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  1. ​yeah, a lot of people say the fishman island was boring and hordy is probably one of the worst one piece villains but the fisher tiger past storyline touched an emotional chord with me and I really liked Shirahoshi's character and her interactions with Luffy. The fish man arc was really about showing or depicting class warfare/racism in the one piece series. The series has kinda been doing this throughout but I feel like they really start to dig deep in this arc.
  2. I was looking at them today too many...Bayonetta 2, Bloodborne, persona 1, yakuza 3, dragon quest 9, resident evil revelations 2, dragon age inquisitions,kingdom hearts chain of memories and xenogears that's just the games I'm looking at playing sometime soon...I have a whole other set of games as well that I'm just hoarding till I finally beat the games above.
  3. ​I totally agree one piece deserves way more attention, dressrosa is turning out to be one of my favorite arcs. I really love Doflamingo as a villain too. He's such a great character design and his powers are so interesting!
  4. ​I agree wholeheartily with you on this. If your in a place of authority you should distance yourself from pettiness and try to decide and handle things in a mature and adult manner. If onyx continues this behavior this will only leave a negative reputation on the forums. So I honestly ask that he learn from his mistakes and understand the difference between appropriate behavior befitting of someone in his position and childish actions. ​This isn't about catching a bad guy this is about running a good forum that people won't be afraid in or uncomfortable being a part of.
  5. NK

    Comic Book Talk

    ​I'm really glad when I read one more day I was so pissed! One more day is what completely turned me off to reading future spiderman comics. I was so used to them being married that the idea of them not being together really just was a deal breaker for me. I would rather read all-star batman ten more times than read one more day again
  6. ​I don't honestly believe this...if a forum administrator wants to run a successful forum you can't have the ability to do whatever you want to the forum members. There has to be clear reasons for why things are done that way when other forum members see these acts they don't see it as a abuse of power but as a reasonable punishment given the actions. Changing someones name and jumping into private conversations are completely unnecessary acts that don't help the forum in anyway for the better.
  7. ​yeah same here, I just brought my 3ds xl last year so I'm in no hurry to buy a new 3ds. I'm kinda happy this game is getting rereleased though since being a gamestop exclusive on the wii probably didn't help it sales. This game is probably one of the best JRPGs I played in a while. This game is making me really look forward to xenoblade chronicles x
  8. staying up all night to play Xenoblade chronicles so addicting liking it a lot so far!
  9. I'm really excited for this I love yusuke Murata's artwork I really glad madhouse is doing the anime since eyeshield 21(his past work) was handled so poorly
  10. ​What's happening here is not drama but a violation of people's privacy which shouldn't happen under any circumstance. If some one dislikes you that doesn't give you the permission to read their private messages. This wouldn't happen in any other forum and this shouldn't be happening in this forum. Your actions are making the forums a very unwelcoming place for many. To know that nothing private is really private is an unpleasant thought that I honestly wish I didn't have to associate with the king of hate forums. oh and another thing voicing your disapproval on a subject that merits it shouldn't be a ban worthy offense
  11. ​I can actually give you a good reason why reboots are disliked by many people. The fact that the past narrative is forgotten and replaced by a new narrative is annoying for most people. I'll give you a good example I was reading Geoff Johns Hawkman storyline which was a really well written storyline that ends abruptly when it could of continued. I liked the storyline so much I brought the trade issues just to read the end of it only to have it rebooted when the plot was getting interesting. There are also cases where rebooting the series feels right but for the most part it would probably be better if they made alternate series to go along with the original story lines instead of rebooting. Some storylines are worth continuing so I hope that companies don't constanlty just run to rebooting to solve story problems. As for getting a new audience why not just promote alternative story lines and leaves originals so that older readers won't feel abandoned or confused with the new change. Both True Grit movies are adaptions of a book so in this case they aren't reboots just different versions of the same narrative. In the case of the new Coen brothers movie it more closely follows the original narrative I know this because I read the book.
  12. ​I mainly use crunchyroll because it's easy to use but regardless you should definitely check out Toriko. I'm on episode 80 right now and I still haven't gotten bored. It's a very fun series that I think many people overlook.
  13. ​I'm unsure what's available in what countries but crunchyroll is supported on mobile and several other things. I watch it on my PS3 and WiiU but it pretty much works for most smartphones and all the gaming consoles.
  14. ​oh, I watch Toriko subbed on crunchyroll. it's a subscription based program like hulu or netflix but for anime and dramas.
  15. ​I didn't dislike the game but at the same time none of it seemed very gripping the combat was addicting but the places and the story didn't interest me much. If the story is good I'll usually play anything to the end but it seemed very generic without any interesting characters to pull me in. I may try to play it again since it's really hard for me to leave a game unfinished but...
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