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  1. A good batch of suggestions Phil will be annoyed by and ultimately ignore. I wonder what he'll call you this time?
  2. I don't want to be THAT guy, but it's not "could of" it's could have or could've. It's one of those things that always bugs me and I saw it twice on the last two pages. Think of the children!
  3. Sure, but this has been a youtube discussion and James didn't go negative to get easy views. He just thought the character was funny. It may have been a calculated decision for Joe, but I don't think that was the case for James.
  4. For sure. James is playing a character and his words are all scripted. Joe for the most part only talks angry when he's legitimately angry. That was what I was saying about the games that have gotten Phil so much attention. It can't just be a negative review of a game people don't care about, it's gotta be a game that people are talking about and already searching for on YT. TMNT was a smaller game that most weren't paying much attention to, but Homefront was a fairly big release that had a lot of eyes on it.
  5. Not that it matters, but when James came up with AVGN, Youtube was brand new and he didn't even use it at first. In his case, it wasn't a calculation. Angry Joe certainly and when it's used today it's very much a tactic for easy views.
  6. Homefront and Mirror's Edge were higher profile games that people were more likely to look for on yt.
  7. No need to imply. Phil breaks the forum rules all the time with insulting, inflammatory comments, but since it's his forum, you could argue that he is immune to them. He's paying the bills as you say.
  8. Are you referring to Phil? I've heard him call people mentally ill or retarded more times than I can count.
  9. I feel like we're on different pages, so I'll just stop trying to explain what I'm saying. Cheers.
  10. From the way I understand it, Phil sees all of these goals as "free". He considers them rewards to his Patrons, not an obligation. My point is that it would be bad for his future Patreon success going forward to miss the big goal because it's the ONLY goal and Patrons essentially get nothing if it isn't reached. I think Phil knows this and that's why he gets nervous at the end of every month. He doesn't want to take all that money and not be able to reward people. Those people might not come back the following month if that happens. Smaller goals could possibly keep that from happening.
  11. I don't have much to add, but I do agree with the idea of doing different tier goals. At least with that, the Patrons get something if the main goal isn't reached.
  12. This thread is a symptom of the whole forum. It's always dead..not just right now. When a thread does start to get interesting, it's locked so we can get back to the crickets. If this forum isn't dead, it sure is on life support.
  13. Digital tumbleweeds everywhere. This place is dead as hell after the fun thread was inevitably locked. Sigh. It's a shame that the threads people are enjoying always getting smashed. Oh...uh yeah what Brogana said
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