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  1. What do you want from phil? Think of me as the geni I will give you what you want if it is a reasonable thing.
  2. *sigh* are you still discussing obsessive arhives. Isn't this getting a bit old guys?
  3. It isn't kids only?
  4. I don't think the two are releated. On one hand he got something like sounded very much like a phising e-mail. At least the way he read it. I actually spoke with the guy. And he provided me with this screenshot of his paypal. I have no idea if it can say anything about legitimacy. I guess only time will tell.
  5. No it's not Psychotic behavior. It's try hard troll, and highschool bully like behavior. He is desperately trying to make everything Phil does in to something negative, and funny about him. Something that at times unfunny and cringe worthy. He have tweeted more about Phil then what Phil has about himself. Just treat it like CNN news, try not to watch it. And if you do. Know that it is most probably Isn't trustworthy.
  6. ... I have been lied to!
  7. Ok just to clarify a thing. We are talking about two different people and happenings right? One where a person named BeAwesomeone Who made the worst impact on DSP gaming. And the other one Jackie Chin who did something similar to The king of hate Vlogs right? I have spoken to one of these people. (Jackie Chin) and he says that he never had anything to do with the strikes on DSP gaming what so ever. I mean it is important to stress this. Because it is not fair to Blame someone for something they didn't do. What he claimed was some of the the bumpers on the vlog channel. Because he had the original on his youtube channel "Wolf Engline" (the channel isn't anymore) Something he claimed he could do, because it was his "intellectual property" And he didn't want anything with him associated with DSP after he abandoned project 7. If this is indeed true, it was maybe a bit of a dick move to to it. But it didn't affect Phil that much economically. He has himself stated that the vlog channel isn't that big of a deal moneywise- The only thing I got out of this situation in regards to the "real culprit" Beawesomeone was that he had later regretted the whole thing or something. And that most people had frowned upon what he did. My research in to him only shows a really bad memer and internet troll. With some really terrible phil releated humor. And if he indeed was the guy behind it. He is just some try hard Canser troll that would best be forgotten. And not given any attention. Other than for the perjury he committed when he falsely copyright striked phil.
  8. Without never actually checking I always assumed Daylight saving time ment that we would wake one hour later in the winter. To not have to have to be so much in the darkness in the winter mornings. Turns out we have to get up an hour earlier in summer. It's the winter time that is the standard time. In norway we just call it summer/winter time. But anyways if the concept is that you have to get up an hour earlier in summer. I don't like it. I also just learned that changing the day with one hour is more unhealthy then what the benefits for that extra hour of sunlight. If i understand it right it is more economical. It saves on resources. And that is why governments like it. I guess "saving resources time" doesn't sound as good. No one would like to get up an hour earlier just for that. This one place where I worked we had the practice that we worked an hour extra in the winter, (7am - 4pm) and one hour less in the summer. 7am -14PM) That could be called daylight saving time. You work just as many hour a year, and you get more freetime during the summer.
  9. In reality what have happened is that he focuses more on twitch, rather than youtube. And the two very separate things. If you just saw the stream, there is no reason to think you will go and see the playthrough on youtube. So we have to assume the two are for different audiences. So what happened before is that he recorded for a youtube audience while streaming on twitch. These are some user statistics from both twitch and youtube. Even though at face value they seem to show similar tendencies it is one huge difference. From october 2014 to november 2016 he wasn't there at all. That is why you see a straight graph from one point to another. It doesn't make an accurate representation because there was no activity. Here is a lesson in Marketing. If the graph look Like the one in DSP gaming something is wrong. In fact we know the revenue per view have decreased also. So what you see there is certain doom. You are either a marked leader, follower, or niche. Phil has a niche business on youtube. And that in and of it self would be ok. If he had seen some growth. But this trend shows none. He have said he won't change his recipe. It's raw unedited content all the way. As a comparison it would almost be like selling VHS tapes in the early 2000's. On twitch on the other hand. It's a different story. Because phil just went from a niche, to become a marked follower. And the trend is different. It seem like he have understood that this is the way forward as well. This is definitely where his focus should be. And that even if he would get a new managed partnership on youtube. If he still want to archive his streams on youtube, that is probably fine, and might make more sense as well. But the change was needed. A suggestion: If he is going to keep the Videos on youtube he should maybe consider uploading two different versions as well. One with the whole stream chat, and notifications, as well as the raw edition without it. A little edited like he used to. These are just my thoughts in regards to DSP gaming and Twitch. I consider KO gaming and his Vlogging different entities.
  10. I almost agree with you, I don't think there is many that would like to see phil out of business though. Remember Some will loose their entire meaning of existence once he goes away. Some of his detractors are very parasitic. Now we know the truth about the comment section on DSP gaming. There is a lot of trolling there. But if these where disabled what will happen is that this will be spun like Phil is fragile, and can't take the banter. Also that he is silencing criticism. Even if that is not the case, or the reason. You might ask, why let people troll him? Because one thing will spill over in another. Even if you close a valve. The pressure will still be the same. It will just manifest other places where there still is a valve open.
  11. But in turn have a subreddit where all his videos are discussed...
  12. Totally agree with this one. Anita sarkesian would be a perfect example of this. You don't want to be compared to her.
  13. I have thought though this, and read what people are saying here. And I sort of changed my mind on the subject a little. I am not like this stupid idiot that thinks it is not worth discussing. In fact the discussion in and of it self made me realize something. Sometimes asinine comments serve their own purpose of being in Phils favor. Because Most people are not stupid idiots. I am pretty sure the comment you made Aceman is in the spirit that I sometimes make them. Being purposefully edgy for some self serving comic purpose. Where just imagining the outrage some people might be feeling makes me laugh of it. And Phil in some eyes having the image of some Salty Sailor, sailing on the salty sea of blame and bitterness, makes it even more fun to do. I too have come to that realization. I think you should leave the comment section as is. After going through some of them, it serves you better to have it there. It is like a diplay window of how unreasonable some people can be. And It is just fun to read. People with half a brain won't take it seriously anyways. Especially this being in the context of a youtube comments.
  14. This was a valid question he asked during this week in preview. If he did there would be less hate and trolling, but I suppose they are also part of what makes the videos entertaining to watch for some. So it would affect the views. I am sure there are some people that would like to help him moderate the comments. To remove the worst of the filth. There are also ways to apply filters. So i personally think he should look in to this options before he starts removing them all together.
  15. The flooding of the sub boxes is a non issue. First of all all the videos are uploaded more or less at the same time. And if you are not interested you just scroll past them. And mostly I think people use the little bell feature On the channels they really want updates from. I have that enabled on KO gaming and Kingofhatevlogs. But not on DSP gaming. Because the DSP gaming one is almost like a regularly scheduled program anyways. You know when and what to find there if you are interested. However If you are going to shorten the clips. A minimum effort may have to be put in to it. Your schtick Is that you want the raw unedited feeling. Because that gives an accurate representation of the game. But You still upload things that are just totally unnecessary. Things that aren't fail, success, or anything in between. If you are so stubborn, and adamant people want to watch boring and empty content. Upload the whole stream in one movie. And Do an absolute minimum of editing to the shorter clips you are uploading. I know the reason you don't do this is "time" you simply don't have the time to go an do that. Because you don't only have to record the content. You would have to edit it too. And that means watching through everything you have uploaded. Which takes at minimum at least the time of the content it self. I have some bad news for you. That is the "real job" The time consuming part is to eliminate what is unwatchable so you keep your viewers. There is just no way around it. This is the problem and If you don't get good at this. And use your precious time doing this things will never be any better for DSP gaming. Raw and unedited footage = Boring and unwatchable content. No matter how many times you split it up. The only justification you can have to do that. Is if you include the streamchat. Because that could be distracting enough to keep people watching, even when what you are doing is pure cancer. and editing things out in that case will ruin the continuity of the chat. I am sure if you just shorten the clips that it would help the "viewer retention percentage" And might help with your revenue. But it wouldn't be a solution to the problem. Just a really bad workaround. What you have to realize is that your time isn't shorter, or more worth than anyone else. You either have to team up with someone that can do some work for you. Or the sacrifice would be your time. But hey phil, you can simply do nothing. keep loosing altitude, and hope something changes before you crash. Who knows, maybe youtube would change their algorithm to favor clips with a short viewer retention rate. Because if you just watch a small part of a video it means that it is really good, right? /kappa /dolan /derpface /whathever Now I will give you this. When you have baited a person in to watching an ad. Even though your video wasn't what that person where looking for. You should get your cut. Even if you tricked someone in to watching basically just the ad. I see why google/youtube "booksmart" people don't want to favor that. But Someone watched their ad. And that is how they make their living. So they should pay you for it. Also a good point. Oversaturation with ads is not helping your at all. If you see too many of those yellow bars, you get discuraged for watching whatever it is. Unless you are using adblock. And don't see them, but then you wan't make shit on it anyways. Not overstaturating your videos with ads, is maybe the easiest thing you can do also.