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  1. They have taken steps to fix things Phil. They've implemented a team of people to look at the claims. http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/28/youtube-improving-anti-takedown-measures/ But you're so anti-YouTube that you refuse to believe them. You said as much in your video about the fair use thing.
  2. Yes, the controller is coming to the states the same day. March 18th.
  3. I'm making this thread in the playthrough section in the hope that Phil plays this game. Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game coming out for the Wii U on March 18th. What makes it unique is that the roster is entirely pokemon. Here's the trailer for it. It seems like something right up Phil's alley and I'd love to see him play it. It's gameplay is supposed to be similar to the Tekken series, hence Pokkén in the title. What do you guys think? Should Phil try to squeeze it in?
  4. But he talked over the characters in Yakuza 4 & 5. What's the difference here?
  5. Do you have any clue how many copyright/content ID claims go through YouTube in a single day? At all? The only way they could have a person look at every single claim every day would be to hire teams of people to do nothing but that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in every country on the planet. It's not as easy to make that happen as you seen to think it is. Millions upon Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day which means millions of claims go through every day. But I suppose you think it's easy to find thousands and thousands of people who are familiar with every aspect
  6. That is the exact wrong attitude to have. Do you have any idea how quickly YouTube would disappear if they just stopped letting copyright and content id claims happen? Their hands are tied. Stop attacking YouTube and go after outdated copyright laws. The system YouTube has in place is legally required according to the DMCA. The only thing YouTube is guilty of is making it too easy to abuse their copyright system.
  7. All right, Phil's video for #WFTU is good but I feel it attacks YouTube a bit unfairly. Yes, they're too quick and too vicious with their takedowns, but it's an automated system. And Phil failed to mention that under the DMCA YouTube is required to have this system in place or they are held liable for every claim made on every video on the site. Just, before picks up their torches and pitchforks and goes after YouTube do a little research into Copyright Law. I can tell you Phil doesn't fully understand how it works. Here, this video does a good job of explaining why YouTube can't just flip a s
  8. Slightly off-topic, but, what you're describing here isn't a reaction it's a review. I've not of heard of anyone needing to take notes to react to something, or do multiple takes of "lines" in a reaction video. Your reaction videos, from what I've seen as I haven't watched them all, are more like mini reviews than reactions. In my opinion at least.
  9. In today's Nintendo Direct they took a look at the 20 year history of Pokemon. Going back through the years to give a quick look at all the generations, including announce a new generation coming out this year. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.
  10. There are ways to get around the trolling in both places. YouTube added a blacklist feature a long time ago. You can add words and phrases to a blacklist and then comments with those words and phrases in them don't show up. As for stream chat that's as simple as clear, easy to understand rules and active moderators.
  11. If that's the case why did Phil just go on a 20+ minute rant about something that never happened?
  12. Alright Phil, this'll be the like 4th time I've posted this in this thread. He didn't make a mistake, you did. He never called you a ragequitter. If you actually understood what he was saying you'd know that. But you let your emotions overwrite everything. He used you in reference to the fact that you complain and make excuses why it's not your fault you're losing. That's it. Stop trying to start a flame war over something that didn't happen.
  13. But Phil does rage and complain when he plays games, especially fighting names. Not as much as he used to but he still does it. And like I said earlier, anyone who uses that as a reason to not watch him probably wouldn't have watched him anyway.
  14. Quit - To stop or discontinue an action or activity. I'd say what he did in that injustice video falls under that definition. He just stopped playing completely and let the guy kill him. If that's not quitting then what is It?
  15. That doesn't explain to me why Phil got so worked up about it. I mean, if he was still a pro player then fine. I can see how that could damage a pro player's reputation. But Phil's not a pro player anymore, for all intents and purposes he is now a casual player. Or even if he only covered fighting games, but he doesn't. So how does people thinking he's a ragequitter affect him? Anyone who uses that as a reason for not watching him probably wouldn't have watched him anyway. Oh, and again AOS never called Phil a ragequitter. It didn't happen.
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