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  1. I have to say , watching Phil acting surprised to see mutated soldiers in franchise that's been about bioweapons for the longest is a sight to see
  2. Ok, so... crazy idea Considering that Divinity streams are low and Returnal is just a lame roguelike... how about Phil drops both playthroughs and explores, with those who made the Divinity playthrough possible , the possibility of switching to HADES?
  3. well my fault for daring to listen to the prestreams I guess...
  4. Phil's point is very simple: twich accused him of wrongdoing with no evidence. Meaning, they could do that to anyone, and because they have basically no real competition, they can afford to do that to people. Phil is literally 1 in a dozens of millions. That wouldn't be so bad, but then they told him the reason why he got unpartnered, and of all the things they could came up with, they went for the most confusing of all. Every single day twitch streamers get suspended/banned for the weirdest reasons , but he got unpartnered. How isn't that suspicious? Now: I don't know about you guys, but
  5. Honest question: how does Phil manage to get every single gaming news wrong? This just yesterday: Ubisoft: "We'll be focusing on AAA free-to-play games" (basically Genshin Impact) Phil: "Ubisoft stated that they will be focusing on free-to-play games, rather than full fledged AAA games, so they're targeting people who are not like us and play mobile games for one hour and put it down"
  6. because he had no reason to look that up, that's not a roadblock. Also, you get to kill animals way earlier than you get introduced to cooking.
  7. Look, I don't even care. He did that for Limbo and that pt is legendary. He's just so unbearable slow in this game. The last 20 minutes of Pt 8 are so transparent, he's not even pretending anymore. Ee's stretching it as long as possible cause everyone has been saying that the game is "short". EDIT: yeah, rumor my balls :D he hid under the bed before the final chase triggered, cause he knew ahead fo time that doing that was to only way out. He applied the solution to a problem that was yet to present. He only took note of what to do, but couldn't bother rememberin
  8. Phil's absolute worst playthrough. Fight me.
  9. Violation of the content licence agreement. Which could be anything. Use of certain emotes , or the fact he's been monkeybranching for years, uploading his own streams on the dspgaming yt channel before the 24h limit. VODs channel on yt always publish videos 1 day after the fact. Phil does it as soon as the stream is over. Phil knew about the rule, everywhere you ask they'll tell you that the rule exists,all you have to do is google it. The fact that Phil's guy at twitch apparently told him that twitch doesn't actively go after streamers doesn't mean anything. They could sti
  10. For some reason Phil believe that this each biome takes 3 hours to beat. That's obviously not true. He's afraid of dying cause he believes that'd result in a wasted of time... but then he does everything reeeeally sloooow . @PhiIif you're reading this, this isn't a Ghouls And Ghosts. It's ok to die, and you're not supposed to go inspect everything. The map will take note of thing for you.
  11. They did, it's in the email
  12. you read my post wrong.
  13. That's right, lemme add Max Payne 3
  14. Phil is ranting , AGAIN, about the game being a Rogue-like, AGAIN, as I'm writing this. now please allow me to debunk his poins real quick: - you can't save your progress: WRONG. The map retains all the information and you do keep some unlockables - every time you die you restart from completely from scratch WRONG. all the previous knowledge of the game is intact, in your head. The game is balanced in a way that that's enough to be good at it. that's the entire point of playing a rogue-like. Restarting THIS game from scratch is different that restarting
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