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  1. ​The Flaming C confirmed!
  2. Well it looks like the character was Reptile. That's one reveal but I still wonder who the other one will be.
  3. OCGRafael

    Food Thread

    Tried making some banana bread this time. Put some chocolate chips and walnuts in it and it came out pretty amazing. Perfect with some hot chocolate or coffee during all this cold weather.
  4. What exactly happened on the old forums? I've been watching Phil's content for years but never actually joined a community message board for it until this one.
  5. That tweet sounds awfully similar to the tweet Punk made after last years Rumble before he quit.
  6. ​Oh yeah I've been loving the comics so far. I'm kind of nervous about the ending the #4 though By the way, if anybody would like to see comics #1-4 you can download all the chapters released so far right here: https://mega.co.nz/#%21f9VUxCJK%21UNXo2ffuHwV6kkw_3LFTNiolq6qzgqKRGzTa5T-u4LA They are released every Sunday so #5 should be coming out on Feb 1st
  7. ​That's pretty awesome news. So 2 reveals are coming this week. Which 2 characters are you guys hoping for?
  8. Gaara, like most characters in the Naruto series, is way too fast for Toph or anybody else in the Avatar universe.
  9. ​No But if I did ever get offended about something they said or did I'd probably tell them to eat shit and then I'd stop watching their content.
  10. OCGRafael

    Food Thread

    Tried making some apple hand-pies. The crust was a bit too tough and chewy but the filling was great.
  11. Dragon's Dogma also had some really great combat. Being able to climb on giant enemies and attack them was really cool.
  12. Did something specific happen that I missed? I'm not sure what you're getting at. ​Can you give me an example of some legitimate criticism that might be misconstrued as an insult? I figure its all about having manners and showing respect. As long as a person isn't being a dick about it I don't see what problem anybody would have about voicing concerns.
  13. I have 150+ games left to play and apparently its going to take me 1791 continuous hours or 74 days.
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