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  1. Here's a game. Watch this playthrough and take a sip for every time Phil says - confusing - complicated - convoluted - weird - odd - Borderlands
  2. Look , I already know that the usual suspects will come out and say that he played it wrong, his build made no sense, he didn't pick hard which the game itself described as the ideal mode to really put the build to the test, he didn't even try to adopt a playstyle... but here's the thing: they'd be right :D Yes, the game has non-lethal instant takedowns from above, and you can unlock a perk that slows-down time when you're about to get spotted so that you can go hide more efficiently, but also increase damage in order to compensate for the damage decrease introduced b
  3. When games are too short for a AAA game.. ... or just about right
  4. Funny thing is you, the original poster of this thread, are also the original poster of the already existing "Prestream" thread.
  5. Why the 20 minutes long script for the prestream instead of a slideshow on loop during the segment?
  6. That time someone asked him specifics about one thing he said weeks ago that could have been seen as controversial and he felt he needed to address it, so he did. That question was clearly a bait.
  7. ok , no, let's honest here. The game gives you a grenade launcher exactly where you need it, in the sewers, to beat those big white things. Then it gives you mines ammo, 6 zombies, and then the boss fight starts. You don't need to be a genius to understand how a proximity mine works, and even if you don't , a few tries are more than enough to grasp the concept. Anyway, back to the boss fight: you shoot the guy , he starts wallrunning, and if you insist enough times with the same fruitless strategi, Jill tells what to do. The rest is dodge/shoot. Also, it's Resident Evil. Y
  8. Yeah, that wasn't pretty to see. It's not like the streamchat made the game. :D Most people beat hardcore before he even uploaded his videos on youtube, and we had no guides to tell us what to do. Heck, JILL HERSELF tells you what to do, full new Tomb Raider style. All Phil needed to do was shoot the thing, and that would have at least triggered Jill's internal monologue. If you beat Nightmare, there's one more difficulty level. Inferno. Or , as I like to call it, the actual Resident Evil 3 Remake: 5 typewriters, no autosaves, even larger healbars, differe
  9. past RPD, the original RE3 was a cakewalk. This remake, it drowns you in bullets/gunpowder the same way , but new enemy types get introduced much earlier than RE2R.
  10. 20:47 In RE3R you can save manually at typewriters without limits, like RE2R on standard. Contrary to RE2R hardcore, in RE3R harcored 1 hit lowers your health to caution instead of directly to danger.
  11. @PhiI In Hardcore mode, the game has checkpoints. You don't need ink ribbbons to save. It's basically just HARD.
  12. I think he played Manhunt for the "horror" marathon, except that game was more about shock value than horror. Also... let's be honest: of all the IPs Rockstar spawned endlessly after GTA3, Manhunt aged the worst.
  13. I don't mind human noises but throat clearing is bad for, well, the throat. Stop doing that Phil.
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