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  1. Another patreon perk if you get a certain amount(patreon goal) for the month, you can also replay specific games harder difficulities, obviously not super long PT's like DA but like Resident Evil Professional, Kingdom Hearts Critical, etc. so itd be something new u never done and itd give a good motive 4 patreons to keep donating.
  2. basically they just stating something that already exists with Fair Use , it is interesting but they should be focusing on real issues not ones covered under Fair Use
  3. would it be possible for playlist search to add in all of panda's playthroughs or add that to one of the search parameter for the homepage to check? and I second putting the gaming calendar, maybe for that month all games planned release or streams
  4. ​^This, i wanna see more new action rpgs like KH style, but jus made for next gen and open world would make it better with capability of the new systems, theres lack of "new" rpgs now honestly and its sad
  5. I'd say Ninja Gaiden 2(uncensored, not the ps3 version), and Razor's Edge and also the gears of war combat too def as well
  6. ​its a lot closer 2 PC games but still its pretty dumbed down compared to the actual PC quality , understandable, pcs are upgradable where consoles aren't and good its delayed like said above, more polish and making it work better, its gunna be awesome on pc
  7. Hasn't always been cuz i liked it to start but now i jus dont like are Assassin's creed and call of duty, its jus drawn long enough that its jus cash-in now, also destiny and titanfall, jus too much hype, still is for not that great of games, i think thats it, oh and the PC games like League or smite , never really got into it
  8. ​i really doubt that, prob heartless/nobodies, and "possibly" unversed might come back which would be cool too
  9. PhantomChaos03

    Help please

    now it works 4 me, idk what was up , maybe just enter the url(dont click space, jus enter right away)
  10. PhantomChaos03

    Help please

    idk it got changed i guess i thought u could jus paste the link and it showed up but now it jus shows the url, id like to know too now
  11. ​^this, they shouldve kept the like/dislike system and mods just be on watch out 4 the spammers, the ones who jus dont read but see username and DV for no apparent reason every post they do and ban them and/or revert said persons rep back to what it was b4 , idk if thats possible though
  12. I would want him 2 play Kingdom hearts: Dream Drop Distance on 3ds since he can now and it'd help a lot for KH3, also Borderlands: Pre-sequel even if its solo, its not really a long game so could be a good filler, Jak 3 would be awesome as well along with Birth by Sleep b4 his ps3 hdmi port dies
  13. that would def be better 4 him, you can do it online jus takes lil longer cuz they gotta mail it to u but iirc u get a temporary card if u wanna use it right away and tradeins would be way better than Gamestop by a LOT
  14. kinda agree, hope he either waits or make it honorable mention since he hasn't finished it yet, cuz whos to say he finishes and its gunna be GOTY still, cant really say much w/o completing it and doing mostly everything
  15. ​which is tech off-topic since its a speculation thread not make fun of ppls fave game series thread =/ anyway, i kno sora's confirmed main, but this streamer i watch who also is KH fan, talked on maybe ud get to play as every of the keyblade wielders of light kinda like how BBS did theirs except not jus 3 stories, and i think that'd be awesome, maybe like incorporated where u can choose who u wanna play, side stories or even since it "is" next-gen side by side, in optional coop from how mirage arena had MP. Tons of possibilities Square can do/working on now
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