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  1. Oh wow, I didn't hear that. Maybe I'll hold off as well.
  2. Did Phil ever mention wanting to play this or having plans to play it? It's Chrono Trigger's spiritual successor and looks pretty amazing. I think I may buy it......but I was interested in seeing part of a play-through first.
  3. I'm glad some bad elements were finally removed.
  4. Being an observer over the past few days has made me see something is very off about this forum and how things are handled. I'll be leaving as well, good-bye.
  5. Phil, Have you ever got into weight lifting? What are you thoughts on it? Any gym stories to share? Thanks, WowDude
  6. While it's far from October I would love to see another Patrons' Choice, this time with horror games: Saw II: Flesh & Blood Exanima Dead By Daylight A Chair in a Room : Greenwater Layers Of Fear Monstrum
  7. I agree that it shouldn't be a 6, maybe a 4 or 5 at best. This game is trash and should've never been made. I can't believe sites give it a 7 or 8, like Net Guide for example giving it a 7.5, what a joke.
  8. When have they done that?
  9. Huh? So you have proof that guns were banned in a state and someone was arrested for owning the guns right after the ban went into effect? Ever heard of pre-ban guns and that they're legal to buy if they were made/owned before the ban?
  10. I agree with Sammy. You cannot create a blanket policy then go back through video archives to ban those who broke the policy. That would be like if a state banned Assault Rifles and arrested you for already owning one before the ban. That just doesn't happen.
  11. There were a few recent changes to YouTubes TOS regarding anti-bullying and also channel owners being able to assign moderators to YouTube chat without giving those moderators access to anything else on their channel. The anti-bullying rules may effect prank channels (which could be viewed as bullying in some cases) as well as any channel that would involve calling out certain parties and slandering them. I'm wondering if this new YouTube policy would apply to calling out game developers for producing shitty games and if some harsh reviewers (like Phil) would be effected. I could see a game developer taking this new YouTube policy and spinning it as a way to clear their game of negative feedback. Anyone else have an opinion on this new change and is it another shitty YouTube policy that will hurt channels in the long run?
  12. WowDude

    Open Day

    It is rare. If the COD series put more effort into the single player I would actually buy another game. I haven't bought a COD game since Black Ops I.
  13. WowDude

    Open Day

    I thought that was part of the indie marathon? The single player of DOOM trumps the multiplayer. The multiplayer is pretty much an after thought for anyone that bought it.
  14. WowDude

    Open Day

    Since the Witcher 3 DLC releases on Tuesday I created a poll so fans can vote what they want to see Phil play tomorrow. Maybe he could pick between two games and split the stream up.
  15. So people complain when the channel/videos are not doing well on KO Gaming and now people are complaining that the channel/videos are doing well? What the fuck? All of you whining need to realize it was a well made video. It had some good editing where he would show each specific part of the game that he was talking about in a review, that's how it should be done evey time. Also, it's common knowledge that people like watching someone rip a game apart more than someone praising it, it's just more entertaining. The work he put into the video plus the fact that it's a negative review made it popular, not this "click-bait" nonsense.
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