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  1. hey phil love the shows my question is for hate live maybe will you bring live calls for hate live do it once in great while. thank you phil for you do
  2. My question do have you a schedule of when your able to be at cons and others major events in the seattle area to hang with you and meet you and greet with the fans because there are l big YouTubers like members of teamfourstar , tubbyemu ,tonythepizzaguy and LittleKuriboh and etc say hey we here at the con or event for during this time or this many days to meet and greet with is.My point is a schedule can help the fans be able time to prepare to get time off and save up go cons or events that you and pandalee are going to.I not saying what you and pandalee do in private time be
  3. Hey phil I am sorry about first question and My question is can you give a a schedule of when your able to be cons and others major events in the seattle to hang with you and meet and greet with you because they big youtubers like teamfourstar tubbyemu and other youtubers telling hey on this we here from this time to this time at this con or event.my point is possible for you do this and i not say like when doing thing with pandelee in seattle or whatever it more of with cons and events that happening with a schedule to head time to prepared and that all i want say.I am still a fan o
  4. i am getting pissed at trolls on twitter about them attacking me on twitter for being a fan and they don t answer my question why do they care about me being a fan and it pretty bad that a troll last week make a video on twitter about my tweets to phil
  5. let the fans help you do the filming in the different locations that you need help with and let the fans be part of project 7 by being in the film by doing videos to be send to you or live for those in the seattle area and it your project do with it as you please
  6. I finish reading naruto and i watching naruto shippuden
  7. Hey phil how are you doing and my question is i know your busy a lot but i want to thank you for all you do and i live in the seattle area and i want know if i can meet you in seattle sometime because i want to thank you in person and hope you do well in youtube from Rex
  8. Hey Phil this Rex I been a fan of yours since 2011/2.My question is it possible for you to hang out with fans in Seattle once in awhile besides cons and sporting events because with the economy of this country sucking and not everybody can afford to go the cons or sporting events but we can still have a fan day jn seattle for the cant afford cons and sporting events.This fan day in not every month thing but maybe once in awhile type of thing because I know very busy with games and other projects .Please and thank you for your time Phil From Rex
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