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  1. I just find it so sad that Atlus would do this to Phil. I can see absolutely no reason for it. I see some people claim it could be because he have said some things that would critique their policy against let's players. And I can remember a fan art that was a bit derogatory. But they are a company that is supposed to be professional. They are not supposed to hold grudges over bullshit. And another thing. I see some people almost celebrating what has happened. Who in the fuck has anything to gain out of a gaming company going after a streamer for copyright reasons? If you think that is a good think you have lost the fucking plot. If this sticks Atlus have done something that in the long run can be bad for all Lets Players. Even if you don't like DSP this is not the route you want to go. I don't know if some people get this. But Phil isn't that extraordinary in a let's play sense. What affects him will affect others as well. I don't know if you agree with me. But to me it seem clear cut that this is a sad thing to have happened.
  2. Que simulator
  3. really??? LOL
  4. Oh boy. People that like to slander phil sure don't like fact checking.
  5. This is a problem with youtube in general. More for some then others. I cangive you a real reason. disabling the comments does not make the trolls go away. If they are denied this way of trolling it is not like they would lose interest. What might happen is that the trolling will become more intense in other places. This might sound like a really weird thing. But people also enjoy doing this youtube comment shit. And even if they "hate" phil in the comments. They do like him for the ability to do so. Denying them this. Will create a backlash from these people. People already know what is up with youtube comments. I have no idea how severe the backlash would be. But the question is if it is worth it. It isn't as straight forward as "yeah we showed them trolls, Now they can't troll anymore" I would just like to add this: It might be worth it, but there isn't necessary just benefits coming from doing so. Sometimes things are best left alone and ignored...
  6. The question is if the backlash of disabling comments is worth it. There will be a backlash. It is not just a straight forward answer to this question at all. This isn't just a question where you disable comments and remove trolling. If it was this would have been done ages ago. It is more akin to shutting down the forums permanently because there is to many trolls. Or disabling the streamchat. It sends a pretty strong message.
  7. shit
  8. It looks really cool If it wasn't a playstation exclusive I would have gotten it. It says it is for PS3 as well. So might concider dusting that off...
  9. I thought this was a work in progress to be completely honest with you. That the emulators where working but that you would need a pretty powerful pc to run it Because it wasn't very optimized?
  10. Yes It is actually a good advice. And it is perfectly possible to not give them any unnecessary attention. However. It is really fanatics within these communities that would go very far. People that will not take no for an answer. WE see a few of them even in this thread. And I have encountered another few. that have this calling from som higher force that just have to sabotage. It is really important to them. And they will not stop at targeting Phil But go after people that follow phil individually. And say anything just so they would stop following Phil. Any means necessary. threats, flattery, lies, whatever. It does not matter. As long as that persons drops his or hers support. It is almost like they missed their opportunity with christianaity and Islam and somehow found heresy, apostasy, and blasphemy in phil. It is so sick I almost can not believe it.
  11. Fuck I made the post way to ambiguous people with no releation to this have come to say they are sorry and shit. I will explain it in detail I have to say that Whatever the truth may be in this matter. IT is still a mindfuck and I am literary dissy trying to figure it out. Before this even started to happen. I was never in the habit of muting or blocking people from contacting me. I am not easy offended, and can live with people lying and being asshats towards me. But this time it somewhat different. Because a person I and everyone found very cool in the streamchat just deleted his whole presence. Everything was cool one day. And boom next day vanished without a trace. Coincidentally this other person started started messaging me on twitch claiming he was the one to blame. He was one of those over the top phil is the worst person in the world people. Saying just cruel and over the top stupid shit. I would have payed him no interest if it wasn't for him saying he manipulated this guy to up and leave. What made me believe him, was that others had complained to me about that guy. I thought this was super fucked up. It actually made me mad. Because he would brag to me how he personally manipulated people in the streamchat to turn their back on phil and the community. Which to me at the time made sense because our friend that up and vanished, not saying anything. (I should have just blocked him and not payed him any attention at this point). Because what happened next he made me believe he was.. Fuck it I will just say the name.Yacherdy. And to be honest. That to me made a lot of sense. Because there have been a few of these friendly one second. Next second it's Liquid MK time. So to me this scenario made to me perfect sense. He was fed up and wanted to be this ultra cool detractor guy. And That is where we are today I thought. Because it would explain his sudden and abrupt disapearance. Other things that happened also seem to give that story credence. I totally believed that fact. until Yacherdy contacts me and claims that wasn't him. And that he haven't turned on anyone in the community. He just wanted to take a break or whatever. And now I am like I don't know WTF is going on. Because like with these textbased fucking shit. It is not a easy thing to establish a certain identity without the person using his real account. and it is why I have actively gone away from my block no one mute no one policy. Because this has been a mindfuck for me. and still is. Fuck
  12. I will explain something real quick. I got trolled by a person in the community that I really respected and liked. Who actually more or less screwed me over. Which prompted me to make this thread in the first place. One thing I can't understand is that people just can't leave silently. But go to lengths to make you feel bad. If you use a long time to build up releations with people and be kind to the community. Just to try to screw them over I can't understand that. That makes you go from a person I like and admire, to someone that just makes me endlessly depressed. I know phil have had to have experienced this too many times. And this have to made him loose trust in people. Because it is just so endlessly more fun. Being a dick to phil and be this cool detractor dude. Rather then just be a friend...
  13. My blocklist have grown by some 300 % in twitter. I have to say that is a step in the right direction. Here Ignoring and blocking people is totally worthless. Because they just change their user the next time you see them anyways. I have to say it might be stupid responding to it. But when the guy is literary acting like adolph fuhcsler It is better than som low grade bait.
  14. Before the Nazis started hating on the jews. They where exterminating people they saw as unfit. I think you should look up a concept called eugenics. You can't make this shit up with you people. You are fantastic.