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  1. PurplePie

    Japanese jams

    TokuSentai. TokuSentai. TOKUSENTAI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eyyhtOrKPI
  2. Fine, i'll put it into perspective for you. I come into this thread and see people posting things i agree with. But apparantly, their opinions are invalid and shouldn't be taken seriously. Better yet, people are losing faith in humanity because of an opinion i share, we need to be "sorted out", and i am also nitpicking. Here's some more perspective. Taking breaks is perfectly fine, but i felt that the combination of you browsing for songs and taking extended breaks was tedious. The finale was not that epic. My opinion. I liked Dragula.
  3. PurplePie

    Japanese jams

    Yeah that's fine. It's originally a Japanese song, so i think it counts. I also don't understand a word of Spanish, so it serves the same purpose to me as a Japanese song. Best Dragonball song though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWuTu30aJQ
  4. There's nothing wrong with it. Especially considering the numerous 15 minute breaks and the 25 minute pre stream, i think everyone should love the fact that he then spent 40 minutes buying songs. If you don't agree with that, i'm pretty certain you're a sock account.
  5. I absolutely loved the Rock-a-Thon! Every second of it! The scrolling through the menu's was super cool too! I loved watching him buy songs! No requests from the chat apart from one song? Who cares, it was an absolutely awesome, totally 7 hour long marathon! Perfect! Flawless! Phil should enter, like American Idol or something, his voice is great!
  6. Probably another console i'll be missing out on. Wish i were rich.
  7. It seems the screen protector protects the screen from you using it properly.
  8. PurplePie

    Japanese jams

    Nujabes was so good... rip. The song at 19:24 used the same sample as the Samurai Champloo ending.
  9. Must be bugged, dood. How's your sinus infection?
  10. I would have praised you on your good taste.
  11. Well, he did say he got shit delivered to his mailbox. As in, real shit. Poop. Sorry Darksphere, i didn't know what to say.
  12. Wow, that's creepy. I bought Amnesia because of the sale. Halloween's still not over for me lol.
  13. A fantasy fight huh... gosh i'm not sure. I'd like to see Spawn square of against someone who could be an interesting fight for him, but i'd have no clue who that could be. Any ideas?
  14. PurplePie

    I'm done.

    I'm sorry but that won't happen (the "it will go away" part). Rambo and Howard aren't people you can simply label as "haters/detractors", these guys were close friends with Phil. So no matter what your stance on this is, this would be damaging to anyone's reputation, especially considering their behaviour over the course of the last years: they never let themselves get baited into a public reaction, despite people prodding them for one for a long time, which they explained in their reaction video.
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