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  1. New low for Trolling. Will this be the future?

    Phil makes a living as he does. If he stops doing that and takes another job. His revenue as a streamer goes away. And he would have to take a job that someone else could have had. Instead of two sources of revenue, you are left with one.
  2. New low for Trolling. Will this be the future?

    Do you think his employer would be a money factory? Where they just manifests money from thin air? If he stops streaming you remove a source of revenue. And he would have a job someone else would benefit from. Do you not get that? It won't stop him from contributing to the economy but someone else. Why is that so important for you or anyone? It's just so illogical.
  3. New low for Trolling. Will this be the future?

    I am sorry I have to do this. But sometimes I get linked to some really stupid argument which shows a real lack of understanding basic economics. And I hope I can teach some inorant people doing this. 99% of his money doesn't go to pay interest. But that is not the point. It's just about the basics on how the economic system works. When people take a loan in a bank to buy a house, they generate money. All money is basically debt. And the way fractional banking works is that a bank can lend out 90% more money then what their actual reserves are. Because when you loan the money you promise to pay it back. And the bank holds security in the house you have bought. Now your debt Is real capital for the person you bought the house from. And new money is put in to the system. The value of the new money however is borrowed from the existing money, and adding more money to the existing supply makes their value less. So you now have more money that is worth less, and because money is added in this way constantly. Their value drop over time. that is the phenomenon called inflation. Because of that banks need to take interest. And it have to be slightly higher then the inflation, because they also are a business. Bankers may be greedy, and the system corrupt But this is the way it works. And the way capital is created. The banks and bankers profit of what they can get in interest that is higher then the inflation. The rest of the money (debt)is ins circulation in the system. Then what is that source stupid? Someone have to pay him, the money have to come from somewhere. If not from ad revenue and people affluent enough to support phil, where would these money come from? If he get's it from a wallmart he doesn't add anything to the economy. Now you directly support phil Buying their goods and services. And have removed a source of income. One less job on the marked. Well done. And guess what now you support phil, if that isn't that irony I don't know I think you are just missing the point completely. You may not support phil and no one cares. But when you fuss and say that he shouldn't be supported. That is when there is a problem. No matter how negative your view of DSP is his contributions to the economy is real. And yes if you think negative stuff he have said changes that. Well then guess what. You're stupid
  4. New low for Trolling. Will this be the future?

    Yes it was quite funny and harmless. First of all because the thing is really beyond stupid. And I will explain why. "DSP get a job" Really stupid statement. As i understand there is a shortage of jobs in america. He would have to compete with others and take some job another person might benefit from. When he doesn't really have to. If he can live the way he does today that is more beneficial for everyone. Why? because much of his income is generated abroad. He brings capital to the country not only in the way of taxes, but to all the local businesses and services he uses. If you see supporting DSP just as burning money you do not get the big picture. If someone can generate income as he does you should be happy and not try to sabotage. Because you are not only screwing over phil, but all the people that depend on his business. Phil isn't just pocketing the money he earns but puts it back in the economy. And if you think he shouldn't do that because you don't like his attitude. You are a egocentric asshole that can't see longer then your nose. You are just making it worse for everyone. People are entertained by phil and supports him doing what he is doing. Let them, it doesn't hurt you one bit to just look the other way if you don't like what you are seeing. Make fun of phil, and make all the satire and comedy you want. Just don't harangue and harass him for doing something that in essence is beneficial for others.
  5. Thank you

    If this isn't a guy trolling I think it's a very kind and surprising gesture.
  6. Emergency video discussion

    Yes, it's the only thing that fits the bill. If no false information is given. Phil and anyone running a business knows taxes comes first. Phil with his business degree knows there is NO WAY you can not pay that. And I belive him when he says he have a "tax lawyer" help him with it. Because it is the most important thing getting that right owning a business. That is also a predictable variable. What most people don't have Is a fixed interest rate. Because under normal circumstances you would have to make a deal with your bank to have one. And it would be slightly higher then the Floating interest rate. You would have to pay more in the short term, but you would have a predictable rate and it may be an investment worth while if the interest go up. The thing is, people that are already at their capacity can't even afford binding their interest rate. And have to gamble that it stays low to be able to continue to manage their debts. Giving Phillips own admission not having ANY money left over at the end of the month. A rise in interest is what have happened. I can understand why he doesn't like talking about it either. Because it is a really devastating blow. It's either default and have his bank foreclose on his properties, because he can no longer pay the minimum amount required to manage the debt. And if his Equity is negative It's game over financially. (if his loans are higher then what his property is worth) This is the case with the condo he owns in Connecticut. But his loan on the property in Washington is probably a different story. So he maybe is in a posisjon where he have to sell his Washington house. And move back to his condo. Or lose everything. Including his credit score. Which will leave him unable to own any property. Because he would be able to get no loan. I don't know i this is true or not. But Phil wanted the speculation. So here you go. This is my theory.
  7. Emergency video discussion

    It's just interest rates going up. I know this poses a big problem out of peoples control. Many of the people i know about that are lending close to their capacity can manage when the interest rate is at a certain point. But just a small rise in interest will screw them over completely. Because they would no longer be able to manage their debts.
  8. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    hahaha That is just an observation. It's what they are doing. I react to it because it is crazy. It's not my rhetoric or something I make up.
  9. Random Thoughts 4.0

    that is just weird.
  10. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    But why does it matter. It's only us 8 DSP supporters Dsp and you who read this thread? Can't we have our little discussion without you complaining, and making a big deal about this? I don't understand this at all. So people who laugh at the SOK is delusional? Yeah ok man. I don't see how sharing some of the SOK antics are wrong. Their foundation is DSP drama. I don't see anyone here on some "mole " hunt because "secrets" is leaking out. There are no DSP fans actively spying on the SOK. We don't do the whole cold war sleeper agent undercover Operations, Voice changer, secret recordings bullshit. The SOK take phil stuff more seriously then Phil does. I mean this is really batshit insanity. Your reality sucks.
  11. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    Well I suppose if it is ok to laugh of phil, we can have a laugh of fred once in a while as well. And this clip seems so ridiculously ironic right now. Here is to you tough guy fred.
  12. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    One thing I have to say is this. A thread on kiwifarms is not some damning judgement. Phil has one, and I have one. And it's not some credible source of evidence. I mean the leaks are probably real. But I have been called a Pedophile, Nazi, Mysoginist, homophobe, you name it. And connected with people without any evidence at all. The reason is that it's trolling and they would do or say anything to provoke a reaction. And I mean anything. There is no rules. It's a forum dedicated to be as vicious and defamatory as possible. The so called evidence is often in form of personal communication "leaked" and possibly taken out of it's original context. More often then not in some kind of revenge, or trolling scheme. So everything have to be taken with a grain of salt. It's not wikileaks 2.0 haha
  13. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    I would like to say when I have talked with members of the SOK (Not psychopath fan base) they have been very civil. And except for Fred probably always secretly recording you, something I got confirmed listening to one of our conversations on a"leaked recording". They are at least courteous, and seem reasonable. The audience they are pandering to is not though. And if they claim not to defame phil they are either delusional or willfully lying. I have to say that most of what they do is harmless fun. And if they indeed only where in to parody & satire, like some comedy group. They could have gotten away with much more then what they are doing. But they take themselves way to seriously. And they use way to much of phils Original content. Yes and fred, talking about phils penis and masturbation techniques, and his inner feeling when masturbating is gross and defamatory. So is role playing as him and a female companion pretending he is sexually dysfunctional. At least when you in the next moment complain about him making crude sexual jokes. But like I said. If you where not taking yourself seriously it would have been passable. But with your "serious constructive criticism" you tip the scale from being comedians to being a fucking hate group. Example : This is a parody. And i find it funny, because it's only made to poke fun at, and not meant to be taken seriously. This is not comparable to defaming phil for 4 hours over a 20 minutes Vlog. I hope it's clear where I am getting at. "But criticism is allowed, no one is above being scrutinized" Sure but what I am saying is, you either take yourself seriously or you don't. Imagine watching the news about North Korea on a show that seriously covers the news. And then say they have a statement from kim jung un after a bomb test. But what they show is a guy in a costume saying "ching chong charlie chang" That is the SOK, and they demand to be taken seriously. Putting some holier then thou standards to what phil is doing. Expecting him to fill some criteria they don't even come close to themselves. "not a clown" Right guys? At least phil isn't pretending to be a woman in calls with other people as far as I know. Jesus fucking Christ that shit it embarrassing. Just change your name to Sons of Phil. And continue like a parody group. Fred could just be himself and say he is a phil parody and no one would see any difference.
  14. Moderation Concerns

    It's not unheard of. the comments are usually quickly removed. The PM is where I hear it the most, and probably others too. "Why do you support (insert phil insult) he don't deserve it he is (another insult) You fucking (insulting you) " That is usually the way it goes.
  15. Moderation Concerns

    No I agree. But if a guy acts a little goofy with that name. I understand there could be some confusion