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  1. Hey, Phil. I'm thinking of doing a cartoon after high school. Just wanted ro say that. My reason for coming here because somebody told me bridge to terabithia book was banned in schools thinking it'll confuse kids, and it disrespect adults, which is not the case. Then I saw the movie and thought some of it was pulled back and fourth a little much. I don't get why kid books that have darksides, swearing, and stuff that mostly 90's or 80's kids would do are being changed. I get that a child can only hold so much, but isn't there a saying that if you show scary stuff to a kid, you need to have a happy end? I still don't get why pg films can't swear either. Can you put some lights on this?
  2. Greetings Philip. I heard you take questions from your fans. I wish you read this and give your thoughts on the matter. As he is heading for office, from what it look likes, Donald Trump decided to go on Saturday night live. The thing that got me was that he was the Host for that night. I figured he was doing this because he might have a few good jokes, maybe. Then he quotes the words that got me confused: "I have nothing better to do." If the man is running for office clearly he's not taking it seriously. If he won? Okay then. Then he brought up his old issue years ago about Roise O Donald. America try to forget but he helped us remember making me say, "What's he up to?" Then he pulled the most dumbest joke I've heard since my cousin made a joke about her cat. He 'mistaked' Aidy Bryant for Roise O Donald. Excuse my language, but is this jackass really going to be president? It gets worst. Tarran Killam and Darrell Hammond impersonate him with him saying, "I can take a joke." Talking about how stupid his haircut is. Then Larry David came out as Bernie Sanders. The guy made an ass of himself shouting, "Trump's a racist," then adding, "I heard if I yelled that they'd give me $5,000." I shook my head saying, "Is this how he'll run in office? Making an ass of himself on stage?" If Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore, and Tomas Jefferson were here, they would beat his fat ass just to prove how stupid he is. What do you think? Does this sound good? Or is there more to this? Thanks for reading, L.D.
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