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  1. Really good podt bro i hope he reads this
  2. Street sling Minute mean for awhile now
  3. I thought this was tbe samething that dsp and others was talking about that even pewdiepie woukdnt use cost the subtitle issue. I just wanted to make sure dsp look into it cause the site been running since 2016 that he been waiting for but not what he think it is. If im misinformed then im sorry
  4. Hey Dsp and fans. Did you know Amazon direct been out for a minute now? I remember you saying you been waiting for Amazon comes out with there own youtube type of service. The down side about amazon direct is...you must have a third party do your subtitles and you cant post videos without said subtitles either. But thats what i heard though. Heres the link to Amazon direct qnd heres some links that may help you. https://videodirect.amazon.com/home/landing https://www.google.com/amp/s/digiday.com/media/amazon-youtube-networks-seeing-dollar-signs/amp/ https://mashable.com/2016/05/10/amazon-video-direct-creators/#pwJuIxfhlgqu Do your research take time to read over this and see if this something that you still want to do
  5. Can i pay you 200 dollars for maybe an hour or two for a podcast. You can stream from your end so your fans can join and still give you support. We can write up a deal the type of questions you dont want to be asked. You'll get the money before said podcast.
  6. As a lets player. You suppose to finish the game. One or two games maybe not finishing cause of low views
  7. He really didn't review those things thats crazy. ..which montior did he get btw
  8. very true bro. i alreadyg order this monitor i can't wait to play my games in 4k lol
  9. DSP really think u should check this out
  10. i hope that he able to
  11. I highly would say...Phil should start working wi th his fan base. do videos with them, play more games with them. his fan base could help n reach out to other streamers n YouTube people to see if they can work with him. Hey Phil and Phil fan base Mundane Matt did say since both him n Phil lives in the same city that he is willing to work with Phil for free. to show Phil what he can n should do to fix his ever growing problems on YouTube n twich. I believe the two should work together.
  12. someone within his city could build it for him for a fair price n come over to give it to him and help set stuff up
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