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  1. I just finished the Surge 2 and it was pretty damn good. He should give it a try during downtime.
  2. Earlier in your career you had shared your entire life with your audience. What were some of the reasons that you decided to be so open? How does it compare with living a more private life? If you didn't have the detractor problem, where anything you share will be used against you, do you think you would have continued to share as much as you did? Thanks! RichieSeven
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to and your family! Lately it has been very difficult for me to make it to streams, so I have been watching some of your older playthroughs. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that you currently do a lot less improv comedy than back then. Not just “non-pc” material but I mean general comedic material. Was this change deliberate, or just a natural evolution over time going from YouTube to streaming? How do you deal with adversity, stress, and negative issues impacting you? Furthermore, how do you come to a stream and “perform” without letting it show that you are dealing with stress behind the scenes? Any tips on dealing with difficult times, staying positive, and not letting it effect your work?
  4. Hollow Knight classic Doom sounds fun I second that
  5. Yea a Street Fighter costume would be great. I just looked it up they have Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li...
  6. Hi Phil, In your opinion, are "loot boxes" or similar in-game random purchase systems, gambling? Companies like EA say that they are no different than say, opening a pack of baseball cards or Kinder Eggs Others argue that they are actual gambling, and come with all the possible addictions and psychological effects. Do you think there should be any sort of regulation, like age restrictions, on these in game mechanics, or should companies be able to monetize their games any way they want? I am interested to hear your opinion, as a professional gamer on this topic. -Richie7
  7. I am reading Sapkowski’s Witcher novels and really enjoying them.
  8. Hey thanks for that, yes I did watch that first DS1 run when he had no idea what he was doing. Hilarious.
  9. Hi Phil, I have been a fan since your Bloodborne playthrough a few years ago. Since then I have gone back and watched some of your older classic playthroughs like Heavy Rain, but want to know what you would consider your "must watch" playthroughs that every fan of yours should go back and experience and why? Here is a psychology question, what do you think it is that causes some detractors to go from just making videos to make fun of you, to actively trying to maliciously hurt you and your family, despite you having never met them or having any tangible impact on their life? Going back to your Street Fighter days why did you decide to expand your gaming to other genres besides fighting games and what were the games that got you interested to branch out?
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