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  1. I find it funny that when someone just mentions DSP (ProJared) or uses him as an example (as in Alpha's side), everyone over reacts and starts stupid theories.
  2. You got me there. Not sure why people are still paying money for the game if they know all these problems.
  3. I didn't buy this game but there will always be people who buy games day 1. You can't really blame the people who want to just play the game at this point. Capcom has no excuse to release a game (that's not even complete, mind you) that doesn't work day 1. Also, not to mention, they had MULTIPLE betas to learn and stress test their servers. If we learn to accept the lowest common denominator of quality, things will only get worse in terms of quality and developers will only get lazier.
  4. I asked him about it but with Street Fighter V released and all, he said he'd be too busy with with that and other games coming out. I would love to see him play it though, I love watching new guys play Fire Emblem on Classic. There's nothing like it.
  5. Network issues, expected or not, are no excuse for a chopped up game with the pieces that are actually available not working on launch.
  6. I used to work as a stock clerk in a super market and I was just promoted to full time :) next step is trying to get into management.
  7. Besides Madara's voice, I can agree to that xD The English VO is pretty bad and the lip sync for the English voices aren't exactly that great. Then again I haven't seen the Japanese VO so the lip sync could be the same.
  8. Smash bros Wii U/3DS Testing out Corrin/Kamui and Bayonetta :P
  9. With all due respect, I don't get what this video is supposed to represent. Watched it halfway through but still don't get it.
  10. If he did that, I feel like the whole novelty of him going and playing Rock Band would really just die out. Weekly stuff should be reserved for things he enjoys, like Street Fighter V or a Patreon Playthrough.
  11. I think the rockathon started pretty strong but ending up dying down around the end. I still enjoyed it overall though.
  12. Nah, I don't think the grind is worth it. Yeah, it makes the rest of the fights a cakewalk, but the armor you get normally should be the only ones he needs. He lost to muffet because he was being a lil sloppy. Which is normal after a no mercy run.
  13. whoever is doing these are doing god's work xD that's just great.
  14. Okay.. I just finished the genocide run.. Wow the ending really gave me chills down my spine.. If Phil plays this route.. It'll be very.. interesting. To say the least.
  15. Ah so that's whats going on. Didn't watch the video, but thank you for clarifying the situation.
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