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  1. OH and I forgot to mention this game has a beatyful Deadly Obsession mode, which has no checkpoint outside of those you make by using the campfires. Also, no survival instinct or enemy awereness icons. A NG+ main story only run with that difficulty level could be an amusing ideal for a rage-a-thon ;)
  2. Hello there, long time no see. I'm posting this here because I'm a youtube viewer, and I don't really attend to streams. I guess I'm late to the party but not too much (Phil is at around 70% of the story) but ehi there's still time. Time for what you might ask. welll... I had the chance to watch the playthrough, and I have to say, I'm not surprised by what I'm seeing, and I think I should remark something I actually pointed out back during early stages of the Rise of the Tomb Raider playthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_1KsYsLGWs&lc=UgivD6RkQ17oJngCoAEC My main point is, using it the way you do it's both good and bad. good because you're showing what the random TR player would do to in order the get the best outcome: mash R3+Square is not just the easy way, but the most convenient. I also wish to tell you you're spot on when you say that, while the game is full of collectibles, most of the skills you can earn by spending the points you get from collectibles are useless and there's little chance to even make use of them. you'll see what I mean in a few sessions. on the other hand, It pains me to say that seeing this on video makes the playthrough almost painful to watch sometimes. I mean, Phil, you in particular do not need to mask R3 every second. In fact , you can still get most of the collectibles without ever using using it. you played and beat more games than we ever will. :)
  3. kill-chan

    Persona 5

    ok so it's been a week since Phil beat the game, so it's time for me to wrap up my thoughts since I was the most critical about the game of the bunch here and yes I can confirm everything: some aspects of the gameplay are perfect: the dungeon gameplay and design, the "puzzles" , and the fact that social links this time give you some challenge and replayability instead of just being a relatively easy harem to put together and make a choice at the end of it. but the rest, I'm sorry, sucks so hard. I'm yet to beat persona 1-2, but 4 had the better story, execution and script. Tight and straight to the point. no chat bs, no small talk, nothing. 5 has an ok cast, I'll give it that, but that's it. the OST in 2-3-4 is hands down better than 5. game-y at times yet asskicking. I never, NEVER went back to the original combat OST. invasive and annoying. so yeah too many flaws. I could have ignored but ehi they get in the way so much I had to eventually turn the difficulty down to Supercasual cause I just wanted to be done with it . and these are my final words on the subject. speaking of OST:
  4. my choices: 10th Anniversary game: Bloodborne. everyone want to see that. also, 100% honest here, I have mixed feelings about another Heavy Rain playthrough. and nobody's gonna watch FFIV. Genre for downtime: Survival Horror. specifically, Resident Evil HD on Hard. Phil accidentally played on Easy. Kingdome Come : deliverance And by this I mean, ditch Skyrim Remastered and give this one a chance. it's hot stuff.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but... isn't this exactly what Phil does during his MP streams (and people give him shit for it) ?
  6. the comments section of that blog post if full of sub4sub requests they're clearly missing the point. not to mention they're all ~200subs channels with barely 20 views per video. I'm not even a "creator" myself (I mean I upload some random gaming clips and quake 3 arena matches every now and then :D, but that's about it, never really cared about numbers) but even I can understand YT words and actions don't really go in the same direction: I mean, "step up your game" they say, too bad YT recommended section is full of trash and clickbait crap. also, as a viewer, I would appreciate some tools that allowed be to completely hide some channels I don't want to see. just sayin
  7. I'l just keep it short. week in preview 1/1/2018 17:35 I think goals based on "the number of people" are always a bad, BAD idea, in general: that won't bring new people to your twitch. you need to do collabs and hostings for that. even in the best case scenario (you get all of your current viewers to sub) that number will eventually reach a limit at some point it's an artificial and temporary growth: some fans might just sub for month 1 and unsub during month 2 cause they might not be interested in the goal for month 2... just like they do with patreon. 21:09 way better idea. that's not gonna make your twitch grow either and patreon might go down... but at least you're giving the fans a more comfortable, interactive and on-the-fly way than patreon to reach the goal and, why not, maybe that would get rid of the troll cheers. while you're at it, consider adding a progress bar, or better, have a bot in the chat mention this goal thing from time to time (every 30' or so) so that you don't have to talk about it. I'm not sure it's possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  8. surprised? I'm surprised someone expected Phil to even pick it up. MH is the best example of infinite grind. good for a couple of youtube videos tops, unless you're a HC fan of the franchise and want to see someone really good/hilariously bad at it.
  9. I pick "NO". Loading from checkpoint or letting enemies kill him (same thing) in MGS games is what Phil used to do when things went wrong. basically, you're asking him to do just that, again, and incread the trial and error factor. a legit playthrough of the game should be: avoid detection, and defend yourself by all means necessary if things go wrong. plain and simple. surrender shouldn't be an option. if you really want to increase the challenge, here's some ideas: - beat the MGS2 VR missions - disable the radar in MGS2 - do not just stand still during the "caution" state in MGS3.
  10. Need For Speed Paycheck . The whole playthrough is gold, but I'll just pick this part for now pt. 90 0:00-0:48 Phil provides feedback
  11. Crash 3 N-Sane Trilogy Not a speedrun 10:39 11:13
  12. Hi, Phil I have 3 questions. 1) along with the recent release of cuphead, the infamous "difficulty in games" debate has made its return. I've seen people claiming every single player game should include an easy (or even a skip boss) mode that allows a wider audience to enjoy the artstyle and atmosphere of that game and see the ending. In my opinion what these people don't realize is that this mentality is exactly what brought us years of gimmicks, survival horror games turned into shooters, tomb raider games without mandatory tombs, complex fps games turned into streamlined shooting galleries and games all about graphics and almost no gameplay. your 2 cents? 2) your experience with Street Fighter 3. 3) did the the Weinstein scandal affect your approach to movies in anyway?
  13. Fart Limbo South Park : The Fractured But Whole, pt 90. 7:31-8:03
  14. yo Phil. you can safely, legitimately and legally play PSP games on PC even if you buy them from the store. - get a PSP emulator (ppsspp) - check the controller settings. the Xbox One controller should be fine, but that's not true for all psp games, since some of them used to be heavily designed around the psp control layout (e.g. Parasite eve 3 - 3rd birtday). - buy the digital game - download it on PSP or PSVita. if your PSP model doesn't have a wifi, you'll need to download it on a PS3 first, then copy the game on the PSP. - copy the game folder from the device to PC: simple USB connection for the PSP via Windows Explorer, Content Manager Assistant app for the PSVita (Content manager -> copy -> Applications -> Psp) - run PPSSPP , games -> find the folder -> run the game you can test this procedure with a demo version of a random PSP game from the ps store (there's plenty) before buying the game.
  15. 1. again, that goes to show the level of the game and the players. 3 combos, 4 strategies tops, some basics is all it takes to catch 'em off guard. you say "playing competitely" but, this matches are so far from that level. 2. he doesn't have that much time. there's a schedule. he's not a fighting games only player anymore. 3. I'm not talking about the time he puts in it, but the amount content covered. even then, I don't see the problem. you can't expect someone to play a game they don't like it in a certain way just for you
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