monsters. It also helps if you test out different weapons. My original weapon (forgot which) was boring and I figured most weapons were similar. However I tried out the Insect Glaive and that turned out to be fun as hell to use which made me enjoy the game much more. As someone who's a newbie to the series, I suggest doing some solo missions and mess around with all the different weapons to find one that fits your style. Once you do that, THEN do some co-op so it's not so much just following folks around and button mashing. The fighting can be fun (though chasing after monsters is really grating for me) and the aspect of unlocking armor then upgrading it creates a pretty addictive loop. I'd probably have more hours in it but my streaming audience wasn't that into it and some of my "off camera" games are already time eaters (coughcoughHeroesOfTheStormcoughcoughcough)
  6. VertigoTeaparty

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Good indie games you say? Subnautica is one of my Games of the Year. Underwater survival/crafting/base building game. Absolutely loved this but to be fair not sure if it's a DSP type of game since he tends to do better when given direction. This game drops you in, gives you some basic clues but other than that you're on your own. A Hat in Time is a great 3D platformer which reminds me a good bit of Mario 64. Has a 98% positive rating on Steam Mutant Year Zero is a story/stealth/XCOM game that just came out today. Haven't had a chance to play it but so far reviews are positive. West of Loathing is a comedy RPG. Haven't played it but it's supposed to be fantastic. CatQuest is a simple but fun action RPG. Very light-hearted and full of cat puns but it's a lot of fun despite being mechanically very simple. Hollow Knight is another game I've been meaning to play. Looks great, heard it's difficult but a lot of fun Not a Tetris guy myself (I know, blasphemy) but have heard good things about it and has PSVR support. Wish I'd have tried this at TwitchCon now :/ Path of Exile is a really good Diablo-like that's been around for quite awhile. Steamworld Dig 1 & 2 are both great games. Chill exploration games where you dig deeper into the earth, get power-ups, gather minerals and purchase upgrades. Both are worth playing but if you can only do one then pick the second one. Plenty more great indie games but that'll do for now.
  7. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    About 4 hours into Darksiders 3 on Apocalyptic difficulty. I don't get the bad/middling reviews as I'm really liking it so far. Love the design of Fury; her hair changing colors, her Wrath and Havoc (?) forms, animations are all great. Going back to earlier areas to explore previously inaccessible areas is fun and rewarding. The story is so-so and the dialog is often goofy, voice acting is mostly good though I keep thinking the Watcher is Kerrigan from Starcraft. Overall I enjoy the combat but Fury feels incredibly weak. I get that obviously on the hardest difficulty HP and damage will be skewed against you but when peon enemies 3 shot you but require 5-6 hits it's a bit much. I'm fine with being a glass canon but she feels more like a glass peashooter. I've heard that people playing on other difficulties feel the same regarding HP/damage. Also, dodge timing is REALLY tight. A dev confirmed that lower difficulties have more i-frames and higher difficulties have less. This would normally be fine but your dodge distance low and there's a pretty big delay before you can do it again. This means it's difficult to avoid attacks by creating enough distance, and multiple enemies will destroy you. The comparisons to Dark Souls are annoying. Yes, you drop your souls when you die. Yes you use souls as both XP and currency. Yes, it's difficult and you'll die often. The combat however is not at all like Dark Souls. It's more like Bloodborne but even that is a big stretch. If I were to compare it to anything it would be PS2/PS3 era God of War.
  8. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Got the "Explore for 76 Hours" challenge in Fallout 76 so figured I'd give some final thoughts. I will continue to play but it's a fitting point to throw out my thoughts on the PC version. TL;DR - I've very much enjoyed the game but there are big flaws both technical and design that greatly hamper the experience. If you like survival games, like the Fallout world and have a high tolerance for bugs you'll probably like Fallout 76. If you meet 2 out of 3 of that criteria, wait 3-6 months for fixes and ~$30 price range. If you want an RPG (this isn't an RPG, no matter what marketing tells you) or Fallout co-op, skip it. Good: Huge map, ridiculous amount of areas to explore. 80+ hours and loads of places I still haven't been to. The areas are actually interesting to investigate too, not just endless open areas with mobs slapped in Base building is fun. Loads of housing items to unlock Crafting/modding/repair/scrounging system gives reason to keep scrounging up materials while you're out either for raw materials or blueprints. Some items are hard to find but not overly so. Exception example would be springs and how many you need for Power Armor (30+ to repair one piece???) PvP is totally ignorable. Have had 0 issues with griefers or ganking Quests are usually fairly interesting, though haven't found any great ones yet. Some of the main quests I've been doing lately I've quite enjoyed. Have heard that there are some really good quest lines that I've not gotten to yet, like House of Mysteries. Uncovering the lore from audio logs, terminals, and notes has been interesting. Does feel like you're coming up after some BadShit(TM) has happened. Co-op is fun and (mostly) works well. Mob/chest loot isn't shared so no worries there. Being able to share perks is really cool. Nuke "events" are pretty cool. Love the visual look and hordes of tough enemies. Being able to see the nuke and aftermath from far away is awesome Tons of individual.... stories? I'm not sure what to call it, but when you happen upon an area and you can see some small nugget that says "A human being was here." It's common in Bethesda games, like the skeleton you find in the bathtub with an empty bottle of whiskey and a razor blade. Some are tragic, some are touching, some are funny. Music is excellent, best of any Bethesda game. Regardless of how you feel about the game, go look up the soundtrack. Gunplay is fun. Big variety of gun types. Loads of melee weapons too though I've not messed with those as much. Loads of different perks to try out. I like that many perks you normally wouldn't think are good turn out great, either for gameplay reasons or just convenience. For example, I maxed out Lead Belly to avoid taking Radiation damage when eating/drinking. This means I spend less time worry about radiation which, in turn, means less space I need to spend on curing it. It also synergizes very well with Cannibalize Some really cool new enemies. My favorites are the mole men and the hermit crab. Also great to see the South's mascot animal in mutated form; the 3 headed opossum Bad: Initially didn't have too many bugs but they've really started to pile up. Couldn't get out of power armor for like an hour, often cannot respawn if I die encumbered, some perks still don't work at all, lost my CAMP and couldn't place it back down, sometimes when I try to zoom it zooms onto the actual scope model, stuck in zoom while reloading, randomly unsharing perks, being invis while going into pip-boy causes cursor hitbox to be off, etc. Performance is normally fine but in some areas it tanks hard. AI needs some serious work. Enemies will sometimes get stuck or randomly flee for seemingly no reason. I do like that different enemy types will often battle between themselves. Inventory management is far too much of a time consuming chore due to multiple aspects that compound the problem: Stash space too small Many items are too heavy (lockpicks are 0.1, seriously?) UI is awful, making it difficult to quickly identify what's weighing you down Vendor cap limit is incredibly low (200) and slow to refresh, making it so you can't sell items for long before they run out of money There are so many items it can be difficult to keep track of what you should keep, and how much of it you need No NPCs. This doesn't bother me much but knowing that there are absolutely no human NPCs ruins many quests (Go find that person? GEE I WONDER IF THEY ARE DEAD) and feels very artificial. I get the Scorched plague thing but if this many people could have survived a nuclear blast without being in a shelter, I find it impossible to believe absolutely no human could be around despite this "plague." No permanency. There is no server community. Your stuff doesn't stay when you log out. Workshop ownership drops when you log out. There is no feeling of impact on the world. Lack of social structure. No guilds, no groups larger than 4. No text chat. No ability to talk in both Team and Area. No player made faction bases. CAMP budget is too small. What's the point of giving me all these neat things to build when I'm so limited with how much I can place? Needs Improvement: Being able to swap perk cards on the fly, while nonsensical, works great for being able to try different things. However it could use tweaks: Need a way to trade and/or convert cards. It's incredibly frustrating to open a card pack and get a duplicate card, especially when either that card is already maxed or, worse, it's of a card with only 1 level Not being able to use lower levels of leveled up cards. If I level a card to 5, I should be able to lower it temporarily so that I can either slot it while taking less space or share it High Charisma should be able to share multiple perks at the same time. As is, CHA higher than 9 is mostly worthless Add ability to save card loadouts so we can swap with 1 button press. Make this not work during combat if need be. UX needs an overhaul IMO. For example, there are over 50 different types of food. When my character needs to eat, I don't necessarily care what I eat; I just want food. Food is listed under the "Aid" tab, along with water, drugs, healing, bobbleheads, magazines, raw herbs/veggies/meat, and spoiled food. Digging through there every time to find food gets tedious. Either give the ability to sort by type (food, water, etc) or give me a system where I press a button and I eat some random food. Do the same for water and grenades. Different quest types should use different indicators, based on the tabs they are in (Main, Side, daily, event) Atom prices for items is ridiculous IMO. I understand that it'll be updated and you want money for maintenance, free DLC, etc but things are currently way out of line. 80 hours in and I think I've gotten about 2,000 atoms? A monocle costs 300, a duster is like 600ish, 600 for a pip boy paint job, a full (albeit nice) apparel outfit is 1,300. Sound balance needs a bit of tweaking. For example, sometimes the impact sound of shooting an enemy is overly loud. Audio logs need to all be louder or be swapped to the radio slider in audio settings.
  9. VertigoTeaparty

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    I hadn't bothered responding to you before because, ironically, you completely ignored the points I made and questions I asked regarding how some of your points were inflated or strange (how the combat "sucks" even though it's pretty much Fallout 4 w/VATS changed) or false (servers being trash.) You're only response was essentially "Trust me, I've done tons of research." So that is why I hadn't bothered countering your points; I figured you'd just ignore them again. Yikes. The old "You only love it due to hype" line. I'm a huge Fallout fan and have been since the original game. However, I was very skeptical (to put it mildly) of Fallout 76. I was even considering waiting until after release to buy it but a friend convinced me to get it to try beta. Once I got to play it myself and do the co-op I really enjoyed it despite it's glaring flaws. I knew someone would go the "Fanboy!" route as is common anytime someone defends something that is being slammed by the masses. I'm afraid to say that I'm a poor fanboy as I've repeatedly told people to NOT buy the game for various reason (in this very thread) and that the game does have a good number of significant problems (in this very thread.) Sorry Todd. I was going to agree with you that I won't be playing this game in December but then I realized it's about a week away (fuck, probably should start Xmas shopping) so instead will disagree as I probably will still be playing. Will I be playing in January? Maybe, but probably not. By then I'll almost certainly have gotten 60+ hours out of it, far more then I get out of most $60 games, so I don't anticipate any buyer's remorse. HAHAHA, oh God please stop One other thing you keep dragging up is how bugs/flaws/etc are ignored because "Oooo big map!" and "ooo random thing!" I've not once done that. A big map means fuck-all if there's nothing interesting to see. I've been impressed with the size of this game specifically because it's both large and filled with interesting locations, full of cool set pieces and clues about what happened there. You love using the word "random" but that implies there's no rhyme or reason for the places you find or that these areas are thrown around without any thought to them and that just is not true. I've found that the only people who've said there is no story in the game or that the game is "empty" are those who don't listen to audio logs or read the terminals... or haven't actually played the game. I do think it's important that people are informed about a game before they buy and KG and myself have talked a lot about the positives, so I think it only fair I hit on some of the many flaws Fallout 76 has. These are some of the issues I've identified as someone who has done a lot of research by playing the game for 30+ hours: Stash limit is far too low. They confirmed that they are increasing it but no word as to when or by how much. This is compounded by the Shit UI, especially on PC. This causes a few headaches but most particular with Inventory management. There is a ridiculous number of items and item categories. Even with current tabs and filters, there needs to be more of them. For example, Aid should have, at MINIMUM, sub-tabs for Food, Water, Drugs, Raw resources (uncooked meat, berries, etc) with filter options for hunger/thirst, heal amount, etc. Also, for the love of CHRIST, let me sort every tab by TOTAL weight. Been asking for this since fucking Oblivion. Bugs. Luckily I've not gotten hit by a ton of them but there are plenty that need to be fixed. The worst ones that I've experienced are; CAMP getting deleted, zoom bugginess, shared perks unsharing seemingly at random. I've also gotten 2 quest bugs, 1 I couldn't complete at all which is now fixed I believe and another that I didn't initially get credit for but did when I re-joined the server. I do know that there are other quests that are having issues and were NOT fixed with this Monday's patch. No social structures beyond the 4 person team. I mean this both in terms of as communication system (think, guild chat, etc.,) and a physical meeting and sharing point, like a guild base or camp. Both of these undermine the strong "Play with your friends! Be social!" angles I feel this game was pushed on. No NPCs. This doesn't bother me much as I like the idea of having just come out of the vault and most of humanity has been wiped out and we have to rebuild. The problem I do have is that they undermine this theme by having a good number of people who survived the blast re-building already... but then all of THOSE people are dead for various reasons with one being the Scorched thing. It's like... pick one? Also, while having few human NPCs is fine, having ABSOLUTELY NONE doesn't make sense. It also ruins any kind of "Go find this person" quest as you already know they are dead. Anyway, while I'm not bothered by lack of NPCs, it's a HUGE sticking point for a lot of people and I understand why. Need a larger CAMP size limit. There's PLENTY more but those are what I'd consider the major issues. These are legitimate issues that absolutely need to be addressed. However, myself, my friends and others are enjoying the game despite that because for us, the vast majority of the time we're not having problems; we're having fun. If you enjoy survival games, enjoy a focus on exploration/leveling/looting, like the Fallout world AND think you can enjoy the game despite some glaring flaws, I'd say get Fallout 76. If you want to mostly play solo, do not care for crafting/building, want a story/quest driven experience, and/or have a low bug tolerance, I'd say to NOT get Fallout 76 or, at best, wait for a deep discount.
  10. VertigoTeaparty

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    While it's true it doesn't NEED to exist, the Fallout setting is a very good one for a Survival game. Environmental hazards everywhere, endless ideas for irradiated and mutated enemies, scrounging for edible food and water, rebuilding the world, fighting vs others for resources, etc. Now this game misses the mark on several of these but making a Fallout survival game makes a lot of sense. Sure but who's really saying that? I've no doubt that there are fanboys out there who are saying that Fallout 76 is, in it's current state, amazing. While I love the game, I definitely wouldn't call it amazing. It's not going on my GOTY list alongside games like Subnautica, Yakuza 0 (PC, ) God of War, Spider-Man, Kingdom Come, etc. However, there's a lot of room between "Amazing" and "Shit," and for me FO76 lands on "Good but deeply flawed." See, that's where I feel people are being unreasonable. Bethesda is trying something new with the Fallout franchise. They are NOT (at least according to them) doing this as a replacement for the standard Fallout series. I see this as Bethesda's version of Metal Gear Solid: Revengence; A game in the same game world with significantly different play style that doesn't effect the main series. People seem to be mad not because of what 76 is, but what it isn't. I get that and would be on board if I thought this was the direction that they wanted to take the Fallout IP but I don't think that's what they are doing. I mean... OK? Is someone in this thread or elsewhere telling you to buy it even if you aren't into this kind of game? I've repeatedly told folks that if they do not like Survival games that they probably should not get FO76. There's a big difference between "I don't like this game because I don't like the genre" and "I don't like this genre so this game is shit." If they made a Fallout rogue-like, I'd probably hate it because I hate rogue-likes. That doesn't mean I'd say the game was garbage. I don't think anyone here is trying to convince you to try it as you obviously will hate it. What people are saying is that just because it's not what you're looking for, that doesn't make it bad. I find this whole Fallout 76 situation to be very interesting. The backlash has been entertaining but the design of the game itself raises a lot of questions. I'd LOVE to be privy to the discussions regarding the design and technical challenges. Given what I've seen, I'm very inclined to believe that the Fallout 76 we have now is quite a bit different than what they originally envisioned. This is entirely conjecture, but I think they wanted the world to more "set;" persistent servers with permanent player made buildings and towns, player stocked vendors, 100+ people per server, resource rich camps for players to fight over, etc. Due to some combination of tech, time, and money things got scaled way back and a lot of bandaids were thrown around. Anyway, there's just a lot of interesting conversation to be had about the various elements of it's release, reception, and design.
  11. VertigoTeaparty

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    As someone who's put in a ludicrous number of hours into them, Fallout 76 is really not something I'd classify as an MMO. There are no dungeons or raids. PvP is barebones. No social organizational structures like guilds, auction houses, or even local/global text chat. As far as I can, there isn't any real endgame. Only 24 people on a server. No ability to pick a server with a community. I've describe Fallout 76 as a Survival-lite set in the Fallout universe. You need to eat and drink as well as deal with radiation and diseases. The focus is on exploration, leveling, and crafting (building a base, creating and upgrading weapons and armor, finding blueprints, etc.) There is far more story than in a typical Survival game if you care to look for or pay attention to it, but it's not what I'd consider a strong point. I'm probably ~35-40 hours in, level 40, and still impressed with how huge the world is. It's one of those games where you start off thinking "Today I'm going to go to this area of the map for a quest, it should only take about 15 minutes." 2 hours later you still haven't arrived because you keep finding new quests to do and areas to explore, clear out, and loot. Saw a few nukes launched over the weekend. Must say that visually they are really impressive. I've not gotten to witness a nuke as it explodes, but the cloud it leaves behind is HUGE and visible from very far away. If you go into the nuke zone (marked red on the map) you'd better have incredibly high radiation resistance; I'd say probably a minimum of 500 (I had 1,000 and still was taking rad damage constantly though it was very slight.) Once inside the nuke zone, everything has a really cool orange-y tone and a lot of nasty creatures spawn. I saw stuff like a level 60 3 Star boss Super Mutants. I love that when a nuke drops, it actually brings everyone on that server together into the point of impact; the exact opposite of what you'd expect IRL. I still don't get the hate that it's getting. If you go into this thinking it's Fallout 5 or Fallout 4 w/friends then yes, your'e going to be disappointed. However, if you go in knowing what to expect (Fallout themed survival-lite game) you'll most likely enjoy it, especially if you have friends to play with. The game absolutely has issues both technical and design, but it's not a bad or lazily developed game.
  12. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Keep in mind that if someone attacks you, they'll do very little damage until you attack back, then you both do full damage. So I'd either ignore them or wait until they waste a ton of ammo/weapon durability then smoke 'em. Also be careful about attacking random buildings. Friend of mine last night accidentally broke someone's door and got flagged as Outlaw for like 30 minutes until someone finally killed him and cleared it. Dude wasn't even rude about it; killed him but didn't take any of the junk he dropped. When I first started playing, I was trying to get a feel for how big the world was by seeing where I was on the map, walking for awhile, then checking again. Initially it really didn't seem that big. However, when progressing to a location while playing normally where you're going to an area, clearing it of enemies, searching, listening to holotapes, reading terminals, etc., then moving on, it can feel huge. Last night I was following a quest for about an hour and a half and I felt like I'd done a lot. Checked the map and I'd barely moved. I was surprised with how little of issues we had last night. We had some odd voice choppiness in Team chat for about 5 minutes. I had 1 crash to desktop but that was because my friend was in the process of trying to join my server and I didn't realize it, and I tried to join his at the same time. We also did have 1 server crash around 11:30 PM Eastern but were able to get right back on with no rollback. One thing that kinda sucks when playing with friends in an RPG like this is you're going to miss a lot of the story. Audio logs are long, which is nice, but often other people will talk over it and you don't want to be telling people to shut up for minutes at a time. Also you don't really want to make them wait while you read a bunch of journals and what-not. At least with the audio logs you can listen to them later. Overall we're still having a lot of fun. We explored a bit of the Ash Heap area to the south which is a pretty cool looking area. Having even 1 extra person drastically increases your chances of survival. Just me (~15) and 1 other (~25) were able to take out a level 40 enemy without TOO much trouble. Shame it dropped a level 50 item. :(
  13. VertigoTeaparty

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    The combat is very similar to Fallout 4, barring VATS change. Obviously VATS cannot work like it does in the single player game, so that had to change. I played FO4 the other night as a refresher and there isn't much different. Of course, if you thought FO4 combat was terrible then yes, you'll think FO76 combat is terrible too. In what sense? The main thing missing is NPCs and factions. Given the timeframe and theme they are going for, I actually agree with having far less people. However, I do think the fact that there are NO NPCs whatsoever was overboard. There should be groups of (NPC) people but they should be rare. As KG mentioned, the areas are fairly compact with regards to stuff to do. I'll spend 1-2 hours progressing in a direction, feel like I covered a lot, then check my map to realized I have barely moved, relatively speaking. During all of beta and all of last night, the only issue we had was when voice chat got choppy for all of us for like 5 minutes. Other than that it ran surprisingly well. I heard KG mention problems with PS4 right as it launched but... meh? This happens with almost every big multiplayer release and it sounds like it was fixed fairly quickly, so unless there are ongoing major issues I'm unaware of it's hyperbolic to say they are shit. We've yet to run into any real jerks yet, but that admittedly could be because we run in a group. I've not tried the PvP but I've heard from folks who have been attacked by others say the damage they took was minuscule to the point they could ignore it for a long time, pop a heal, then go back to ignoring it. There will be griefers who figure out ways to screw with people, but so far it's been a total non-issue. Even if you do get killed, I believe the only thing you drop is your Junk anyway. I'm all for valid criticism but frankly your points sound like things you've heard other people rant about. I'm 100% onboard with discussing the very real issues that this game has (lack of stash space, inability to place junk items as decoration in my house, low resource space for your base, bad AI, lack of permanent group structures, etc.,) but hearing some of the tired crap that just keeps getting regurgitated that's either overblown or false is boring. I have to say I'm really confused by the hate this game is getting. It isn't just "I don't want to play that as it's not my style;" it's "THAT GAME IS SHIT I HOPE IT FAILS FUCK YOU BETHESDA!!" I know how the gaming community can be but where is this coming from? Are people afraid that, if successful, Bethesda won't do single player, FO3/NV/FO4 style Fallouts anymore?
  14. VertigoTeaparty

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    From what I'm hearing this is one of those games where there is story but you have to look for it, they don't just hand it to you. Doesn't really effect me either way as I'll mostly be playing with friends and it can be a pain to read and listen to all the story bits while people are chatting and running off. I'm mostly playing for the building, exploration, and blowing-things-up-with-friends experience. It's live on PC right now, a day early. Nice we get to play early, sucks I'm stuck at work. =/
  15. VertigoTeaparty

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    I get wanting to see someone you enjoy check out a game you're interested in, but at this point would you really want to see him play it? He's already decided that he hates it so if he were to play it now he would just take every single opportunity to shit on it while calling everyone who isn't trashing it paid shills. Do you really want to base your decision of the game on that? Regardless, Day 1 there will be tons of others streaming so getting an idea of what to expect should be very easy. As someone who has put about 8 hours into beta, the thing I tell folks is that if you enjoy Survival games and want to play one with a Fallout setting, you'll probably enjoy this, especially if you have friends to play it with. If you mostly want to solo, have little to no interest in crafting or base building, and want an experience that's more about doing quests, meeting NPCs, dealing with factions, etc., then you will NOT like Fallout 76. Pros: + Crafting and base building is fun + Going out to get guns/armor/etc to break down for resources and blueprints is enjoyable + Raiding various NPC outposts + Area quests bring folks together + Lots of interesting areas to explore + With fast travel, grouping with friends is incredibly easy + Unwanted PvP SEEMS to not be a big issue + Perk/card system can be changed at a whim, very interesting setup Cons: - AI needs work, NPCs too often won't attack or aren't aggressive enough - Framerate issues in some town areas - Lack of permanent guild function sucks if you have more than 4 people you want to play with - Lack of permanent structures is a huge drawback as you can't work on a big base for your group - Perk cards being random and not tradeable blows if you get bad RNG - Having absolutely no human NPCs is dumb