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  1. Hey Phil, During your previous WiP (Feb 28, 2016), which mentioned the release of Zelda Twilight Princess HD tomorrow, and the possibility of skipping on The Division next week, wouldn't it be best to tackle your Patreon's Choice Playthrough during the week where nothing much is going on? With this, you'd be able to tackle it to early on without it being pushed later on to the later months. This would involve the voting to close by the end of this week, but as I've heard that Persona 3 is winning by a huge lead, maybe it might be a good idea to close it at the end of this week, but thats just me, maybe it could turnover later on but I feel with this week with only zelda for the next week, you could potentially do the Patreon's Choice Playthrough as well. Now the next Street Fighter V DLC may launch next week as well and that could interfere, but I think it would be best to tackle it on early to see if it'll be a game you'd want to or not to do a full play through of it I do apologize ahead of time of the streams of the Patreon's Choice playthrough are gonna be long streams as the marathons, as I was assuming they'd be normal stream lengths of the game Thanks!
  2. I apologize ahead of time if this is diving into personal matters, but I would like an answer for a topic that was brought up in the Pre-Fallout 4 Coverage Video By all means, I am not trying to stir up more drama, but clearly Phil did not attend a certain event due to personal matters and I respect that. But after reading the comments in the fallout 4 videos, I was reading that the event that you did not attend to was on the initial week of Fallout 4's release. I highly doubt you'll answer and if you can't by all means don't, and I really don't want to bring in more negativity, but why couldn't you have just said you just couldn't go? I can understand that you've been tight on funds, perhaps you weren't feeling well, etc. And you did have the idea of marathoning Fallout 4 like crazy before the event. I understand that you might have not expected the review copy to come sooner than you expected, but it was a possibility and chance for you to possibly start Fallout 4, get a ton of videos lined up and that would have worked. Again these are my thoughts, might sound crazy, but yeah Keep up the work Phil
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