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  1. DML897

    Ask the King Ep. 70 - April 26, 2018

    Hey Phil hope you're doing well. Have a few questions all related to Xbox and your thoughts, so I'm hoping it makes a good discussion point! Phil Spencer of Xbox has been quoted with a reply to this tweet saying: (1P meaning first party, BC meaning Backwards Compatibility, SP being single player) This was in response to God of War receiving glowing reviews before it was released. In your opinion, do you think that Xbox has a chance this generation in regards to first party single player games? Or is it too late for Xbox and should they continue focusing on multiplayer-centric games and existing IPs like Halo, Gears of War, or Forza? Do you think it was the right move for Microsoft to focus on those things listed (service/platform/backwards compatibility) rather than a bigger variety of gaming experiences?
  2. DML897

    DSP and Nintendo

    This part isn't really objective, its subjective. The ports ARE inferior. Not BAD, just not as "good" as the PS4/Xbox ports. This is sadly a fact as you can look at the numbers in regards to processing power and graphical fidelity comparisons. If you need an example of a strong Third Party title on the Switch in regards to graphics and whatnot you could look at Rabbids for the very animated colorful looks or Bayonetta for the griddy graphical looks. Otherwise every other third party port is and will always be poorer on the Switch with graphics and processing power. Its facts sadly and its been that way since the Wii. In regards to the business world, no one really compares numbers to Nintendo because in a lot of ways they don't matter. Not because they aren't competition perse, but because currently Nintendo is THE secondary console to own. At the start of the Switch's lifecycle if you were a gamer you most likely owned either a PS4, XBox One, or at the very least a PC. Unless you are a strict Nintendo fanboy, you did not have NOTHING until 2017. You owned one of the 3. And now you own a Switch. That's why many don't compare Nintendo or consider them competition. Their delay or jumping the gun on console cycles (way too early for the Wii-U, late with the Switch) causes them to fall in this weird mid-generation of gaming. Nintendo has and will continue to be its own entity. For good and for bad.
  3. DML897

    DSP and Nintendo

    You're right, I misspoke. Looking back, that's what you said, although you did say it was niche and until World you were totally right. World broke that niche though. Also to clarify a bit for MH as a MH vet from the PSP days, its not only that it was on modern consoles but it was MODERIZED. All those annoying ass functions of the game were removed and/or fixed and updated to be modern. A lot of the "impossible to figure out" features of the game are now literally built into the game and make it easy for you to figure out. At the same time its still difficult enough that the fans who enjoyed the difficulty of it are STILL enjoying its difficulty now almost 2 months later.
  4. DML897

    DSP and Nintendo

    Lol dude pot calling the kettle black much? You're sounding like DSP with that bold statement. Very ignorant. Look DSP says his opinions on things all the time...why shouldn't he, its his platforms to do it on. Has he been wrong? Of course. Look at his thoughts on Monster Hunter World. He thought it would flop, was boring, everyone would hate it, was niche. Ended up being Capcom's best selling game OF ALL TIME. It sold better than every version of Street Fighter. So I mean its not like hes right most of the time, he just likes giving his opinions. You should never take what he says as law, hell he even prefaces things with "in my opinion." I know his tone can act like hes trying to speak for everyone, but just don't take it that way. I've learned not to. Now with your bolded statement it basically makes you look like a total fanboy. If the real go-to was PC and Switch, don't you think most games would sell better on PC when it goes to all platforms? Fun fact, it rarely does. Only happens when PC games are ported to consoles. Even then it tends to even out. All platforms have something exclusive and something that makes them appealing over another. Feel free to be a fan of whatever you want but don't try to hide the fanboyism. And for my own thoughts, the trifecta is gaming PC, Switch, PS4. You get EVERYTHING with these 3, including Xbox games because they are all playable on PC now with the cross-purchase thing going on. Actually, that's what I have. Couldn't be a happier fanboy of everything lol.
  5. DML897

    DSP and Nintendo

    This is coming from a Nintendo fan, but the ONLY reason 90% of people bought a Wii-U was for Smash. I know that's what I spent 90% of my time on it with. Real talk the direct was decent until that smash announcement now I'm super hyped. Also the issue for Phil is that he's played these games because unlike most gamers , he played a bunch of the releases on the Wii-U. The reason Nintendo is re-releasing these is because they already have 3x the audience that the Wii-U had with the Switch so that's 3x more people who never played games like Bayonetta 2 or Mario Kart 8. The ports aren't gonna stop anytime soon. If you look at the old ports of what has come/is coming notice what consoles they are from? GCN and Wii-U, 2 consoles that by all reports with numbers, did not do well compared to other consoles in the Nintendo family. So for him they are literally non-announcements. For the 80% of the Switch community that never owned a Wii-U, most of this is great news. That being said I'm surprised that you're all surprised. Phil shits on everything. He owns a VR, he's shit on VR before. He own's the gimmicks, shits on those. Owns a Wii-U, Switch, shits on those. He has since he started putting out videos and since I've been watching him in 2008. Hence the "King of Hate." The dude doesn't really get excited for games anymore. Not a big deal but you just won't get the same jumping up and down reaction you get from other tubers right now. Also if you've watched Phil's stuff you'd know he hates Nintendo as a company but has a nostalgic love for the franchises. Hence his constant complaining about the Switches gimmicks but giving Mario GOTY and Zelda is in the top 10 for his GOTY awards. Its a love hate thing.
  6. DML897

    Phil dropping MH World

    It was Capcom saying "We're sorry 2 million veteran hunters. Take these free lifepowders for carrying the rest of the 5 million schlubs who never played Monster Hunter before." I ain't complaining. My back hurts from carrying folks through tempered elders.
  7. DML897

    DSP's Game of the Year Awards 2017

    I think the important point is that Phil never finished the game. He got maybe 50% through it. He (rightly) states that he didn't think it would be right to put it on the list if he didn't even finish it. I'm assuming that's the main reason why he didn't put it as an official #15. I mean if you never finish a game you can't really say if it was good or not until the very end if it has one. Phil made the right choice here IMO.
  8. DML897

    Phil dropping MH World

    Thought this was interesting. Maybe some vets wanna take Phil in as a hunter-in-training? xD https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/9/16867890/monster-hunter-world-new-player-adopt-a-hunter
  9. DML897

    Why Patreon has been low

    I like the review idea because he puts out some of the more honest reviews, if not a bit longwinded. I think he should make a game review added to more milestones and possibly up his total monthly goal. So at $500 he MUST review one game he plays of his choosing. If he hits $700 he MUST review one game of his choosing and one of his fans choosing that he recently played. At the full monthly goal he MUST review 2 games of his choosing he played recently and one the fans choose in addition to previous milestones.
  10. DML897

    Phil's doing it again

    Ehhh there are worse guys still commentating. Remember the sexual harasser from the Street Fighter x Tekken controversy in Aris from the Tekken community who looks like a rapist? Yeah he's still commentating, on the Tekken World Tour Finals no less alongside actual respectable guys like Markman. Surprised he hasn't gotten hit with #MeToo incidents. Also there's been many terrible terrible people on the Esports desks of MANY esports events. Players included. Phil could be a commentator if he focused on it, he has enough experience in fighting games to at least study it and then get good. That is if commentating was ALL he was able to do without worrying about financial status.
  11. DML897

    Phil's doing it again

    Nah not that cryptic. Its like naming yourself "SNOORRRRT." We know what they're referencing and how people will troll in chat with it. Although it does sound like you might be quite knowledgeable yourself. Either way I wish you good day.
  12. DML897

    Phil's doing it again

    There's a certain anti-DSP person who has been quoted in saying "You betta take a sip, you sleazy asshole" in one of his videos in which he basically watches DSPs vlog videos and comments over it. This quote has been used in other video's I've seen of insult videos and such. Kind of a known thing. So his ID is basically a quote from the anti.
  13. This blows my mind. 2 steps forward 10 back with this company. Fucking hell https://kotaku.com/nintendo-creators-program-will-no-longer-let-youtubers-1819000987 "As of today, YouTubers who are also registered members of the Nintendo Creators Program are no longer allowed to broadcast content on YouTube Live. Nintendo gives partners two options: they can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that isn’t registered to the program, or they can cancel their channel’s registration to the program, and instead register their videos to the program separately. The changes were announced in an email sent to content creators yesterday evening, although Nintendo didn’t officially publish the changes to the program until today." This doesn't even make fucking sense. So you CAN stream it so long as you aren't affiliated with their program.....what? I have the worst love/hate relationship with Nintendo.
  14. DML897

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - How long will Phil play it?

    Yeah there are various 50/50s in fighting games, but basically what it means is you have a 50% chance of guessing right. There are many setups that way, left or right, high or low, block or throw, jump or backdash etc.
  15. DML897

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - How long will Phil play it?

    Not sure if you're asking what a 50/50 is or if chicken guarding is the same. Chicken guarding actually removes the element of a 50/50. Instead of having to guess if you should block high or low you simply need to block in the air.