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  1. If he replied respectfully instead of these backhanded comments or locking threads, there wouldn't be a problem. But you two are right, these topics should stop being brought up so much cause it will inevitably be censored like the Rambo situation. Lets get back on topic.
  2. ....I should be silent when I see someone get disrespected when they were trying to help? How about no. I'm starting to see what everyone was talking about with these forums...
  3. Wow, this is why your fans are dwindling or they turn into your detractors, you gotta learn how to take a speck of criticism without lashing out... I don't know if you know you're being disrespectful but it certainly reads out that way. Unless 2016 booms, sooner or later this YouTube fairytale is going to end and you're gonna be shit out of luck knee deep in debt with no friends and family for miles. Not trying to bash you but I'm not gonna a hold your hand and tell you sweet little nothings as we walk towards a cliff like some of your fans do.... Any advice to avoid that from happening should be taken into consideration. Also I'm gonna comment on the Editing Inititive thread since you locked it: "It's just a stream archive so the show goes up as quickly as possible. Or else you'd have to wait hours for me to edit/encode/upload and then MORE hours for YouTube to encode it. Just to cut out the beginning 30 minutes, which you can click on a timestamp/skip ahead instantly to pass. So it's either get the show immediately, or wait 8+ hours just to edit out 30 minutes of startup you can easily skip yourself.....oh yeah, and I can't add timestamps until it goes live, which means you'd have to wait 12+ hours for THOSE to go on the video since I'd be asleep." You know how to avoid all that? Don't start recording until the show starts. Boom. Problem solved and a large chunk of viewers will stop complaining.
  4. I mean he really fucking should since live streaming isn't going to be high priority next year and he's gonna be doing a lot less I think downgrading the bitrate during live streaming on a waaaay better network with all +'s over YouTube streaming is worth the exchange.
  5. While editing I listen to podcast frequently such as Bill Burr, Brilliant Idiots, music related podcast and those programs can run past 2 hours easily. These podcast don't have timestamps and they don't need them cause the broadcaster keep you captivated through the entire thing that make you not want to miss anything. The moment you encourage the listener to skip around the video the less content you're risking to be unheard. Also I would encourage Phil to use a script with bullet points to get to topic to topic with the more desired content (Games, and Business Affairs) towards the middle and the end so it forces the listener to hear the beginning.
  6. Wow.. i wasn't trying to insult Phil, I was just offering tips to help him produce better quality videos. What I mean is, certain aspects should be left for the live viewer's enjoyment and the video. I will admit, i did not know there was any actual pre-video banter between 10:00 and 26:00, I'm a fan that sat for a minute and didn't know that, what are the new viewers going to do? Some of that magic he should leave for the stream and hard core fans to come and experience in the live show...the video is already hard to swallow being over two hours long. That's why i think its unacceptable. If the views have remained stagnant or only have marginally increased its not going to take him in the direction he wants to go. Acceptable enough is not going to be enough anymore if he wants to become a successful "talking head" of YouTube, he's going to have put major effort into these videos. Besides the editing hurdle, Phil is going to have to learn to get to the point and stop rambling, I can almost guarantee viewership analytics is going to dwindle in that last 30 minutes because of the topic and rambling (and the slight discrimination with the vandalism wasn't cool either by the way), it was almost hard for me to take and I love hearing real life events of DSP. He may need to stop doing these so impromptu and start writing out a script just to stay on points without drawing out the length of the videos with ramble, like I said before, he's gonna have to cater to a crowd with a short attention span if he wants to gain more views and subs.
  7. Lol, Iwould love to help Phil out but I just don't have the time, the way he was talking he sounded like he was gonna do it all himself. If he needs help why doesn't he just get his friends from his earlier edited videos to help?
  8. Hi Phil, longtime fan from the UK! Just saw your recent updates on changes with the channel and I'm really excited for the future, but this latest Hate-Live video puzzles me because there's 30 minutes of just nothing before the video starts. I know you're trying to get the video up as soon as possible to the fans but as an editor my self I hope you're aware that this is going to be unacceptable when you start actually pumping out these new videos. Maybe I'm being a little nitpicky and I understand processing the video (pending on the hardware you use) may take time but simply cutting this last Hate-Live video you just uploaded would of reduced the upload time by 25% and would of been a lot cleaner. I understand you have timestamps in the description but to new subscribers who take a quick dip in your content are just gonna sit for maybe 10 secs and click off immediately. Sadly you gotta start pandering to people with very short attention spans...Just a couple a tips and keep pushing forward!
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