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  1. Uniel was quite brutal too though, corner jump in with Vatista meant a ton of damage. Can't remember if it was 50% (I managed to do Vatistas most optimal comboes only in training mode, when the stars aligned. The hardest character I've played execution-wise, ever), I do remember getting hit by 50% comboes, from a counter with and the weird benefit mechanic on my opponent playing a heavy hitter. The combos were more challenging in Uniel, Nitroplus is, well a bit of a Kusoge yes ^^.
  2. Blazblue is deep enough to be fun and not filled with frame perfect inputs (it still has some, but not with everyone and not in every bread and butter combo ever). I play it a lot and can only recommend it. Nitroplus Blasterz is hilarious, as in "get hit once, lose 50-100% life" hilarious. I own that one too, just for Super Sonico brokedness and giggles.
  3. It's a fighting game, no reason to delay the release for something as irrelevant as english VA, which most (ok, all) of the people in my scene for example will never use. Btw, the demo is out, pre-order the japanese version for access to the demo, it has training mode, offline vs and lacks only the two new female chars, Es and... some spear chick. PS: Nu sucks now *Sad face*
  4. Overwatch wins GotY from me easily. Furi is good too, but OW is just on an another level entirely.
  5. So much of this. I actually read Naruto from the beginning to the end a while ago, and enjoyed it more than I assumed I would (Shikamaru is cool and all). But to be totally honest, I wouldn't have minded a bit more of "filler" in Naruto manga, some socializing without the feeling of imminent danger/fighting. A breathing room so to say, to deepen the bonds between the characters?
  6. That's what people are saying yea. I only casually flipped it through at my local hobby shop. I should buy a few first volumes and find out what's all the hype about. Everyone has been praising it.
  7. Only one of the unholy trinity of never ending Shonen series left! It's time for rejoicing, maybe Naruto and Bleach stopping will make room for new Shonen series that will push some new life into the genre, make something new out of it. Then again, Shonen is all about getting that same boring MC who cannot fail and wins stuff with the power of friendship, always overcoming the flaws they might have.
  8. MtG for me if I want to play a card game with randomity in it (I usually don't ^^). MtG is the longest and most thought out TCG out there and it actually has some interesting formats. Then again, my main "card game" is Battlecon, a competitive 1 vs 1 card based game with zero randomity.
  9. Pokémon TCG, card game with built in actual coin flips that do determine the winner of matches ^^. There's a reason I stopped taking it seriously and just lolled around perma paralyzis decks for the fun and giggles (Accelgor has a sure fire paralyze + poison attack, gets shuffled into deck. Beedrills dig it back each turn. Repeat until win). Or the hyper aggressive all out dragons (120 damage with 2 energy + fetch 2 dragons each turn for free).
  10. My experiences in the field of customer service support this fully. Most awkward customers tend to be males, females are chatty and fun normally.
  11. Furi finished, on Furier mode without me breaking down! Wohoo! The Star, The Burst and The Line were tough, rest were just kinda hard.
  12. Christian reporting in, I found the pic to be funny! Then again, I'm an atheist agnostic but still all my official papers state that I'm christian, my voice has to count ^^
  13. Filler in my Shonen series, how can this be?! It's a genre defining fault I would say ^^
  14. I smell a lawsuit coming up, the game was marketed with the possibility of multiplayer when the cold hard truth is that it was never implemented in the game in the first place. I strongly assume a patch for issue x is coming soon, and just by pure coincidence, after that patch players can see each other.
  15. Planning on coming to the stream as well. My initial expectations of the game are low, I don't believe the game manages to go below those.
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