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  1. I would respect him saying that than what he's doing now. That tweet I posted from him with the video saying "This isn't a ragequit", was ridiculous. The equivalent of what he did on Twitter was approach a detective doing an investigation on him with a video of him stealing something and he say's: "This video is me not stealing"......Oh really?! Then what the fuck is it then?!? I'm almost at the point to where I think he's trolling. I hope he is just trolling.
  2. The thing is, Phil shoots himself in the foot a lot, and I don't know if the Universe just dislikes Phillip Burnell but, his karma comes back faster than most other people on the planet. Especially when he says things that are outrageous. Such as, I subscribed to DSP not to long before he went at ReviewTechUSA for posting nipples on his twitter and then banned him saying "he doesn't want that type of shit on his business twitter, its for professional use only"....then I go there today and see professional tweets such as this: And...I become speechless, I try to defend him as much as
  3. Also i guess we can ad this massive message to AlphaOmegaSin, calling him to apologize. Even though AOS has said nothing else outside the video and is ignoring him... which is probably pissing him off more than anything.
  4. Please enlighten me how we are twisting the definition: Cause every word in the definition is what exactly happened in the video. I think your straw argument stops here.
  5. You know what, heres DSPGAMING's own video from July 13th 2013. So it can't be negative content when its his content: Phil is Raging Phil Quit Fighting = A rage quit. End of Story.
  6. When ever a massive amount of people leave whether he tells them or not is a problem. 600 people have unsubscribed and just opening that door for them to do that just for a short term profit from views is not wise. I know some of you say "600 subscribers is nothing to 181,000 subbed YouTuber", but let me ask you this, if theres a fire in a hotel within a very populated city, does the city not respond to the hotel fire just cause there's a million other people in the city? Exactly. You can sugar coat it saying all I have to do is scroll up and down, no one wants to embody an extra inconven
  7. Look at how we have to tiptoe on eggshells just to talk about this issue. It's ridiculous. We are talking about a 33 yr old man, I'm sure his feelings aren't going to be hurt easily...If they are, and this thread is closed by him, dead giveaway theres some truth to all this cause it affected him. Thought you were leaving?, I apologize if you felt attacked by me last night but don't bait me to "bring evidence" when everything negative (which I don't get how its negative when its directly HIS content) is restricted content on the forums. You're insulting my intelligence. This is the las
  8. really....so you dont have an excuse. If you prematurely end the match, its a rage quit. And I dont care what you think I am, 350 post w/ 185 reps and you're still not a mod. That speaks volumes.
  9. I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to post it here. Google it, if not, then stay naïve.
  10. You sound like his mother or something, no offense but, as a new subscriber.. I don't know how Phil gets...And I shouldn't have to feel like I put up with a relative with a guy that just creates content on YouTube. That's overbearing. He definitely rage quits, google it. But im starting to think your just trolling. If you think PDP, who probably has a larger hate base than DSP, would just blindly hate someone in his field without reason even though he knows the repricutions, is crazy. I'm starting to see why DSP's fanbase is mainly naïve and really young.
  11. I'm new, I've known DSP but never actually subscribed to his content. It was shocking to that much content in my feed. Not like an impressive way either.
  12. Same exact thing with me, use to be a GGer as well, but there was no action and no leadership. Everyone who talked about gamergate their YouTube channels blew up and started making money off JUST talking about what he otherside is doing...but there was little to no active retaliation, other than just talking about it and gaining 100's of thousands in views. Once I saw the antiGG/feminist were on the news and took the public perception, plus Anita showed up on Colbert, I knew it was over. So honestly I don't know what they're talking about anymore, Anita is apart of Twitter now, GG has lost. So
  13. Lol, I'm sorry but don't compare athleticism to video gaming. But you're right, reaction times can diminish over time. I guess that's why e-Gamers range from 16 to late 20's.
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