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  1. I was just borrowing it.
  2. Hello! this is vidar from Plumbing inc. I have a feeling you have been ripped off? Did our representatives Mario Or Luigi By any chance visit you today? These are individuals not to be trusted. I am sorry. I don't believe we have had humans on the moon. So forgive me please! just call me an idiot and get it over with. My gift of seeing conspiracies everywhere is maybe a bit too good. Or let me joint the New World order. I would rather be an insider, than a outsider.
  3. I think that "playthrough" also needs a redemption run.
  4. It might be, but it's true. Where would they get their time from doing it you suggest? I have had 2 jobs my self at one point. And Doing this shit would be something that I would just dream of. Even with my previous job would have made this an impossibility. It is only possible for me because I have a job that permits me being awake at these hours. If I where to get another job, that has different hours. I might just have to forget about this community, or be a very small part of it. Because my schedule wouldn't permit it. I am surprised if this guy have one job. I think a normal working person would know what I am talking about...
  5. This isn't Oliver Twist, People juggling two jobs don't have the time to even have an opinion about DSP. Even being semi up to date about what he does. Requires a lot of time. And arguing about him taking a day off Is just not something you would even consider. It's just to use one percent logic and you see what is going on. BS story to bait people in to an unnecessary argument. I have always had the stance that I think phil is a lunatic not taking a day off. And I think the same about people working every day. No matter what they do. You will just end up burning yourself out. If you are in a underdeveloped country and have to for you survival of you and your family. It's totally different. But in western modern society, we have days off. Even if your job is sitting on your ass doing nothing. (Not directed at phil he does something while sitting on his ass )
  6. I am sorry richter. I see you are a really kind and well meaning person. I am only trying to help people understand the idea behind what I mean by being baited by a troll. It is not an attack on you or anyone personally. I guess this experience with Phil really have made me in to some notorious whiteknight. A couple of years ago I can not see myself do this. I would have just sat back and enjoyed what mr. Troll is doing here. Or even said something like; Yeah totally. His words ain't worth shit. When you have supported phil in the past, you surly have something wrong with you.
  7. Well the bait would have been bad if you didn't... Some people with impaired social skills does think like this. And have problems seeing what is going on. Because the question isn't really a threat and seem easy enough to answer to begin with. But it's just the tactic you use to get the foot in the door. This is why especially people with autism have problems with trolling. They only see what is there in front of them, and cant see the underlying cause for it to be there.
  8. Phil having too much content would have been a more valid argument. That the reason phil isn't getting more popular is oversaturation. Too much content. A 4 hour stream is long yes. it's a 1/6 of a whole day. Just sat watching phil. In reality I don't even think he had to add an extra hour on his stream the other days. But that is just me...
  9. He didn't have a fair question to begin with. Having a day of is something everyone does. And OP sure is good baiting people if you haven't noticed. My guess is he don't even have a job. He is here to argue something that is really asinine. We are not hunter gatherers any more. We don't have to fight everyday in a jungle to survive. If you want to call this Not trolling, it is fine by me. But you are being baited. And I have told you.
  10. the thing is. No matter what you do. How easy your job is thought to be. Everyone have a break in what they are doing at least one day a week. No matter how hard they are struggling financially. This have been the standards for thousands of years. And is a part of both western religion, and culture. I know OP is just a troll but this is the definitive answer he needs.
  11. Some comments would be flagged as spam even though it isn't your filter that does it i think. I don't know what does it, but I know things like that happen. Because I have never had any spam protection on my youtube channels but still comments have been withheld. This is just a suggestion. But if people constantly downvote your videos. and still comment, could it not be that their comments after a while gets blacklisted?? Could that be a possibility?
  12. I did some research to find out about the connectivity problem phil have. Because this seem to be a recurring problem. No matter what What game it is. And what the solution is on the online gameplay. And it might be a component that the PS4 has some disadvantages when it comes to networking. But From what I can find out, that should have nothing to do with the hardware. But the programming and the software. However I have just skimmed the surface of this, so I can't really say so much about it. And it don't seem to be the biggest factor. The real issue that I could find ample information about was the Internet, and how bad it is in America. This shouldn't really be news to anyone, And have had discussions about it on the forums here before. With american users complaining about their internet. Phil has a decent internet yes. But most americans don't even have access to more than one provider. And it it often times not very good. So if we compare this to water. It doesn't matter if phil gets an aqueduct when the people he plays with in general get their water through a straw. And until they improve the internet capabilities in america. This problem would not be better. No matter What settings phil does. Here is an interesting article about the issue I know some people are not fans of P2P networking when it comes to online gameplay but If not everything we do with multimedia is going to end up in a cloud somewhere.I think it would be the best solution. When the internet infrastructure is as good at it should be. If eveyone have really good internet connectivity it shouldn't be a real issue. Running servers for online games is not the best idea in the long term. This is because playing on a server is not free. And it have to be hosted somewhere. And if the game is not going to have an online component when it is not so popular anymore. P2P is going to have to be the solution you pick. Because a game company can't be expected to pay for hosting the servers indefinitely. That is not to say that there shouldn't be possible to do both. And run a dedicated server if you want to host one. But like I said p2p would be the future as long as we keep having the hardware we play on at home.
  13. I really don't think so. not significant I am afraid. No deeper mysteries unraveled. No new world order confirmed.
  14. hello king
  15. Did you also play on the PS4? And is from the united states? 30 fps might be bad enough in and of it self as you say. But the connectivity also seem to be a problem for some. Issues I haven't encountered when I play the game on PC In my region. This game really seem to be a hit or miss. Some people like me, have not had any performance issues. And I simply love the game. I know peer to peer isn't the best solution for online gaming. But for the people I played with and my self it works fine. But what is the contributing factor that the game fails on some platform and not on others. Are Peer to peer just incompatible with playstation? Was the game poorly made for playstation? Does other platforms also have this problem? IS it just so easy that Ubisoft made a bad job programming it for the playstation?? Or is it more to it then that?