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  1. OMG just beat The Chest with The Lost in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Its my first win with The Lost. Key items: Monstro's Lunge, Death's touch, Stop Watch (HUGE help) and Guppy transformation. Man I am so happy lol, been grinding for it for sooo long now and for it to pay off, it's euphoric.
  2. Serbocroatian 5 (Native) Serbian cyrillic 4 (Only text based though, speaking is the same) Norwegian 5 (2nd native) English 5 Spanish 2 Korean 2 (Through Tae Kwon Do)
  3. ​I beg to differ, I can show you plenty of mine where I havent done that, granted I reuse one picture I drew but whatever.
  4. ​I couldnt agree more... crowd was so disappointed they chanted CM Punk.
  5. I still cant get over the fact that Curtis Axel never got to enter and technically never got eliminated lol, the rumble match was dissapointing to say the least though. The Rumble match is the only thing I watc from WWE now and I dont even know if I'm gonna bother next year. Dont mind Reigns winning though.
  6. I'm going have to stop you there Mashinka21, this thread is not about that Phil plays a character and you point about wrestling is irrelevant to constructive criticism vs negativity. Whatever your intentions were you have drailed (as I see it) from them and only angered other posters on the thread, so I tell you now, get on topic or more warning points are being issued.
  7. 1. I am a Croatia born Serbian living in Norway, since the age of 2. ( I consider myself as a Norwegian) 2. I am a huge Lord of The Rings and Tolkien fan, love both the books and the films. 3. My favourite game of all time is Lord of The Rings: The Third Age, may be surprising to most people, but loved the hell out of that game. 4. I am a offical 2nd degree black belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do. 5. I love films and filmaking, that is why I did Media and Communication (for what can be considered HS here) so I have made several short films. 6. Despite my love for filmmaking, I want to be involved in cri
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