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  1. ​Kind of not what the thread is about.. 1. Burger 2. Chicken strips and onion rings 3. Nah 4. Root beer
  2. Well Toph can sense all attacks but Gaara can pretty much make his attacks unavoidable, not just a few rocks here and there. The question is, can Toph manipulate his sand, is his sand considered Earth? Especially considering his sand comes from a gourd, not the actual Earth. If she can't, how the hell could she possibly beat Garaa considering he has perfect offense and even better defence? I haven't watched Shippuden btw.
  3. ​The story was decent I suppose, character wasn't that great. Gameplay was pretty damn good, was fun to explore around, side content was varied and often times fun, and the multiplayer was very addictive. It wasn't a 9.25 like Phil gave it, but it's not a 3 like some people give it, that's just ridiculous. I would say a 7 or so would have been more than exceptional for this game.
  4. ​Fucking knew you'd comment on this, lmao.
  5. God how can you guys be okay with all this shit being crammed into one thread... On topic: Watch dogs got too much hate for no reason regardless of the fact that E3 games have gotten downgrades for YEARS before this game.
  6. Hi I'm Zybatsu, why are these all mashed into one thread instead of an actual section? (Would be nice to have one, please)
  7. As you can see by my profile picture, I'm ready.
  8. ​ ​We'll see, these same people made the Budokai series and Burst limit, which are considered the best next to the tenkaichi series. I have faith personally because the previous 2 or 3 games were made by complete randoms.
  9. Hope not bro.​ ​I get ya, but this is being made by a trusted DBZ game developer, so let's hope for the best.
  10. ​Should pick it up, it's actually made by the same people who made Budokai 3.
  11. Pretty much every company you listed. I have to ask, why the "Although" in regards to Bethesda? EDIT: Never mind, read more posts.
  12. ​DAMN STRAIGHT. So many people on here probably think they just poke fun at people who do bad LP's but that isn't the case. Watch Poorkour if you haven't bro. Part 3 had me in tears. https://www.youtube.com/user/farfromsubtle Is my recommendation.
  13. So I've been offline for a few days and came back to see yet another thread of mine closed. (Seriously? -.-) However, that isn't what got me upset. As a lot of you probably know I created a debate thread regarding Phil. It was closed for reasons that you can see yourself. http://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/335-lets-debatediscuss-darksydephil/ Here's why I'm pissed: 1. Yet another thread with an intelligent subject matter was closed instead of Moderated due to the actions of a few. The same people that usually derail and flame bait on these type of threads did the same thing to this one. My
  14. ​See, now why couldn't this mentality be applied towards a thread such as this? http://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/335-lets-debatediscuss-darksydephil/ Delete, warn, repeat. Help me understand. On topic: I used to watch every single one of his videos since 2008. Recently though I personally only pick and choose what I watch of his, very rarely do I watch anything of his at all. I have this mentality of loving people's reactions towards certain parts of video games. So right now for example, I'm watching certain parts of his DA: I play-through for reactions to things like Morrigan's return.
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