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  1. Wait... They left because a person they "support" or claim to, got married? Wtf
  2. I'm just waiting on Red Dead Online and Battlefield 5
  3. Definitely better than "Evolution". Nothing could top DX vs Brothers of Destruction
  4. By the time I'm done with God of War, Detroit Become Human will release. Ahh it's a great time to be a Ps4 gamer :)
  5. I've already decided to platinum this masterpiece when it comes out. I want him to use a strength build. But I'll probably be busy with the game myself, so won't have time to watch his playthrough
  6. Damn Bobby Lashley vs Lesnar will be epic if it happens. I thought The Undertaker looked great. Fast and agile like before. Squash match or not, just be happy that you got to see the deadman perform. Not every match has to be 20 mins full of flips. Crowd got bored after 5 mins of Styles vs Nakamura
  7. Awesome Wrestlemania apart from the boring AJ Styles vs Nakamura match. Taker, Brock and Rousey headlined. Good stuff from WWE
  8. This Wrestlemania doesn't quite FEEL like Wrestlemania for some reason. Not many big name matches apart from Brock vs Roman and Cena vs Taker
  9. Exactly. Lots of new releases coming up. God of War, Yakuza 6 etc. People need to get over Bloodborne. We'll probably get a new from software game reveal at e3 anyways. As for Persona 5 and Monster Hunter, I agree . It would be sleep inducing to watch
  10. For me it's Tales From the Borderlands. The comedy was too good in that game.
  11. I hope Cena vs Undertaker is the main event. The Dead man deserves it
  12. Shouldn't the on screen pop up after the cheer be enough?
  13. Good for him. But he'll probably get stale after 2 - 3 months like before.
  14. God of War Detroit: Become Human Red Dead Redemption 2 Vampyr Call of Cthulu Metro Exodus
  15. Damn some people love to over analyze each and every second of a video. Must've been incredibly bored.
  16. It's obvious why Wrestlemania isn't as hyped this year like before. Guys like Nakamura and Balor just can't sell. You need big names to get the casual fans on board. That's why they brought in Goldberg last year.
  17. All I care is God of War a.k.a GoTY 2018. Wouldn't mind watching some GTA Online either with all the updates they've added.
  18. Justice League was considered an improvement and a move towards the right direction. I still wanted prefer the dark tone but Snyder's vision was a mess. The moustache scenes were all done by Whedon. The Superman revival , The race against Flash. Snyder would've made Superman weak as usual. I don't see any problem with Wonder Woman. Isn't she the best thing in the DCEU right now?
  19. Finally Superman gets the treatment he deserves and less Bat Worship. Thank you, Joss Whedon
  20. John Wick 2 would definitely be on my top 5.
  21. Finally this crap is put to bed. My god, it was getting ridiculous.
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