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  1. Im still kinda sketchy. Did try playing it alredy. The wii i mean. Had like 2 hours of gameplay i guess and i must say not half bad. Just dont like the console i supose. There is sonething about the ds (not 3ds since i havent tried it yet guesing it has better graphics and games) and the wii that i just dont like. And i heard the wii u needs some getting used to. Plus phil said the battery dies after like 2 hours.. even my psp has more life power than that. Maybe one day il buy it but not in the near future.
  2. Hey! Just as said above i wanna support the countinuation of Phil's playthrough of Fatal Frame. I just want anyone that wants too see him finish it to shout it out here. So he will see that some of us wish to watch him play it :) also we can talk about it. I personaly dont like how this game is wii u exclusive cuz im not gonna buy that just for this game and epic mickey.... maybe if i find more good titels. Sorry for any bad grammer im am not a native english speaker. Peace ! EDIT: i see ive posted in the wrong section of the forums. Im kinda new. Can i fix this somehow ?
  3. Ok thanks for the info! Well now lets just hope other's will be intrested as well. ~Ziggi
  4. Hello!! Soo i am intrested if Phil mentiond anything about finnishing the hallowen special game Fatal Frame ? I love this game but i don't own a wii u and would love too see it being finnished. I tried watching it from various other people but couldn't manage since it's flippin' boooooooring. Dunno why i can only watch DSP's playthroughs 'cuz he makes it fun. Or maybe it's just the fact that I've been watching him since 2009 and im used to it ? Im also wondering about Disgea 5 since i love disgea games and also don't own a new gen consol.... I don't have the time to watch all the videos
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