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  1. Stop being dense. Those situations illustrate that the argument of "You need to be successful in _____ to give your input on ______!" is flawed. I don't need to be a writer to conclude that Shades of Gray is a poorly written book. I don't need to play professional football to conclude that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, etc. I don't need a youtube channel with millions of subs to tell someone how to work more efficiently. If you believe that, then does it make much sense that Phil is asking for input from said viewers/fans? Those same people were the ones who told him to go back to Twitch when he said it wouldn't do anything. And look where we are now?
  2. The same way sports analysts give tips and advice to professional level athletes. The same way movie critiques give their thoughts to Hollywood directors. The same way players give feedback to game designers. You get the picture?
  3. So this means that Phil lied about Dragonslayer coming to him with the video because it had low views on his channel? That's not fair to Dragonslayer at all. Not cool dude.
  4. You're right, Phil. No one cares about a bad gamer I can name hundreds of them on youtube. But I can't name many who have played those games in the manner you did. It's one thing to be a bad gamer. it's another to blame the game and shit on the devs. THAT'S a whole different thing.
  5. Right, because everyone who dislikes Phil's video is a hater or a psychopath or is mentally ill, right? I understand defending your stance, but throwing out these words as a means of reinforcing how you feel about the people who don't agree with him is so old. Yes, I'm sure that there are people who will dislike Phil's videos because they don't like him, however, don't make the assumption that everyone who did is a hater. I disliked the video. Many people did. Why? For me, I didn't think it was funny or up to snuff with the TIHYDPs that I've seen in the past. And based on a lot of the comments, a lot of people feel the same way. That's a perfectly rational stance on the video. To claim otherwise means you're purposely being obtuse.
  6. People are under the assumption that everyone who thumbs downed that video were haters. But what about the people who... genuinely didn't like it or didn't think it was good compared to the AMAZING TIHYDPs out there? Like was mentioned, this "official" TIHYDP was pretty weak. The successful ones have a really effective approach and structure in showing Phil's massive failures in the most subtle of ways. A prime example of this is the iconic zooming in of the screen to a blatant indicator that Phil is disregarding and complaining about. Just showing the deaths with no build up is boring, which is why I despised that death montage. Also, you said that this is meant to be in the style of a roast, right? Not sure which roasts you've seen, but there are a lot of roasts that pack venom. Look at the celebirity ones. They bring up some very personal stuff into the matter. That's where the entertainment value comes from. One of the top voted comments is "Too safe. Not funny." And to so degree, that's true. it's very tame and very safe.
  7. It's not a matter of emotional. If a game or developer is properly on the receiving end of criticism, there is nothing wrong with it. However, if the shortcomings are on the player themselves because they are incompetently doing something, lacking apparent common sense in a situation, or they're just a really bad player, CONSTANTLY shifting blame makes you seem like a massive man child. THAT'S where the success of TIHYDP came from.
  8. Yes, because when listing desirable qualities in a youtube personality, blaming the game and it's developers is at the top of the list. Jesus H Christ.
  9. Parodies are fair use. I said this in the other topic but CinemaSins and HonestTrailers make hundreds of videos that consist SOLELY of ripped footages from films and TV shows and make parodies/critiques of them with MILLIONS of views. And they are very clearly making a profit. So how exactly do the TIHYDPs not count?
  10. For the most part, any creative work you create is your intellectual property which does come with copyright protection. But him saying that he owns the right to every TIHYDP video is inaccurate. They are satires which are considered fair use. Unless we're not on the same page, I'd love for him to clarify. Secondly, you most certainly can create a montage of of existing work like Walking Dead as long as it's satirical hence me bring up CinemaSins.
  11. If you think that the TIHYDP videos are only about the fails, you're missing one of the most important reasons why they are popular. What is that, you may ask? Phil has gone on record to say that he represents the common gamer. If that's the case, when you look deeper at the TIHYDP: MGS series, it represents the common gamer's inability to adapt to older games because of how mainstream games hold the hands of players. It's why people love to watch those Teens React to Retro Gaming. They may or may not appreciate the retro games because the games they're used to don't pose nearly the same challenge as the ones they are playing. The MGS series is not forgiving. So what happens when someone who missed that generation of games tackles them? It could be a sense of appreciation. Or it could be a meltdown i.e comparison to easier games, faulting the game, insulting devs, etc. THAT is why they are so fascinating. A lot of the good TIHYDPs don't just show the deaths. They show other things such as trying to juggernaut through areas that ASK you to approach it a specific way, ignoring the subtle hints and clues given by the game itself, and much more. I can counter that by bringing up Honest Trailers/Cinema Sins, a channel that has HUNDREDS of videos using copyright material of movies and TV shows with MILLIONS of views. In fact, there are literally Honest Trailers videos of The Walking Dead by SEASONS with millions of views. None of them are ever taken down because fair use states that under certain circumstances, the use of copyright material is permitted by law i.e parodies and critiques. Are those not what TIHYDP is? Unless you really think that Andy Signore has gone on and asked Lucasfilms, Marvel, Warner Bros., and more for permission to use their copyrighted material and make millions of dollars off of them?
  12. Correct. Not only have previous channels bounced BACK from situations just as bad as the copyright strikes BUT let's not forget that DSP was complaining about views BEFORE the incident even happened. Secondly, there are several streamers that I am subbed to who don't do what DSP assumes every Twitch streamer does. Lastly, the main thing that I saw in the comments of his recent video is that he is a bit hypocritical in the sense that he said that likes/dislikes don't matter to him, so then why does he ask that we like his videos? Why does he disable likes/dislikes on videos if they are irrelevant, as we saw the first few moments the video went live and NOW them being disabled? Why does he assume that the only reason he gets dislikes is because of his haters and/or bots when... the function of the like/dislike is to show if a viewer enjoyed or didn't enjoy that particular video? Asking that we LIKE his videos is just as bad as someone disliking all of his videos. Not only that, it's incredibly pathetic to ask viewers to do that JUST to counteract the massive dislike brigade. There IS a correlation between dislikes and the content of his videos. Example? The very last part of his Persona 3 gameplay video where he ragequit. Correlation? He raged and quit a Patreon voted game so there were massive dislikes. So no, not every video of DSP is haters downvoting it for no reason. I don't know. For someone who says they've been extremely positive this year, I wonder how true that statement is when you see offenses that contradict the idea. Just because you aren't making response videos to trolls doesn't mean you aren't being negative.
  13. I'm not going to say that he should stop streaming but he definitely has the wrong idea of what the most successful streamers do. No, you don't need to STOP what you're doing to acknowledge a sub or a donation. I will say that the stream is very drab in comparison to other streams in terms of overall immersion but that is a combination of both Youtube's streaming services and the lackluster chat client he uses. If streaming truly gains no merits for him and is a fan service thing, he should reduce the amount of streaming he does. Didn't he say that he would reduce the amount of streaming he did last year anyway? In the other topic, he said that the ad revenue on Twitch was horrible. I wonder what it's like on Youtube streaming. If Twitch was that bad in terms of making a profit, how is Youtube streaming any better in terms of profiting from streaming?
  14. Alright, if you want to assume that every successful Twitch stream is like that, that's your prerogative.Then this goes back to what I said; its incredibly hard to find a reward for $1 that would get newcomers to pledge. People keep saying, "Well, why should you reward $1?" Patreon is not a donation. I'm pledging money in compensation for something. A text and/or verbal shoutout? Forum access? Those aren't enticing. But now that I look at it, a lot of the levels are only things that his HARDCORE fans would want. And that's fine but not if you're trying to bring in new people. And that's the thing. Imagine I'm a newcomer who just heard about your patreon page. What's going to compel me to pledge? The community? Sure, say I want to join in with other fans of DSP. But then you realize...It's hard to want to integrate yourself when, like I've said countless times, the stream and website are bare bones. A place to talk is great but this is just an overglorified forum. For all intents and purposes, it's the EXACT SAME as it was when it went up 2 and a half years ago. So an exclusive forum title and section to post on the same site is not too enthralling. You'll have to tackle either investing time in making a better streaming experience for the viewers, revitalizing KOGaming, beefing up the lower dollar amount Patreon levels, and spicing up the website.Granted, the Discord idea could work but who knows.
  15. Long post coming up but it's nice to see discussion. Fortunately, you don't have to be an expert coder. Look at Destiny.gg's chat and website. Integrates Twitch chat for everyone WHILE separating subs/donors/patrons through exclusive chat icons, badges, colors, flair, etc.In other words, you can view his stream on Twitch or on his website's server. Fun for everyone while bigger fans can immerse themselves in the chat with their own perks. Creating emotes is straightforward and fans are allowed to submit too(submitted in a few for certain channels)..And since you use IRC, implementing them isn't that hard either since they have add ons that create shortcuts(Look into Chatty). I remember when you left Twitch, you tried to use the Twitch chat, which was smart. People love Twitch chat. The appeal for live chats is the fun that comes with interactions. And the reason for Twitch's success of that ARE the emotes, memes, and other touches. I've seen this brought up a lot for good reason but have you reconsidered Twitch? No, seriously. Gamers, whether they stream or watch, are on Twitch more than they are on Youtube. From when you last used it, it's only kept exploding. I did some research for a company that does analytic work of the fastest growing platforms and what you commonly see are that the companies at the top are now combining different features i.e Amazon and Twitch Prime. Subscribers have a greater incentive to subscribe. I can now support the streamer monthly, get access to cool icons, AND I get discounts on games and free in game content for featured games? Yes, please! Viewers AND streamers win. And ALL Amazon Prime users can subscribe to Twitch now at no additional cost. Think about the amount of viewers you have and how many of them have Amazon Prime. Let's face it. Youtube streaming is weak. Youtube Gaming, Youtube Red, and Youtube Live tried to do too much to an already well established circuit. it's even weaker because of how great Twitch is for streamers and how fast it's growing. DSP already gets what I'd call a decent level of viewers on Youtube. He's well known so it's not as if he'd be struggling for viewers. Add the fact that the natural growth of views that come from streaming AAA games and(one that is highly underrated) but streaming niche games like the ones his Patrons vote for, builds itself. Youtube streaming is for a dedicated fanbase. Twitch streaming is for GROWING that fanbase. What would there be to lose? You already stream regularly. And you left on your own accord, not banned. So you got into a back and forth with a staff member about the quality you were streaming at. I promise you your fans wouldn't care if you streamed with potato quality. A lot of us come from the days you pointed a camera at your TV. and stayed since. As long as you were streaming and having fun, like a lot of these successful Twitch streamers, they'd be fine. Oh and that Minecraft idea probably wouldn't work out too well. Most of the people who implement specific game related Patreon exclusivity have that game INGRAINED in what they do. DSP plays a lot of different games so even if I were a fan of Minecraft, what would be the appeal of a Minecraft Patreon server if he didn't frequent the game?