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  1. I'm not gonna promise anything, but if you'd like to PM me the list of questions I'll ask a couple in place of my own as part of my Guaranteed-to-be-answered patron questions for the month. Of course if I think of something else to ask I'm going to. But I can't think of anything as of right now, and might as well use my Patron perk.
  2. Yes, I agree with that. It's unfortunate that Phil couldn't stream, but I think he did what was best.
  3. Yea. It was a stream originally. I suppose it removes the interactivity, which sucks. But it isn't as if the Patrons get nothing. @BrightSideViking No it's not the same, but it's better than nothing. and the best Phil could do given the circumstances. As for the second part of you comment, it's a bit unclear what you mean. If you mean he should have led the trolls outside of the first area, I'd rather he had stopped sooner so we had more offline gameplay rather than wasting time with people trying to derail his business.
  4. They didn't really take the Patron's money. Sure it wasn't streamed, but we still get the gameplay that was promised. Just gotta wait until the end of the day.
  5. Hello DSP fans! I just wanted to say we should keep in mind how important Social Media is becoming for Youtube channels. Phil has little social media power outside of his account. We can help him by retweeting and just generally getting the word out about Phil's channel to people who may not already know of it. If you don't have a twitter account already, you can make one easily. You don't even have to actually manually retweet his tweets. Using https://ifttt.com you can link your twitter account and automatically tweet out all of Phil's tweets as he makes them with no extra effort on your part aside from the initial five minute set-up. You can also set up recipes on that site to post his updates to facebook as well. I've taken the liberty of (with Phil's permission) creating just a pop-up page that could be used to relay his twitter feed automatically to facebook. If You're a fan of Phil you can like it at https://www.facebook.com/The-King-of-Hate-766551810111377/ to be clear, this is not meant to be an active fan-page, as I do not have the time to keep one up myself, but with some likes by you guys it could at least get some likes, and be posted on some walls.
  6. Maybe I didn't "understand that" because you hadn't even said you didn't care before? I'm not a mind reader, express yourself if you want to be understood. But fine, if you're comfortable and complacent throwing money at companies that are ripping you off, go ahead. It's your money, and I respect your right to waste it. But accusing me of piracy? What the hell? So just because people can use a PC to pirate games we all do it? You've resorted to accusing me of crimes and insulting me. FYI if you were familiar with emulation you would know there are legal, legitimate ways to get physical, purchased, copies of console games to your PC. Just because you are ignorant of that fact doesn't give you the right to insult me and PC gamers as a whole. Are there some who pirate the games? Sure. Just as there are some who mod their consoles and pirate games to play on those as well. Regardless I'm done with this conversation with you. I've shared my side, you've shared yours. There is nothing more to be gained here. Have a good day, sir.
  7. No a PS4 emulator is not currently available. Though Ps3 emulator, as I said before, is making headway and already has a few games playable at full speed. IF you feel that the only games you wish to play are games that are being held hostage by the console makers to get people to drop $400.00+ dollars on an otherwise pointless machine go ahead. Besides some console exclusives (which again are literally just games that the console creators are holding hostage so you waste money on their console) consoles literally have no benefit over PC gaming. AS for 3DS Citra, the emulator is very nearly at a state where the most popular games are playable at full speed on PCs.
  8. You're obviously going off of anecdotal evidence ("I see"). You obviously aren't looking in the right places. Lord, just google "single player PC games" and you'll get lists of single-player centric big-name games on PC. You should stop mindlessly reiterating that PC is Multiplayer Focused. It's not anymore multiplayer focused than consoles. So get that idea out of here, it's just wrong. ANY GAME other than console exclusives (ransom titles) ARE PLAYABLE ON PC. Plus genres that are not feasible on consoles. You don't see a reason for them? They are CHEAPER than consoles when you aim for a PC of equal-slightly higher power. PCs have much more longevity than consoles, as you can switch out individual parts rather than having to swap out the entire unit. You don't have to pay extra for a pointless online service. You can get so much more out of a PC than a console. Just go around and ask on the subreddits I had mentioned before. Just make a post about what kind of system you can build for the same price of one of the consoles. You'll get a PC that will absolutely meet the console's power and will most likely blow it out of the water.
  9. You're very sorely mistaken. I'd don't know why you think that PC is multiplayer centric. On the PC you can get any genre of game. There are plenty of single player story driven games. (Mass Effect Series, Bethesda's catalogue, and every other non-console exclusive). Also, Microsoft is moving toward merging their games between Xbox and PC. So we may very well see that the PS4 is the odd one out in regards to holding games ransom to force people to buy their console. Also, before you may say "well, Keyboard and mouse suck" or something, pretty much any controller you can use on consoles you can use on PC. Any Xbox controller can be used (you need an adapter for wireless) and Playstation controllers can also work. On PC you also aren't limited to the story driven games of that generation. You have access to every story-driven game ported to the PC ever released. Plus there are multiple systems emulated so you can play their exclusives. PS3 and Xbox 360 emulators have been making a lot of headway recently too, so we may very well see games such as The Last Of Us, Halo, and more being playable on PC.
  10. If you'd like to look into building a pc, you can get a PC that outboxes even the upcoming PS4 for a bit cheaper than the console if you source your parts right. If you ever browse reddit the guys at /r/buildapc or /r/pcmasterrace can help if you ask them. Be wary of prebuilts they're generally overpriced.
  11. Coming from someone who has never played a Warcraft game (so someone just looking at it as another movie, not something playing on my nostalgia) I found the trailer incredibly cheesy. I'm not expecting much from this. Probably will rent it on DVD from Redbox unless it get amazingly good reviews.
  12. That won't happen. But I bet we'll see things like "Plays best on Playstation 4.5 (or w/e they call it)". Some games wil probably be poorly optimized for the older hardware but still "work" just with bad performance. I'm personally happy with my PC that I only upgrade once every 4-5 years (to keep playing everything on ultra) and have access to all my games from every generation plus nintendo games, playstation 1 and 2 games, DS games via emulation. Consoles started moving into this kind of territory last generation. With the launch PS3, and the later versions. Then they had the Xbox release version and the later black version that came out. They're going to suck in all of the people that want the "best" that's out right then. Same as phones. They want to get to the people who are willing to pay big bucks every couple years for a small upgrade (like how every new Iphone has like .5 inch bigger screen and it warrants a $500.00 plus purchase each year).
  13. It's funny that he reviewed the same thing twice. And while yes he did technically give them a different score it's only a .5 difference. That's an acceptable difference taking into account variables such as who cooked it, and the location he got it from. It isn't even a big enough deal to count as a "negative". I agree that he should be more careful in the future. But this is really a non-issue.
  14. I'd very much be interested in playing some game with DSP. Unfortunately I'm a PC-only gamer and have no consoles. Unless I catch him on Hearth Stone by chance some day I'm screwed .
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