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  1. Hey Phil, Would you consider doing a sports game marathon? I, for one, like seeing you play this genre of games because you rarely play sports games so it's nice to see you out of your element. Considering some playthroughs of these games can become boring and drawn out to a lot of your viewing audience, playing them for an hour or 90 minutes can make for some interesting content. Of course, like usual, one of these games could turn into a playthrough later. I feel like having various options instead of just relying on a game that could be hit or miss would be great for you and the viewers. Thoughts?
  2. It's been a while Phil and I have two questions. If you could combine any two Street Fighter games to make the perfect one, what would those two games be? For example, Street Fighter 5's graphics with Super Turbo's gameplay. In this hypothetical scenario, the game wouldn't be choppy. For WWE2K20, you can play as a male and female character in My Career mode. Could you please take a second and give us an idea of what you might do for the characters? I was thinking you could make bootleg versions of Zangief and R. Mika. And the ongoing joke could be that they're cosplaying as Street Fighter characters.
  3. Hey Phil, I promise this isn't drama. There's a YouTuber named Shane Dawson who has been doing a YouTube series lately on controversial YouTube content creators. Most recently Jake Paul. He meets the YouTubers at the end of each series and analyzes them throughout its duration. Each series of videos have their own individual goal. It's almost like a documentary and usually does quite well, obtaining 10s of millions of views per part. I think it would be great way for you to clear up any misconceptions about you, learn more about yourself, and gain exposure again. If Shane came to you and asked if he could do this series on you, would you allow him to? PS: You should check out the series for yourself as it's quite entertaining and is episodic; feels like a real documentary.
  4. Recently I saw a game called "Detroit: Become Human" being advertised on Crunchyroll. It looks like a game that is more narrative driven, in my opinion. Have you heard about this? Are you interested in playing it?
  5. This is a long one. I've doing YouTube for 5 years now and having fun as an unpaid small YouTuber. I know what it's like to deal with copyright claims and strikes. The main game series that I play are WWE games. I almost always get claims for the music and video packages within the game. But I never get copyright strikes and I rarely dispute the claims because I expect to fail. But for the past two years, I've found away to avoid claims or strikes from playing WWE games. And that is by turning down the music and talk over it or turn it off; and for the video packages, watch for a few seconds then go to the PSN home screen and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds. Maybe they don't try to take down my channel because I'm not making money from YouTube; just saying, but that previous statement could be completely wrong. Knowing this info, would you still consider playing WWE2K18?
  6. Hey Phil, are you going to play Call of Duty Infinite Warfare considering the bandwagon of hate towards it or do as you normally would and give it the benefit of the doubt? The like to dislike ratio is similar to the new Ghostbusters. My last question is about WWE and the brand split aka the brand extension. Do you think this will hinder or better the ratings?
  7. Who, on the current WWE Roster, do you think deserves to be WWE Champion? Divas champion? And Tag Team champions?
  8. I saw someone ask this already but I thought if it was a reoccurring question, you'd answer. I'm curious and want to know if there's any truth to the things said in John Rambo's podcast about you and the relationship between you and him/ you and Howard. Some of things said I agree with like talking about them in the last Ask the King rather than discussing such privately. You have to watch it yourself to get you on perspective; just search John Rambo and Howard expose DSP (it's over an hour long). When I watched it there seemed to be some misconceptions that they had about what you said in the last Ask the King (almost like the heard something rather than watching for themselves. Basically they thought you were questioning their integrity and manhood when you were saying that I they have an issue with you then they should address it to you like men. My question is, what is your response, thoughts, and opinions on what they had to say about you?
  9. I think I have a genius idea for a WWE 2k16 sim ppv main event; DSP and Phil "The Problem" Burnell vs Drake Hasnotalent and Spike Leesucs in an elimination/ customized match by Phil. What are your thoughts, Phil? Anyone else feel free.
  10. Hey Phil, I've been watching your content since your WWE Allstars playthrough in (I believe) 2010. Throughout the time I've been watching, I noticed that you don't often play with a female character. I can understand that for most games considering there isn't often an option to do so. However, in the most recent WWE game, you played with a superstar and there was no option to play with a diva; in WWE2K16 you have the option to make a female (though I don't know if you can play with one in season mode). So my question; if the option is available, will you consider creating and playing with a diva in WWE2K16? I think the season mode might get boring if you play with a guy again because it'll seem just like the last playthrough (aside from the Hall of Fame being possible). Then again, there aren't as many divas (27 of them, might include DLCs) so that could get boring too. To give u an idea of what the experience may be like: u face some generic divas in developmental, move on to face NXT divas, then WWE divas while being involved in plot lines with diva legends at pay-per-views link to see divas roster for WWE2K16 from the demo below (the person displaying the game moves the left stick like an old man walks so skip ahead)
  11. Hey Phil, I actually have three questions pertaining to WWE and if you don't have time to answer them both I'll put a star by the specific one that I'd like you to answer. *I have seen the demos for wwe2k16 and there are a lot of new and returning matches that will be on that game. In addition, 5 showcases including the nexus showcase and the shield showcase My question is, will you consider playing all the new matches online or offline along with the campaign instead of just the campaign like you did for wwe2k15? (Not immediately but shortly after you're finished the campaign) The constant booing for John Cena is getting very annoying. I understand why people dislike John Cena; because his character never changes, he does the same moves every match (often switching the order he uses them), and pretty much saying the same thing every time he gets on the mic. But he has earned most of the achievements he's gotten in WWE and the reason (at least I believe this is true) that he gets rematches with people that have already beaten him is because of his gimmick, the hero that never gives up. Basically, he suppose to be a role model for children. So, do u respect John Cena (the wrestler)? Why or why not?
  12. *have to decent ranking being 40. god *good
  13. Not sure how this works but hey Phil. I think you should play GTA online tomorrow. I believe to requirements are a rank of 12 but I think you're only ranked 4 unless you've played it since that suicide kings attempt. BTW you have join people if you don't have a shit load of money. Hopefully you have a crew. I think there's only 4 in a group. Maybe you could swap between the two (online and story mode) but play online more if you don't have a decent ranking. If I had a ps4, I could help and give you tips but, unfortunately, I don't. Hopefully, you have a friend or know some one with a ps4, has GTA, and plays a bunch. It'll be a god way for you to prepare for heist also by getting use to the difficulty and your character.
  14. Hey DSP, there's a mode on WWE2K15 where u can relive some of the great moments in the careers of 5 NXT competitors. Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Russev, Corey Graves, and Bo Dallas. It's called "WHO GOT NXT?". I was wondering if you'd ever play it? The formatting is just like WWE2K14's "30 years of Wrestlemania".
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