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  1. BorJin

    Please don't talk during cutscenes

    And that response can't wait a couple seconds for the cutscene to finish?
  2. BorJin

    Please don't talk during cutscenes

    Persona games are different because for the most part the cutscenes are dialog with voice acting, with the occasional animated cutscene.
  3. BorJin

    Please don't talk during cutscenes

    Just in general. I went back and watched some older playthroughs like Witcher and Final Fantasy and he talked all during the emotional or romantic scenes involving Yuna and it totally killed the mood.
  4. BorJin

    Collaborations and community content on KOGaming

    He wouldnt be risking his big channels. Simply starting a different channel with fan content or having a fan start one and having phil endorse it would be safe and easy to test.
  5. Please don't. It ruins them and the effort put into them by the creators. A lot of us want to see them without having to decipher dialogue between whatever joke you're trying to make.
  6. BorJin

    Collaborations and community content on KOGaming

    You're not gonna get copyright claims filed against you unless the things uploaded to the channel were taken without permission. So if the person who uploaded fan content didnt actually make it then they can get wrecked for it. If it is actually a false copyright, you can dispute it and get it cleared. Youtube's copyright system is designed to protect the content creators. If you didn't make the content nor did you have permission to distribute it then tough shit. EDIT: Phil's becoming paranoid that something could happen to him like copyright strikes, ddos, and swatting even though these things happen so rarely in the entirety of his existence on Youtube. Just fucking make an attempt. You don't know until you try whether these things are going to happen. Chance are, they probably won't.
  7. BorJin

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Update: Solo'd Garon too.
  8. BorJin

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    It's either in the last two pages of the closed thread about dsp separating himself from his legacy or the charity stream thread. It the comment you'd be looking for would most likely be mentioning Jackie Chin and/or copyright strikes.
  9. BorJin

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    In other news, I found an interesting build for Corrin in Fire Emblem Fates. Its pretty op and I was able to solo through Conquest and solo Ryoma in two turns.
  10. BorJin

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Heres the context which was conveniently left off: Obviously joking.
  11. BorJin

    What kind of Patreon goals would you like to see?

    More of these ideas. Patreon goals need to be more than "Phil plays games", because thats what he does every day.
  12. BorJin

    Funniest Moments Of 2016 Nomination Thread

    This is one of the best parts of the playthrough
  13. BorJin

    Your Top Game Of 2016!

    Why bother with Top games of 2016 now? It's April. With that said, Fire Emblem Fates
  14. Well with that mentality then all food reviews are bullshit unless youre reviewing a food that can only be found at one place and by one person. You have to just assume that its being made in the best way.
  15. BorJin

    Tobuscus: Rape/Abuse/DrugAbuse?

    The stats look accurate. Youtube might be doing somethign odd or maybe he stopped monetizing it