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  1. Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I have a greater sense of appreciation for the older playthroughs simply because his commentary during those times were much more enthralling. IMO, the switch to Twitch has affected his approach and style during playing modern day games and if you watch an older playthrough, you can clearly see it. Nonetheless, it is what it is and I can always revisit some of the older videos to satiate what I can't find in today's videos.
  2. He did say that. And no offense, if he believes THAT is the reason for his low stream attendance, then I can only shake my head. Other streamers and youtubers I follow are seeing the regular abundance of viewers that they normally get for a AAA release. Even with the knowledge of Shadow of War's loot box system, regulars and new attendees are watching. I highly doubt the reason for his low views stems from that. Instead of trying to draw a parallel with the game's controversy and views, let's just address the obvious elephant in the room.
  3. It wasn't to show the world. It was to show DSP. And considering that he responded to it, it worked.
  4. This was hilarious. And DSP and others tried to flip it as if the "troll" had failed or something. One, his sign appeared on TV. Two, DSP not only saw it, but acknowledged it. And three, it's funny as hell. DSP said on twitter that the sign was impossible to read but reposted the image clear as day on Twitter for everyone to see... And I doubt the intent was for people to know who DSP was. DSP is clearly a fan of WWE and so are his fans. So obviously, this was specifically meant for him to see and react. If that was the case, Mission Complete. As for the Cuphead thing, its a little different. Unfortunate for him but DSP's name has become synonymous with the stereotypical "gamer" who sucks and blames the game, which stems from very... accurate depictions from previous playthroughs. That's just the matter of fact truth. He even said that he's just an average gamer. So out of all the names from the massive youtube pool that one could choose in reference for someone bad beating a hard game, of course his name is at the forefront. Is that an insult to him? Depends on how he takes it. My thing is why did he let this bother him. DSP being portrayed as a laughing stock has been going on for years, so why did this specific tweet set him off? It's just trolling at the end of the day. Funny trolling.
  5. You're one of the most daft users on this forum. If Phil says to ignore it yet you insist on making topics discussing it, are you really trying to help Phil? This has been discussed ad nauseam and, not surprisingly, has led no where. This is out of the control of you and Phil.
  6. You're pretty much asking a viewer to either make a twitter/website account JUST to drop a comment about a video they've watch, which doesn't even make sense. Say I watched Dark Souls 3 part 61 and wanted to comment on that particular section. I'd have to come to this website, make an account, and drop it...where? That's incredibly pointless and requires a ton of work versus leaving a comment in the comment section of the video... If the disconnect from youtube wasn't prevalent before, it sure is now.
  7. If you love something, you should pursue it. HOWEVER, let's be realistic here. If what it is you love is not feasible to you or your well being, it's time for other options.
  8. You accuse him of being a sock account just because he posted a very realistic observation? I'm sure you already know that Phil is very limited on time with his busy schedule and all so he doesn't have the time to sit there and flag hundreds of youtube videos. Secondly, Phil's content appearing before the parody videos isn't anything new. It's been like this for years now. So...yeah. I know it's a very slow Wednesday night for you on these kingofhate forums LastRambo341, but let's be realistic here and not give bad ideas.
  9. If you can't see the entertainment value that comes from watching someone fail miserably at something, then I honestly don't know what to say. Many people watched Tim Tebow play professional football because they found it entertaining to see how bad he was. That in and of itself was hilarious for many. It's a similar issue with Phil. Phil has said many times he's bad at games. We see on this on many different occasions. People watch to see him fail and are entertained from that. It's literally that simple. How is it a waste of time if they are getting hours of entertainment out of it?
  10. Stupid idea. The fact that it's something you're even debating over makes me reconsider if this is something the "dozens of long time fans" wanted or you wanted. If you make a video, the comments/ratings are the viewers opportunity to give their thoughts on said content. Not allowing that is a form of confirmation bias since the only established and uncontested idea is that of the content creator. If you don't read youtube comments, it doesn't matter. If these fans don't use the comments section then it also doesn't matter. So leave it for those who do use it. Yes, some will be trolls. Some won't be. Case in point, look at this Week in Preview and tell me that a majority of the comments are trolls(spoilers: They're not).
  11. The general consensus on this will undoubtedly be, "No" and for several good reasons. First and most important, it's a huge inconvenience. The only reason why this was a thing in the past was because of the length restriction on videos. It's incredibly archaic. Not exactly sure how this will drive up views and engagement since people will be more prone to skip more videos entirely this way. Example. His Yakuza 0 playthrough. Most of them hover around 20-25 with some going past that. If he shortens his videos, that's DOUBLE the amount of videos and notifications. That means what ended as a 115 part playthrough will potentially double that, and then some. For ONE playthrough. And he plays several games at a time? No thank you.
  12. Stop being dense. Those situations illustrate that the argument of "You need to be successful in _____ to give your input on ______!" is flawed. I don't need to be a writer to conclude that Shades of Gray is a poorly written book. I don't need to play professional football to conclude that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, etc. I don't need a youtube channel with millions of subs to tell someone how to work more efficiently. If you believe that, then does it make much sense that Phil is asking for input from said viewers/fans? Those same people were the ones who told him to go back to Twitch when he said it wouldn't do anything. And look where we are now?
  13. The same way sports analysts give tips and advice to professional level athletes. The same way movie critiques give their thoughts to Hollywood directors. The same way players give feedback to game designers. You get the picture?
  14. So this means that Phil lied about Dragonslayer coming to him with the video because it had low views on his channel? That's not fair to Dragonslayer at all. Not cool dude.
  15. You're right, Phil. No one cares about a bad gamer I can name hundreds of them on youtube. But I can't name many who have played those games in the manner you did. It's one thing to be a bad gamer. it's another to blame the game and shit on the devs. THAT'S a whole different thing.
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