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  1. Some news on Fallout 4 and maybe RDR2 or a remake of the first one for pc? I would love some more news on Kingdom Hearts 3 over everything! Can't wait.
  2. I loved the Battletoad co-op speed run TMR and JC did. The Morrowind one was quite fun too, but got out of hand with glitches.
  3. ​Could not have said it better myself! If you haven't seen the videos, do yourself a favor, go and watch them! Can't wait to see Markiplier play this, if it's released.
  4. I see a lot of people put Dark Souls 2 as their GoTY, so I'll join them! Loved every second of it! TBoI: Rebirth is not far behind though.
  5. Got some. FTL: Faster Than Light - Just started playing it and it's an interesting little indie title with a lot of replay value. Kinda reminds me of TBoI, but in space....with pirates. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - A beautiful made game, gripping moments, simple yet fun gameplay. Star Ocean: The Last Hope - The only one in the series I've played and the first game I've put 100 hours into. A great RPG. Tales of Vesperia - Great game, great characters, wounderful music, addicting gameplay. the Dark Souls series - Know to be brutally difficult, but if you get past that, you've got your hands on a wonderful, yet sardistic game. One of my favorites.
  6. Probably Snake. That voice of his will be the fall of Leon. Sorry Leon, still love you though <3
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