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  1. I learned from playing this game, unless you do the side quests, you run the risk of being under-levelled. This can make some of the tougher fights near impossible unless you have really high level builds and strategies. If he rushes at all or skips content, we are going to see a lot of frustration.
  2. When you review games, what are the major criteria you use to judge one against another? How important is originality versus a game that may not do anything new, but is executed really well? Where do you turn to if you are looking for a review of a game or other form of entertainment?
  3. Hades Mortal Shell Surge 1 or 2 No Man's Sky Hollow Knight Star Wars Squadrons (VR?)
  4. His game of the year - Bugsnax! Runner up Ghost of Tsushima worst will be Cyberpunk
  5. Merry Christmas Phil! Can you talk about some of the reasons that this console launch such a disaster? Would you put more blame on the retailers or the manufacturers? Do you think Sony and Microsoft purposefully created a shortage to increase demand? Seems unlikely to me they missed their projections for customer demand this badly. I have heard you talk about this a few times, and it seems you have a strong distaste for any romance missions or character love relationships in games. Now I agree with you that the waifu phenomenon, to the point where you are actually phy
  6. Hades Mortal Shell Star Wars Squadrons Doom Eternal DLC Ancient Gods
  7. With next gen consoles coming out what do you think Nintendo’s next move will be? Do you think they will ever make a console that is not under powered, and will that affect their ability to run third party next gen games? You have gone through many challenges over the years, swatting, ad-pocalypse, disappearing from search rankings, the breakup, the incident... what was the toughest thing you had to go through and why? What was Halloween like in Connecticut when you were growing up? RichieSeven
  8. Mortal Shell Hollow Knight Doom Eternal nightmare mode I didn’t know they made Evil Dead games so I’ll nominate either one
  9. Hey MoraMoria, add me on the list for a Mortal Shell vote please if its not too late Oh man it sucks, easily the worst soulsborne game to date (and I have played them all), I think may actually be worse than Lords of the Fallen! Bugs, janky controls, shitty graphics, poorly implemented block and parry system, texture pop ins including enemies just appearing out of thin air, arrows clipping through trees and walls... Phil is going to hate this one, perfect for the rage a thon!!!
  10. Lords of the Fallen - continue where he left off... Kingdom Come Deliverance Doom Eternal on nightmare mode NES Battletoads
  11. Divinity 2 is a fantastic old school rpg, one of the best in that genre. I am not sure how good it will be for streaming entertainment, I can see it being a dud, but I can also see it being interesting and entertaining with Phil's commentary. He will definitely need some hand holding at times, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to keep the game moving. It took me about 100 hours to beat it along with almost every side quest, which if you don't do the side quests, you may find yourself under-leveled. Game is tough as nails, especially if your builds/party aren't optimized. Hope it turns o
  12. I just finished the Surge 2 and it was pretty damn good. He should give it a try during downtime.
  13. Earlier in your career you had shared your entire life with your audience. What were some of the reasons that you decided to be so open? How does it compare with living a more private life? If you didn't have the detractor problem, where anything you share will be used against you, do you think you would have continued to share as much as you did? Thanks! RichieSeven
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to and your family! Lately it has been very difficult for me to make it to streams, so I have been watching some of your older playthroughs. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that you currently do a lot less improv comedy than back then. Not just “non-pc” material but I mean general comedic material. Was this change deliberate, or just a natural evolution over time going from YouTube to streaming? How do you deal with adversity, stress, and negative issues impacting you? Furthermore, how do you come to a stream and “perform” without letting it show that
  15. Hollow Knight classic Doom sounds fun I second that
  16. Yea a Street Fighter costume would be great. I just looked it up they have Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li...
  17. Hi Phil, In your opinion, are "loot boxes" or similar in-game random purchase systems, gambling? Companies like EA say that they are no different than say, opening a pack of baseball cards or Kinder Eggs Others argue that they are actual gambling, and come with all the possible addictions and psychological effects. Do you think there should be any sort of regulation, like age restrictions, on these in game mechanics, or should companies be able to monetize their games any way they want? I am interested to hear your opinion, as a professional gamer on this topic.
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