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  1. ​If you replace "waah" with "My interest in Phil's videos is declining because...." then maybe you'll understand why you shouldn't just write them off as "whiny haters."
  2. ​Everyone gets negative reviews, the difference is that most people don't actively look for them and then go on a tirade whenever they find one.
  3. Seems harsh to demod someone for this. I do hope the powers that be will reconsider.
  4. I lied about my identity too. I'm still just a Honedge.
  5. They're doing what Phil should be doing; filtering out the good parts and presenting them in a digestible fashion. Not everyone has the time to watch 8 hours worth of one guy's videos every day. If you're looking for an LP of a game on Youtube, you can find about a million different people succeeding, but Phil's fails are unique.
  6. 4 times out of 5, going off topic is an honest mistake, and unless the person is a repeat offender, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. At least one "back on topic" warning should be issued before locking the thread. if it does come to locking, the locker should be firm, but not contentious - explain why it was locked but don't resort to insults; it's petty to call people names and then keep them from responding.
  7. Each choice has to sound equally good, otherwise the results will be biased. You can't have one box be all negative, and one be all positive, otherwise it looks like you don't even want an opinion. You should just present your facts and then have the check boxes labelled simply as Play Hardline[ ] Don't play Hardline[ ]
  8. Is there a reply button in the message?
  9. ​That may be true, but there's a right way and a wrong way to be outspoken. The right way is to say you dislike it and explain why WITHOUT resorting to personal attacks, and without making uninformed claims. Because he was so hostile when he initially talked about Minecraft, he has no choice but to be hostile again when he did a complete 180 on his stance.
  10. Right there is your problem. If you're going to talk shit about things before you do any research on them, you're going to get negative reactions. Even if you did play the game and didn't like it, there's still no reason that you have to talk shit about other people for their gaming preferences.
  11. ​Mr Peabody and Sherman? A goddess and a pervert use calligraphy to vanquish demons
  12. ​That's what I thought too, but I'm nto sure it's the best idea. When you're trying to bring in a new audience, you really don't want your content fluctuating like that. I'd recommend a grace period, like if you lapse below for 3 straight months, only then do you discontinue the Minecraft thing. DSP already knows that everyone who buys a one time perk will either be lowering or withdrawing their pledge next month, so just something to consider.
  13. Question; a lot of the money comes from one-time perks. Will you keep doing DSP Plays it if the people at the one-time tiers stop after one month?
  14. ​Now you're just asking for them to call themselves "Brothers of PandaLee." Better I think of it before they do. If anyone wants a suggestion for another song for their Phil montage, I'd recommend Frank Sinatra's "My Way."
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