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  1. Phil's Niche

    My name is Butta, and I am here to Expose the minds.
  2. Phil's Niche

    I am thankful that this holy day is special to America, and that it cannot poison our culture. It's enough with one x-mas a year. Because soon we would probaby forced to celebrate Id al-adha. where the prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) heard a voice in his head to stab his son to death and though it was a good idea. (muslim equivalent of x-mas) Honestly I think it is nice if you have a good time with your holidays. And it doesn't bother me at all. So even if I think it is stupid I don't need to show it down your throat every chance I get. I don't need to pursue a thing I honestly don't like and have any relation to. It would probably make me unhappy and bitter. If i was to pursue a thing or concept i didn't like all the time. I would probablly end up as bitter and delusional. And be super obsessive about it. So happy Thanksgiving! And may the force be with you or the magic of the season or whatever. I don't know
  3. Random Thoughts 4.0

    You are lying. What he made was a video where he discussed at what age someone would be mentally capable of giving consent. If you didn't know, this is a topic which there is no clear answer. Depending on where you are in the laws are different. Without fact checking this it's between i think 12-18. From where I am from it's 16. And from personal experience, and an ethical standpoint that is something I can agree with. I followed the guy because I found his videos about Islam funny. And which he actually got a prison sentence for. He never at any time what so ever, was in support of sexual assault on minors. Do you think they would have allowed a video like that to be on youtube in the first place?? I don't see the humor in rehashing this anymore. Yeah I am sorry KG. But I am just so sick and tired of people bringing up this fucking conversation. And claim it's me supporting pedophilia or whatever.
  4. Random Thoughts 4.0

    I totally agree. And what I said was not in a public forum. But as I said I was having a private conversation with butta. You see how he brought it up. I never said anywhere before I support child rape or pornography. It's just trolling and he didn't show the context how we ended up where it was.
  5. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Where do you see me arguing that sexual assault of a minor should be legal? I understand that you are a troll and all. But this is just ridiculous.
  6. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Did you just read what I said? I said what we where discussing was the topic of free speech. I have over 3 years of working with CPS. I don't have any warm feelings for pedophilia incest or any of that shit. What I am arguing is that the topic shouldn't be tabu to talk about. Because it's not very good to suppress something and pretend like it doesn't exist. Are you saying you are butta andis here to expose the minds?
  7. Random Thoughts 4.0

    No, better trolls. at least @Butta was smart enough to get this material from me two years ago or how old it is. This is me partially playing devils advocate, and what is being discussed is free speech. What you can talk about and not. It's not about the topic in and of itself.
  8. Random Thoughts 4.0

    It's so funny. I had a discussion with one of Phils detractors of this. He was berating me for how I would take personal conversations out of context and use it against him. Even if I hadn't even done it. "Just crap like this - sharing private conversations and obliterating the context of them - is the main difference between your group and mine, and myself and Fred Fuchs. I never share private correspondence without consent. You're on quite a high horse." Muh high horse...
  9. Phil's doing it again

    You are very correct. As long as he have to take in consideration that this isn't just for twitch, more chat interaction will make it less suitable for youtube. It's also a situation where you are jack of all trades master of none. And phil even talked about it.
  10. Phil's doing it again

    If your name confidentially is phil and you talk about yourself in 3rd person maybe. But if you are talking about DSP, then you are far from the truth. You are given a platform to speak by phil. He pays for the hosting of this site. As a service to you to speak your mind about him. I don't see that as petty at all. That is in fact a generous thing to do.
  11. Phil's doing it again

    Full disclosure, I am everyone at this forum. Except @ThatDogGuy I am not even sure what the topic we are discussing are. But it at least seem to have started with Phils priorities. And how some people always knows what phil is doing wrong, and how he could be doing it right. What I can say after the time following Phil, is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no way he can please everyone at any time. He is not a Bespoke streamer. He is a person that can be described as a variety streamer. With a specialization with fighting games. And a former Game reviewer, and blogger. He hosts a friendly Twitch community, where his streams are archived on youtube. And this forum. And it's all him, except for a webmaster, and some voluntary moderators. Except for a partnership with curse he has no other affiliation. His top priority is to stay relevant, and be able to keep doing this. As this competence doesn't really translate well in a job marked. I am sure with the right agent he could fit very well as a E-sport commentator or some host of a radio/podcast show where the focus is gaming and gaming culture. My dream is that his eccentric character would be used more for comedy. Because he is really funny, both intentionally maybe some unintentionally. I like to think he is a genius and that everything is intentional. And part of an act, when he says something silly, or break any conventional way of streaming. What is at least true is that he is in full control over what he does, and how he does it. And of course what he will define himself as. I wish he would find a solution where this isn't just a constant struggle to survive. But something he is happy doing. And honestly i think it maybe needs some more thought then what games to stream, and how long to stream them. Some more basic measures may be needed. But I won't pretend to have any answers to what that would be. And no matter what I feel part of the Phil Burnell Show. And hope it continues no matter what shape it takes in the future. Phil is such an interesting eccentric guy that brings something to the table that I haven't seen anywhere else. I hope he laughs at people throwing troll like insults and don't take them to heart. People who can't show respect to the host, don't deserve any either. With their bad attitude, it just to me seem like they are envious and petty. And that isn't the key to success and anything good, but on the contrary something that shows a really bad character that will amount to nothing.
  12. Random Thoughts 4.0

    We just Rember ttimes that wer Happy
  13. Random Thoughts 4.0

    I will always Rember KG <3
  14. Why Patreon has been low

  15. Why Patreon has been low

    I just hear annoying chirping anyways. "caw caw phil is an asshole GIVE ME A CRACKER!"