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  1. Unravel Two Detroit Become Human Yakuza 6 Octopath Tomb Raider Hitman 2 Mega Man 11 Far Cry 5
  2. South Park Snipperclips Pyre Hellblade Uncharted The Evil Within 2 Tekken 7 Xenoblade
  3. Well at least as far I know he has none in seattle, he knows people and talks to his neighbors but they wouldn't be actual friends
  4. Hey Phil So I wanted to know if you had any rememberable Christmas experiences in your past, like a funny story or something along those lines. Thanks
  5. Sorry, it's an interesting idea and no offense to Phil but what would be so interesting in his life as the one person said above he wakes up, takes a shit, probably answers emails and eats, prepares for the stream, streams, so on and so forth it wouldn't make an interesting stream but I agree that he may need to add a few new perks
  6. I love the cast but i'm still like but why (other than for money) the original was all animated no human characters it makes no sense
  7. Well if u want some recent stuff almost anything from DC rebirth has been awesome and would totally recommend it
  8. Hey Phil I wanted to know if you would be willing to open up a discord, either it being open or pateron exclusive. Cause i can see it as an extra place to chat other than the website, twitter, ect. And it also could be used as a way to gather people for multiplayer when you need it. Just a thought, Thanks
  9. Doing good man started college so that's been cool
  10. Just so that people are aware I made a guild in Injustice 2 4 Phil and the fans the ID is SQQQ1 not sure if it belongs here but oh well
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