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  1. Listening to an old album, Clair Morgan - No Note. Good dude, good album
  2. English: 5 Spanish: 4 - Sad day when your Spanish becomes complete shit because you speak English so much. Japanese: 1
  3. 1. I'm probably legally blind without my glasses. 2. I play a lot of Smite 3. I don't drink, mainly because If you add alcohol to my already crazy personality, shit gets bad. 4. I am a Writing/English Major. Also studying to become a teacher. 5. I listen to music about 90% of the time. At the moment I am listening to Run the Jewels 2. 6. I write a lot of reviews/articles but I don't tend to release them due to my critical nature when I review something. 7. I enjoy clothes more then one straight man should. 8. No one is ever able to pronounce my last name correctly. 9. One day I would like to
  4. ‚ÄčIt wouldn't, but I wasn't saying add it. I was saying I wish they stuck with the manga because that was already one scene we missed and probably more to come. I'm sure they have some cool shit setup for this route, but still.
  5. I thought it was alright. Honestly I wish they just went with the manga we already missed one awesome scene. For a first episode I was kinda disappointed but I think it will get better.
  6. All three books in the Millennium Series
  7. I'm an English/Writing Major. Dream Job: Is actually achievable, I really want to go to Japan and teach English. If were going sort of un-achievable I really want to write comics/manga.
  8. - Mad Max: Fury Road - Furious 7 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Chappie - Ant-Man
  9. Brandon

    The Witcher

    I'm extremely excited for it, I just hope it can live up to the hype. I loved two, so as long as it's as good as two, I'll be content.
  10. Been listening to American Football's self titled again. Also been getting into a band near my hometown, From Indian Lakes.
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy, for sure.
  12. Brandon


    I enjoy the hell out of e-sports events. I'll watch the International even though I don't know shit about Dota 2, same with League. The only e-sport I understand is Smite because I play it. As for the is it a "real" sport debate, I honestly couldn't care less.
  13. It's been three days and I barely remember what I did on New Year's Eve.
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