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  1. Look, I completely understand dismissing complaints that are just pointless whining, like "fan appreciation is boring", but he's dismissing valid complaints. "I wish there were more interaction between Phil and the fans" isn't pointless whining, it's a valid complaint. He needs to better learn to keep his cool once this new channel happens or the new viewers he wants will just leave.
  2. I'm not talking about the trolls, or haters, or whatever you want to call them. I'm talking about the people in that thread and others, like me, who left honest feedback and were just dismissed and told to bitch elsewhere. Asking for more interaction between Phil and the fans, wondering why he's chosen to play games he hates, wondering why he doesn't test things beforehand. These are valid concerns that he just dismisses as people "bitching" or being ignorant. How are we supposed to know that his mic doesn't work with his xbox? How are we supposed to know he has no way to test things? He does by the way. How are we supposed to know he decided on those games because he figured the most people had them?
  3. Okay, I've seen Phil dismiss any and all complaints as "bitching" over and over and, frankly, I'm getting tired of it. He did it just today even. Customer complaints are VITAL to any business because they let you know what you need to fix or change. If you dismiss complaints as "bitching" your business stagnates because customers come once then never come back. In this case a viewer who had a problem with the way Phil did something just won't watch anymore. It's likely part of why Phil has so many inactive subs. Most people won't continue to give feedback if they're told to "bitch elsewhere". I have to wonder Phil, is this how you'd run the restaurant you want to open? Anytime someone has a complaint just kick them out and tell them to "bitch elsewhere"? All I can say is this, if you want to see your YouTube business stagnate and die go ahead and keep dimissing complaints and telling people to bitch elsewhere because that's exactly what they'll do. Oh, and you are far from the only YouTuber who does fan appreciation. You're just one of very few who makes a big event out of it. Most of them just play with fans whenever they play a game like CoD or Halo. Here's an idea for you, how about in your first online session of street fighter V or uncharted 4 you invite fans to play with you? And do it again in your second, third and however many sessions you do. Show your fans you appreciate them every day, not just a few days a year.
  4. No suprise, Phil doesn't like Halo 5. And judging by what he said when he played them before he won't like MGO tomorrow or Battlefront on Tuesday. I think he should just switch one them for WWE 2k16 because then he could at least play a game he enjoys.
  5. I'm just saying that I think it would be a better fan appreciation event if he A. Didn't insult us and B. Didn't give the trolls more attention than the fans he's playing with. Also if he'd planned ahead and kept multiplayer games he actually likes instead of forcing himself to play games he doesn't like because they're the only multiplayer games he hasn't traded in yet. But c'est la vie I suppose.
  6. It's on topic because this happened during today's fan appreciation stream. Also, isn't it convenient that Phil won't call us stupid out loud? He only does it in the chat where it won't end up in a video.
  7. I think Phil is taking things too far in terms of what is a bannable offense in his stream chat. Apparently mentioning John Rambo will get you banned. Yep, just mentioning him is a bannable offense now. So I guess the rules of the chat are just whatever Phil feels like that day. There's also this. I dunno about you guys, but I don't feel very appreciated when I get called stupid. Maybe that's just me though.
  8. Why does length matter? Would it have been better if it was mediocre but just as long as the main game?
  9. Actually it just occured to me that you could probably just upgrade the GPU and CPU in the desktop computer you already own and run most if not all games at the same level as the consoles.
  10. Just read through that. Gamers are gamers no matter what they play on. But consoles are overpriced and underpowered. A PC built for the same price as a PS4 or Xbone is twice as powerful as either console. And consoles are hurting the video game industry as a whole.
  11. Haha. You can have fun with your consoles, but you're not only wasting money on them you're hurting the video game industry by using them. Not to mention playing inferior versions of every game. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide Skim through that. It'll change how you think about consoles.
  12. Don't get either a PS4 or an Xbone. You can build a decent gaming PC for around $500.
  13. Does it really matter what someone's username is? Fine, he's not that Pdawg. So what? You think it's completely impossible that two people would have the same user name? For all you guys know they're both named Peter IRL, it's not exactly an uncommon name. There are thousands of channels on YouTube with DSP in their name, it doesn't necessarily mean they're impersonating Phil. God the paranoia among some of the fans makes my head spin sometimes.
  14. I would say Phil is guaranteed at least 1000 subs on the new channel just from current subs to dspgaming subbing to the new channel to support him. But let's face it, not all of his current viewerbase will move over because they don't care to watch edited stuff. And he may have 180k subs on dspgaming, but most of them are inactive subs. It will still be a grind to get the new channel the attention he wants it to get. Like TrainPain said, there are hundreds of other montage/review/top 10 channels out there. What makes Phil's stand out from the rest? Another thing, it may not be sacrificing anything but it's still a risk. Phil's entire plan for his future on youtube hinges on this 3rd channel. What happens if it never takes off? Is Phil just screwed then?
  15. I didn't know where else to put this post so I'm putting it here. Phil mentioned that he has nothing to play but what he's already playing until next year. I present a short list of games that came out this year that Phil hasn't played. The Escapists - XBO & PS4 Codename S.T.E.A.M - 3DS Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - PS4 & XBO Mario Party 10 - Wii U Axiom Verge - PS4 Rogue Legacy - XBO Rocket League - PS4 King's Quest Episode 1 - XBO & PS4 Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - XBO Yoshi's Wooly World - Wii U Dragon Quest Heroes - PS4
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