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  1. If you're like me, you have no patience. and if you have no patience you're not gonna enjoy Monster Hunter. You either love it or just don't wanna bother. I wouldn't , so I didn't bother with MHW. Like, sure, you might argue that playing games is Phil's job, but you need to understand that MH requires a whole new level of dedication. If you don't enjoy the process, MH can consume you. MH is 90% process, 7% progress and 3% dumb fun. Don't pretend you don't know how Phil's brain works. He expects the game to establish and abide to a firm set of rules just so th
  2. I don't think OBS allows to stream "scene A" while recording "scene B" in a single instance.
  3. look... I think Phil is projecting. I believe his argument for not playing those events might be based on the way he used to play them in the past -- as a substitute for IRL interactions -- and now he's assuming everyone does it too. When he says "I'm married now, I don't need it" ... am I the only one seeing the strong implication that back when he was single , he in fact needed it?
  4. Almost. He asks the chat to assign skill points for him so I think we'll get to the point of "Well, the game is too arcaic, it doesn't explain anything, you need to play Baldur's Gate (?!?!) to understand how it works and now I'm stuck. This is it!" sooner than the 10 months milestone. If only he took the "don't squirt points at random" suggestion during the cybepunk playthrough, he might have saved it.
  5. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (the best in the franchise) Tomb Raider I (1996)
  6. Following the recents rants spawned by Phil's rejections towards the dating quests in Yakuza 7, Mass Effect 2 2nd Run, Final Fantasy 7 remake , or in general his reaction to games that present romantic-related gameplay mechanics or even HINTS of romantic situations involving the playable character, I feel like I should address this particular subject. Phil, it's ok to completely avoid romance quest etc. I do that too. In most cases they're cheap cashgrabs. Most RPGs wouldn't sell half of what they do if they didn't have that aspect. I have my reason, you have yours. However,
  7. That article isn't a guideline or anything, it's completely arbitrary. Looks like OP went out of his way to find sources to whatever point he was trying to make.
  8. Here's a game. Watch this playthrough and take a sip for every time Phil says - confusing - complicated - convoluted - weird - odd - Borderlands
  9. Look , I already know that the usual suspects will come out and say that he played it wrong, his build made no sense, he didn't pick hard which the game itself described as the ideal mode to really put the build to the test, he didn't even try to adopt a playstyle... but here's the thing: they'd be right :D Yes, the game has non-lethal instant takedowns from above, and you can unlock a perk that slows-down time when you're about to get spotted so that you can go hide more efficiently, but also increase damage in order to compensate for the damage decrease introduced b
  10. When games are too short for a AAA game.. ... or just about right
  11. Funny thing is you, the original poster of this thread, are also the original poster of the already existing "Prestream" thread.
  12. Why the 20 minutes long script for the prestream instead of a slideshow on loop during the segment?
  13. That time someone asked him specifics about one thing he said weeks ago that could have been seen as controversial and he felt he needed to address it, so he did. That question was clearly a bait.
  14. ok , no, let's honest here. The game gives you a grenade launcher exactly where you need it, in the sewers, to beat those big white things. Then it gives you mines ammo, 6 zombies, and then the boss fight starts. You don't need to be a genius to understand how a proximity mine works, and even if you don't , a few tries are more than enough to grasp the concept. Anyway, back to the boss fight: you shoot the guy , he starts wallrunning, and if you insist enough times with the same fruitless strategi, Jill tells what to do. The rest is dodge/shoot. Also, it's Resident Evil. Y
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