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  1. Was a little curious of what happened with John Rambo and came upon a detractor video. Though I was able to clarify it as one, I was genuinely curious with what happened and realized that the entire video was actually just John Rambo and Howard talking about Phil. After watching the video, I would say this is the most disappointed I've ever been of Phil. Shame on you dude. Though I suppose you're quite shameless after watching a video such as this.
  2. if this is true, I am absolutely getting it. Just so I can play FFXV on it.
  3. 100% definitely going to watch it. I played the old Warcraft games in Warcraft II and Warcraft III back when I was in middle school. Probably my most fondest memories were back when I was playing those games.
  4. Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  5. I'll admit that it was probably one I had to think of a little bit. But all I did was deal with the couple units that are spawned to the left side by kiting them and did NOT confront Hinata. I flew each unit across the water so I could tackle the two floors and made sure I cleaned up the two spell dudes and two archers until waiting for Oboro and her little group to charge down. After that should be smooth sailing from there.
  6. Fire emblem Fates, just recently beat conquest in lunatic and now I'm playing Birthright. Birthright is so much easier.
  7. Oh wow that's pretty cool that you work in the industry. Thought about doing something like that back then, but found my true calling once I entered university. And yeah, I can agree with what you're saying. Hope you find it somewhere online. Amazon hasn't let me down yet. Yeah, I just have a huge 5TB hard drive that I keep most of my important stuff in now. I've barely filled it up at all, but it should be enough space. I also have a keynote as well where I order all my books now. Interesting, if the plot is pretty good, then it should overshadow the ecchi content. I'll read into it when I can. Ha.. I wish I could hoard figurines, I only hoard text books now :/.
  8. The LN's are in english somewhere, I downloaded them all from some website, but that was probably 7-8 years ago back when the anime first came out. Though I do search up most of my music by typing in [Artist Album Zip/Rar], I'm pretty sure if you want to search up the LN's you can type in pdf instead and a DL file should come up somewhere. I'm too lazy to look. Sorry. My old laptop had all the LN's downloaded but the hard drive gave out so I had to switch it out and lo-and-behold I lost pretty much everything that was in there (which was probably all of my HS stuff along with A little bit of University stuff) luckily didn't lose any MS stuff which is nice. Steins;Gate is a favorite as well. I liked the whole dramatic feel of it and the slow pacing was a fresh take in a digital media world where we want things to be handed over to us on a platter. It also gave off the whole mystery vibe as well, which is probably why it's one of my favorites. Never read Dance in the Vampire Bund. I'll look into a plot summary and maybe check it out. Need a new book to read anyways.
  9. Nah, I read the light novels back when the anime first came out. Immediately fell in love with how intricate the story was and the interaction between Holo and Lawrence was incredible to read and watch. And yeah I think it's probably the best written romance series ever made, haven't really found a series that ever reached that epitome of romance ever again. Someday I'll re-read the LN's again.
  10. Spice and Wolf without a doubt is probably one of my favorite series. Such a well designed story with characters who just made that series. Always wanted to read the VN.
  11. Kirbys Epic Yarn & the Phoenix Wright series. Damn those were the days. I'm actually currently watching the Epic Yarn series, didn't realize it had over 190k views (for the first video at least). I would play it myself, but I'm too lazy to play it now. I could always play phoenix wright.. Nah I'll just play it. :)
  12. Goddamn, as if I already had a huge backlog already and yet the Season Pass here looks absolutely amazing. At least I have spring break.
  13. Oh man, my condolences. That must've been quite an experience I'm glad that I never dealt with while I was watching it. Glad it's all being uploaded onto Crunchyroll though.
  14. I would assume that now that he's been getting into Hearthstone, I would recommend he come back to twitch especially since Hearthstone is probably one of the most played games there right now. Granted it may be a tad bit difficult to get a huge following of viewers, especially since it's been dominated by some top tier Heartstone vanilla players lately. However, with DSP's following, he will have a headstart in the number of people tuned into his channel compared to someone who is just starting up. That along with what KGhaleon said in the post above.
  15. I see, I suppose I shall start reading the manga soon. Almost caught up with the anime after quite awhile since I've been pretty busy. Spring break's coming up though so that's probably when I'll continue watching/start reading again.
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