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  1. Haha, perhaps I should but to be kicked out for that day by Phil himself made me wonder why I was even following him and if I should continue to. I came to realization that there's plenty of other streamers and youtube personalities besides Phil and I was tripping over nothing.
  2. I'm sorry if you perceived it that way but that wasn't my intention and It was meant to be constructive criticism. As in the rant was wasted energy and could be used to do something else. I wasn't there to bash you but to have a good time watching the stream. I'll admit the tone of the message (or any message) can be misinterpreted when written in text form on the internet. Sarcasm a lot of the time doesn't work online and in this case, I wasn't trying to be a sarcastic dick. Regardless, it's your stream/business. If you want one line in the chat to get in the way of your viewers' patrona
  3. Trying to understand if I went too far here. Phil rants endlessly and I said he's being a bit negative. He starts the game and logs in without problem and I made a comment how he may have ranted for no reason. Got kicked. If this is how DSP treats viewers then I may need to take my viewership somewhere else. Part of the reason I made that small comment is that on the boat with viewers that prefer DSP to be less negative/angry and to be positive/funny. Listening to someone rant and yell for half an hour just gives me a headache.
  4. ​You're right about that... Iron man 2 was pretty weak the villain department and half the movie had a poor national treasure plot. Saving grace is the suit cast iron man suit and Black Widow. Iron man 3 didn't have a good villain either and they practically threw The Mandarin away, which is one Iron man's main enemies. But they used some interesting ideas from Extremis Iron Man comics and RDJ was just great in this one. All in all, they need to find Iron man some better stories and villains.
  5. Xenosaga ep.3 Muramasa Rebirth (Kisuke's Story) Journey Persona 4 Golden There's quite of few others but these are the more recent ones for me.
  6. Just finished Death Parade, which was amazing. Currently watching Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, which is pretty awesome so far.
  7. Wonder if Rise of Tomb Raider will be at this conference since Microsoft is publishing the xbone version and square-enix for all other platforms. Also the Xbone time exclusivity sucks :(
  8. As dumb as it initially sounded, trailer made it look like a fun spin off. If you think about it, this is kind of a good idea. Persona has kind of always been known for it's style and music so this game sells that.
  9. Hope Phil does Birth by Sleep. Considering a lot of people didn't play Birth by Sleep due to it being released at the end if PSP's lifecycle, it might be beneficial as a full blown HD graphics playthrough.
  10. This playthrough has been awesome so far. The new Final mix cutscenes are quite lengthy though.
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