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  1. I like your analogy and it's actually quite fitting, but again I'm not arguing that he'll remain afloat with passable income regardless. I'm sure he'll be just fine no matter what. My entire point in this thread is that KO Gaming was made as a way to completely detach from the negative stigma of DSP, right? Well, what happens after people find him through KO Gaming and go to DSP? They are met with the seemingly weight of the world on somebodies shoulders and not many people will see that and go "Let me see this through", a lot of people, especially with how short attention spans are will just go "lolfukdiss" and never return. He wants stable numbers that grow over time. If we were just talking about his gameplay channel fine, but you don't start a new channel and rebrand just to get the same audience. That doesn't make any sense to do. Otherwise he would just post on his channel that he already had with a built-in viewership. @GuessWhat No feeling of being attacked, man. 1: Yes. 2: No. I never said anything about DSP losing views, it's more about him not gaining people for the long haul on the KO-DSP transfer if they see that type of thing. Yeah, I'm sure I could have worded it a lot better and frankly been less of a jackass, and have apologized to the mod that originally closed it for my behavior. I'm just kind of abrasive in nature, and it wasn't meant as anything personal. Sorry if it upset you though. EDIT: Am I banned from the thread I created? Why can't I reply to anybody? EDIT#2 @BodegaJim Still can't reply to anybody or make any posts, but can edit so don't know if you'll see this. The white knight circle jerk thing was how I opened before the thread was closed, re-opened and posts deleted/edited. It was obviously sarcasm and me being facetious, even if it wasn't okay on my part that shouldn't be the think people are focusing on here. They're replying to 5% of a post instead of talking about the matter at hand. We've moved past my original first post, so why people keep talking about it is beyond me.
  2. zect3r (whoever took zecter will be murdered in his sleep -_-) - but I really only use it to reblog GO giveaways or drunkenly yell at pro players.
  3. @JustAHuman No worries, man. Got an itchy keyboard finger I see? xD @BodegaJim Yeah I saw that. But it's still only on the bottom and currently is messing up when I try to use it. I meant like an advanced post option where it's a wider page for a reply. Oh well, we twitter now, bois.
  4. Sure you can skip it, but when 90% of a LPer is their personality, that does take a toll on opinion. Again, we're talking about people switching over here. He needs mainstream viewers to stay afloat, so yeah, them and their longevity watching should matter. btw, does this forum have an advanced reply for easier multi-quoting that I'm missing? This tiny bar at the bottom is kind of trash for responding to multiple people. :(
  5. It's not about becoming somebody that you aren't, but at some point when you pride yourself as this being a business it has to be treated as more than I DO THIS FOR ME. Obviously you're doing it for you, but more than anything you're doing it for views and money. Because, that's how business works. All I'm saying is that he is driving it into peoples head when it should be a non Thank you for the welcome. I don't want to sound rude, but I feel like you've missed my entire point. KO Gaming views are fine atm for what it is and I don't see many plugs. It's the other way around for people coming from KO to DSP that is unwelcoming.
  6. Zecter

    What's the best MMO?

    City of Heroes was my favorite mmorpg, but it's no longer with us. R.I.P.
  7. Ayyy, what's up? My name is Sean. Now-a-days I really only play CS:GO competitively. Nice to meet ya filthy animals. ;)
  8. Zecter

    Chroma Squad

    bb, let's get this going. Get that Power Ranger tv show management swagger going. C'mon, Phil you know you want to.
  9. Nah, it really couldn't Look at the drama series Death Note. The CGI is basically the same as the movie, and it's super cringe. Btw; Chaos;head > steins;gate Yeah, pt1 was pretty garbage, honestly.
  10. Thank you, JW. I can't see JW without thinking of the Fnatic player xD
  11. Proper beautiful. God, I wish I could learn Piano. I'm a guitar player and this is the most I could teach myself on keys. -
  12. I mean, I don't get YouTube money as I'm not a YouTuber, but it seems like his KO Gaming account is getting pretty sick view counts. More than anything after a p3 on DSP anyway. I hope that enlightens him. Since it's partnered I would love to just have him be smart, keep up the reviews/first impressions on KO and then finally start playing games he actually enjoys on DSP. He trudges through games he clearly doesn't like, and then just makes some remark about liking it after the fact. It's clear to the viewer that you dislike the game. Again, not engaging. Your emotions show from playing through a game. Even if he uses the pre-stream and doesn't communicate with people in chat, he can do so much more than talking about YouTube finances. You can joke around, tell us about your day, dick around and make jokes. There a million better options than talking about you not doing well money wise... it's just... it's gross, tbh. Sorry Phil, but it is. You need to maximize acceptability and relatability. When you talk about views and money, you sound like Axl Rose throwing a fit and not singing.
  13. I mean I get it. I know he's prideful, and he should be. Nobody should downplay themselves, I suppose. But what I'm saying is KO gaming is supposed to be a restart if you will, correct? Let's say somebody see's his KO Gaming videos, and they're like "Let me check out DSP"... if they watch him life they are bogged down in life problems that most people watch videos to forget or disassociate themselves with. Like, Phil can be real without talking about views and his money. He should totally plug his Patreon or even his GF's business, but it should honestly be more of a passing thing. Not a highlighted section drilling into the viewers heads. I think he would get way more patreon supporters if he just casually mentioned it every now and again and kept up his KO Gaming channel. It would frankly seem less desperate. I know that makes me sound like a jerk, but the way Phil goes about it now makes it seem like desperation. It gives haters fuel, and is just not welcoming. You can be in a pre-stream and be yourself without sounding beggy. Maybe he could spend it interacting with fans or just rant about everyday things.
  14. A rare quality on this forum as an outsider. It's not very welcoming tbh. A lot of people are so quick to jump down your throat when you're only trying to give an opinion of how a general viewer will perceive things. They're so quick to go on the offensive. :/
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