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  1. I am fine thank you! Hope you are as well.
  2. LMAO the russian R is a P so tor is written TOP I find that really funny for some reason. The Russian dub too.
  3. Well I think the whole thing was a bit "the dog ate my homework" ish. But that some people find some regret in what they have done in the past towards Phil I find very reasonable. I mean many people do things they find reasonable at the time they do it. Only to realize later in life they have a view that is not in sync with reality. And I am pretty sure hating on a streamer for petty things is one of those things most people will grow out of.
  4. What is funny is that I have done some extensive research. And when the Japanese Atlus people take down a video They do it with "Atlustube" It's their Japanese youtube channel. I managed to find that "Atlus Co. , Ltd." Some other places as well. But it had only taken down some of the most obscure shit you could dream of. And it's a little more then a week ago. It was on some video with a on a channel with around 400 subs. With all the videos out there I find that very odd. Also the videos they took down from DSP doesn't add up. I almost feel you are part of it Cofax. Because I searched around and have read for hours. And you seem too confident. And say it's not worth pursuing. Whatever the case might be. if it is fake it is very sophisticated. But I am sure it can be done if you register a company under the name "AtIus Ltd" that is atius with a capital I you could pull something like this off. There might even be an easier way. The real issue is that there is really something about this I can't get to seem logical. One thing is of course that trolls think people actually care about Phil like they do, but of course most people haven't heard of the guy. And especially in Japan. "nandeska darksydo phir?" Another is that policies of companies are not discriminatory. At least not with a big company like Atlus. They don't hold grudges and single out individuals. But I know some people that do. And they don't work for Atlus. I don't believe for a second what this trolls are trying to pull off. Unless Atlus sends some documentation with why they would single him out.
  5. From what I can gather. There have been absolutely no talk about any copyright strikes from Atlus other then to DSP. They seem more keen on marketing persona 5 merchandise. And no warnings have been issued. Last time they seem to have even mentioned it was when they loosened the restrictions last time. The reason all the negative publicity that came with it. And after that point in time it does not seem like there have been very little of it from their side. The whole thing doesn't add up. Why two completely random small parts of a playthrough that have been going on for so long. Why DSP and why now? There have been many people streaming this game and as far as I can tell only DSP have been hit. What possible reason would Atlus have to do such a thing? Their goal with the restrictions in the first place was to prevent spoilers. Was Phil supposed to have spoiled something that isn't already indexed in some game guide? No, I don't see anything Atlus could benefit from doing this. There have been no controversy related to streaming, or making let's plays of the game since they changed their policy on it. The game have also been selling really good. So they would have no reason to question the marketing, or something that should be a threat to their sales. I can't come to any other conclusion then that they didn't have anything to do with it at all. Someone must have found some loophole, or exploit with youtubes copyright system. With only one intention in mind. To hit Phil as hard as possible. This has also happened in the past. One thing I found interesting is that the takedown order is from Atlus co, ldt which refers to the Japanese branch of the company. Atlus USA would be Atlus U.S.A., Inc., I think this will be quickly resolved. Because this have to be impersonation. That is the least incredible explanation.
  6. I just find it so sad that Atlus would do this to Phil. I can see absolutely no reason for it. I see some people claim it could be because he have said some things that would critique their policy against let's players. And I can remember a fan art that was a bit derogatory. But they are a company that is supposed to be professional. They are not supposed to hold grudges over bullshit. And another thing. I see some people almost celebrating what has happened. Who in the fuck has anything to gain out of a gaming company going after a streamer for copyright reasons? If you think that is a good think you have lost the fucking plot. If this sticks Atlus have done something that in the long run can be bad for all Lets Players. Even if you don't like DSP this is not the route you want to go. I don't know if some people get this. But Phil isn't that extraordinary in a let's play sense. What affects him will affect others as well. I don't know if you agree with me. But to me it seem clear cut that this is a sad thing to have happened.
  7. Que simulator
  8. really??? LOL
  9. Oh boy. People that like to slander phil sure don't like fact checking.
  10. This is a problem with youtube in general. More for some then others. I cangive you a real reason. disabling the comments does not make the trolls go away. If they are denied this way of trolling it is not like they would lose interest. What might happen is that the trolling will become more intense in other places. This might sound like a really weird thing. But people also enjoy doing this youtube comment shit. And even if they "hate" phil in the comments. They do like him for the ability to do so. Denying them this. Will create a backlash from these people. People already know what is up with youtube comments. I have no idea how severe the backlash would be. But the question is if it is worth it. It isn't as straight forward as "yeah we showed them trolls, Now they can't troll anymore" I would just like to add this: It might be worth it, but there isn't necessary just benefits coming from doing so. Sometimes things are best left alone and ignored...
  11. The question is if the backlash of disabling comments is worth it. There will be a backlash. It is not just a straight forward answer to this question at all. This isn't just a question where you disable comments and remove trolling. If it was this would have been done ages ago. It is more akin to shutting down the forums permanently because there is to many trolls. Or disabling the streamchat. It sends a pretty strong message.
  12. shit
  13. It looks really cool If it wasn't a playstation exclusive I would have gotten it. It says it is for PS3 as well. So might concider dusting that off...
  14. I thought this was a work in progress to be completely honest with you. That the emulators where working but that you would need a pretty powerful pc to run it Because it wasn't very optimized?