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  1. Yeah i saw the redemption run picture. Wasn't bad honestly, he seems pretty excited for it at least lol See him wanting to play it legit has never been as issue (for me at least). But to constantly say how he "wants your feed back", "im open to feedback", etc and then ignore all feedback (or in my case insult you for giving feedback) it's like, the fuck was the point? If you want to play Dark Souls then say you want to play dark souls. Don't say you want to hear what people have to say and then ignore/insult/veto any idea that is not your own. Literally defeats the point.
  2. Hell naw man. Ask BSV, he loves seeing Phil play Sonic games lol
  3. So Phil's going with the "I don't care what any of you say, i'm playing Dark Souls" approach. Alright, fair enough. It's his channel after all. But then what exactly is the point of asking for suggestions if all of them he's just going to flat out ignore and/or shoot down?
  4. And this sparked a war over who should run the country and how? You can go to college to be a hacker? Dope
  5. I don't have enough knowledge on this particular subject to comment further so i'ma go ahead and just say "Well alright, if you say so buddy" xD
  6. You can be annoyed with them sure, but threatening to Doxx someone because they messed with some commands in a twitch chat is far more of an action than someone who made a point about them being done with everything related to Phil. Channel, fanbase, detractors, the lot. 1. Not here every day 2. Talking to detractors who are actually chill people. That point is as nonsensical as saying "You talk to gays so you're clearly one of them". 3. As opposed to you who only exists here to tell people they are wrong and everything Phil does is right. Except the only time you've openly said
  7. Dunno about Phil but this month is gonna be a good month for me. Digimon, Kingdom Hearts and Gravity Rush 2. And if that Power rangers one is true i might have to buy it just to see what it is.
  8. So.... you're done with DSP, his fans, his detractors but are still willing to doxx his haters and give Phil their address. At this point i'm starting to think you weren't being honest with us when you said you were done.
  9. And here i thought you didn't doxx people.
  10. If you say so buddy. Xenoblade Chronicles came out in America on April 6th 2012. Dark Souls 1 came out in America on October 4th 2011 So..... if age is a factor why exactly are you going back to Dark Souls? Hey man you ask for suggestions every day. If you don't want to hear any that's on you now isn't it? You say you don't want to play another long RPG but you want to play Dark Souls (an RPG) for weeks. Well alright then. If you think Dark Souls will garner all the attention you need for 3+ weeks then by all means do it and we'll see how it goes.
  11. I'ma just say "let's agree to disagree" because i REALLY can't be bothered getting into something like this with you again.
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