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  1. Yep. Saw this preview earlier this morning and I'm already feeling pretty good about it. Tools Of Destruction and A Crack In Time were still good games in their own right, but personally, I didn't enjoy them all that much. I'm noticing here that it seems like you can press or hold a button to go into a lock-strafe mode where you can freely aim weapons. That's already a nice little improvement over the strafe mechanic of the previous games. This is gonna be awesome.
  2. ​Well, aren't you guys apparently the "adults" here? You'll probably hit old age before anyone else does.
  3. ​Yeah, that recap kinda drained me a bit--took way longer than I thought it would--but despite that, it's off to a decent start.
  4. I do feel he's just putting unnecessary strain on his voice from doing this, like with Layton vs Phoenix Wright. I got a feeling there's gonna be a lot of cutscenes in this game, and I doubt Phil's gonna want to keep reading the subtitles by the end.
  5. ​Fair enough. I do think it's just wasted effort on Phil's part--he'd be better off giving his regular commentary here and there instead of reading every single line of dialogue. The constant overlap of the Japanese VOs and Phil reading the lines just gets a bit grating.
  6. Really, now? First time I've ever heard of that.
  7. ​That's probably a question best saved for when Phil or someone else makes a thread for the playthrough.
  8. ​If you feel the thread's so "dead" to you, you could just, y'know... leave. No one's forcing you to post anything. You don't see me posting on every thread I see if it doesn't interest me. ​1) I won't argue that some of those accounts are just straight-up trolling, but others like DSP.TXT are more satirical in their approach when criticizing Phil and breaking down some of the dumb shit he says. Firm to the point of being harsh? Maybe, but hey--that's just the Hateful Truth. 2) There had been plenty short fail montages of Phil's playthroughs years before TIHYDP montages came to existence, most of those being fan-made. What made TIHYDPs a sort of "game-changer" was that they compiled more of those moments over the course of an entire playthrough. They're comprehensive--covering the full range of fails, whining and rants--that's the only reason why they make him "look bad." If you've ever wanted to see all 587 deaths in his "Oddworld: New n' Tasty" run in a single video, it's out there. Regardless of which type of montage gets made, I'd imagine people's reactions to Phil's gameplay (those people being outside of his fanbase, of course) would generally be the same. Besides, it's clear he sees the appeal in them--you know that had to be a factor in making his "Best/Worst of Heavy Rain" montage series. Also, I find it a bit funny that some of you guys claim TIHYDPs are too lengthy, while the combined time of Phil's Heavy Rain montages adds up to being three-and-a-half hours long, and Heavy Rain is not that long of a game. The critics' versions of "DSP Tries It" videos more-or-less work the same way as the "troll" accounts, just in video form--calling out Phil on his nonsense, refuting his occasionally wrong claims, and giving clear evidence to support it. 3) Well, I'm sure his critics would love to bring their concerns to him directly instead of being "sneaky" about it, but it's kinda hard to do that when Phil seems to ban anyone who disagrees with him--Twitter seems to be the only place where blocking consistently works for the guy. I have friends who've been blocked by him despite literally never tweeting anything at him. Now if I may quote Phil himself, "Explain that, please! Explain!"
  9. No one's complaining. People here are trying to have a civilized discussion (as the thread title clearly says) on things they may not like about Phil and you assume they're complaining.
  10. LastRambo and HNS, if you two are just gonna be dismissive of virtually every single post and shut everyone down in your replies on this thread, then why are you here? Do you even want to discuss/debate anything?
  11. ​A forum of discussion, eh? Now where could we possibly find a forum for him to discuss and exchange ideas with his viewers and fans? Maybe he should have, like, his own website or something... hmm... But seriously though, we've got all that and more right here--it's up to Phil to take the time to pass through, read a thread or two, respond when needed, and go from there. It'd certainly be nice if he was around more often (maybe this thread would have a much clearer direction if he chimed in every now and then, and not just with the angry walls of text, either), but again, that's all up to him. No one can make him do anything, and he usually doesn't make necessary changes until he needs it the most--that's just how he is.
  12. ​Well, while I think the "like watching a train wreck in slow motion and you can't look away" comparison's a bit overused at this point, I still find it applicable from time to time. Apart from occasionally tuning in to a gameplay stream for short periods of time, I pretty much don't watch any of his kahntent.
  13. Eh, for me, it depends on the situation. I want to try to play as many games that interest me as I can. If I'm already subscribed to someone and they start an LP of a game I'm even vaguely interested in, I'll sit down and watch it, see how it goes, maybe even end up buying the game myself if I like what I see. Now, if I'm actively searching for a specific game, I usually look for non-commentated longplays and the like. And in a lot of cases, I watch LPs of games I know I'll never get to play because they're on platforms I don't own.
  14. It's possible to be defensive without being insulting. Phil just doesn't know how.
  15. ​If he supposedly had such a good grip on his business, then he probably wouldn't be losing viewers or need to set up a Patreon.
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