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  1. But they already say that now LMAO, since when Phil gave a fuck what the haters got to say? Well, few times...but regardless, they been calling him a view whore. If I was in Phil shoes with my public perception being totally fucked, I'm capitalizing on every view whoring scheme I can. Give me the dislikes I still got the $ motherfuckers. And I'm not knocking him for doing a impressions vid, just label it as that, an impression.
  2. Where? Cause if it's because of copyright that's not a valid reason, literally everyone else is putting trailers in their video and not getting strikes, they're getting nothing but views on the video.
  3. Everyone and their mother is putting a small trailer in the video on YouTube. The full trailer mind you. If he's that worried about a violation just put a filter over it.
  4. Phil never looks in the random thread cause its random, this isn't a random thought though, this is specifically pinpointed at Phil's content creation. Dont attack, if you don't like the thread, ignore it. Thanks.
  5. So Phil says on Twitter he's going to do a "reaction" video for Captain America. Looking forward to it. Couple things though, let it actually be a reaction video, not an impressions video. Put the trailer in the video and watch it as your filming so we get a natural reaction, not an after thought video minutes or hours after you viewed it and actually thought about. That's not a reaction, that's an impression. I don't know if Phil is a big comic book fan but I would like to see his face when a certain someone appears. Also if Phil really wants them views he's gonna have to get up and stri
  6. God damn....I don't even like comic boom movies like that but I gotta see that movie!!! Phil should do a reaction video of this....if he wanted views he should of did it an hour ago.
  7. So I just looked at what ecchi is....And..if you're into that sort of thing, you might as well go full on hentai. Literally I typed in ecchi and you can see this chicks vagina through her panties, that's the equivelant of getting a blowjob with a condom on...no point. Hope I wasn't being to graphic but hopefully we are all men here.
  8. Well it's hard not to say something, for instance. Today. Heart stone playthrough. Everything and every turn that does dmg to him is OP while he's using a $300 deck. He puts it on himself most of the time. But let me just say this, Heartstone playthrough....Waaay better than the boring Zelda playthrough, if he streams again tomorrow I'll be secretly tuning in at work.
  9. On Twitter: "Your now blinking And breathing manually #TheTriggering .....Fuck!!
  10. Lol, hey they created the Matrix though.
  11. Yeah i saw your twitter alright...you do not keep these forums alive with mocking depression. Grow up, the mods did exactly what's right. And you further strengthening the fact that you don't care how offensive you are should alert the mods about wheither your existence on these forums have extended well past it's welcome. Just one swipe through your twitter shows how much you trigger arguments. You love it. Just one question: Did he respond to you? Or did he not know you from the mailman? True, but some fans here love the drama just as much as the detractors love hatin
  12. The main problem with this community, or the select few that need to be regulated on this site, need to understand Phil says and does some bullshit from time to time, he's human and his words are not always bond. If your gonna follow Phil there's a couple of pills you have to swallow: - High chance of content being dropped. -Every critique you have is wrong. -Perpectual bombardment of business woes As grown man looking for just pure entertainment, these are tough pills to swallow when theres 100s of other options, children can adapt to this easier cause their use to being t
  13. I hope every word insulted you. Don't make light/fun of depression, clown. But I'm done with both of you, so disgusted. Totally agree both have their extremes.
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