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  1. Ok real talk time Lplayers that take advatage of other peoples blood sweat tears and YEARS of developing a game are the REAL THIEVES. They are EXPLOITING the game developers HARD work for their OWN monetary profit. All lpers are making money off other peoples work. Without the gaming industry lpers are dead in the water.Thats the pure honest truth. Honestly a thief has no place taking about theft.
  2. Real talk, those faces are offputing. No offence. I m glad he stoped them.
  3. Honestly, i d let phil claim to be whoever he wants, i d let his viewing public decide good or bad based on the views he gets. I m not the police or sjw. Keep in mind review are so 2008. I just use them as backround noise, sometimes i hear something interesting or some usefull info. But they dont really influence what i but.
  4. Honestly i cant help but agree. It will being people together and familiarity will make it a cozy place to be. Nobody wants to be just another face in the crowd.
  5. To be honest, if i could get quaranted at least 3-4 hours of multiplayer with phil through out the month then i d consider it. Gettin to play less minutes isnt my idea off fun. It d make me feel pressure and always looking at the time. If the sessions were 5-6 through out the month making sure every guy got 2-3 hours of real gameplay (not feeling pressured to log off) then it could be great.
  6. Honestly, its phils way of reviewing. Its not going to changed anytime soon. Phi never claimed to be some super academic scholar of reviewing. he is just an average guy giving his opinions. I dont understand why you d attach so much importance on his reviewing/opinions. It his review, right or wrong let him have it.he isnt hurting anyone.
  7. Honestly i d recommend everyone stay away from persona the anime. I know the game has a following and all but the anime is creepy. Its also empty script wise. No real explanation, weak motives, expected plot twists. There is some decent sherlok thinking but the majority is just bad fluff. Certainly not an anime to watch twicr. Even once is too much for me.
  8. Honestly, i dont understand the popularity of dark souls. I ve never watched more than a few parts no matter which youtuber plays it. Bloodborn too. No appeal for me. But as far as diff goes, i think phil is fine. Or at least it appears to be doing ok, i havent watched enough i guess.
  9. Honestly, i dont want to get any more involved. I ll just say, this is phil. It is what it is. I d forget it and move on.
  10. I dont know about alt accounts, i really have no clue nor do i want to know really. All i know is haters come to this forum to harass and agrevate and if you allow them to grt to you, if they get you mad, you have lost, they have won. Discuss if you have to but dont become emotional because that will lead to anger.
  11. Honestly there is simply no chance of that happening. Not unless it happens naturally over a period of years, decades. Lets be real, even if they find the terrorists, it means nothing. New footsoldiers will take their place and bomb something else. Since the 70-80s they have been terrorizing the world. I think they are addicted to hate. They cant keep living without hating. They are "poisoned". They cant be happy ever again. I want to add that their religion seems to feed their ignorance and denial effectively fueling their hate. Perpetueting it. I d say its the most
  12. Honestly lets all relax and think thibgs through before we post. A lot of animosity flying around and thats not good. Keep in mind, if you get mad, irritated, the haters win. Dont give them the satisfaction.
  13. Honestly, if he knew he was sick and then did all that drugs and ordered hookers. I can only sympathize. The doctors telling you "you have x years to live" or simply telling you "you have c" is a game changer. If i had the money, i d probably do drugs and order hookers too if i was to die at 46 and knew it.
  14. Honestly, give the channel 6 months. You cant expect it to go super popular in 2 months. Lets give it 6 months and then you can make a judgement. Its like a child that you are expecting to walk within 2 months.
  15. Honestly, i m super tired of muslim extremists that think they got the bull by the horns simply because they straped an explosive device on them. Like the 70s and 80s were the fad was highjacking airplanes and making stupid claims. Like bullies they think they are hot stuff. Problem is europes powerlessness. Sissy continent.
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